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Ozzie being Ozzie

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Jim Thome wasn’t the only member of the White Sox impressed with Manny Ramirez being the 24th player to join the 500 home run club.

Manager Ozzie Guillen said on Sunday that he has always loved the whole “Manny being Manny’’ experience – just as long as it’s not on his team.
Here’s what the fifth-year skipper had to say about Ramirez and his accomplishment before the game with the Rays:
“Pretty soon Hall of Fame is going to put people there with 300 home runs. I’m telling you, and guys with 200 [wins]. I say this and people think I’m crazy. People with 250 wins and all that stuff. Not many with 300 wins and 500 home runs. I think that era is going to slow down for a long time. I think you’re going to see people there with minor numbers than in the past. But when you put those numbers there, it’s amazing. Those guys, to do every day, to put the numbers, you got to play every day. And they do it. It’s another Latino in the Hall of Fame. No doubt he’ll be there.’’
Guillen was then asked if he liked Ramirez.
“I love Manny. Like I say, Manny is Manny,’’ Guillen said. “Some people don’t like the way Manny is at the plate. Manny likes to have fun. Some people don’t like the players to have fun. ‘Ah, look at what he’s doing?’ Some players just like to have fun on the field. When you have that kind of production and that kind of career, you can do whatever you want. At least, make sure they’re on time for the game. That’s all I care about.
“I don’t know if he can play for me. It’s a different thing. But when he’s on the field, he likes to have fun, and we’re missing that in baseball. I think when he says something or does something, everyone is laughing and everyone likes that. He’s been that way all his life.’’

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