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Konerko injury setback

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On Sunday afternoon, White Sox first baseman, and team captain, Paul Konerko was expected to be landing in Charlotte to begin his Monday rehab assignment, recovering from the strained left oblique muscle.
Instead, he remained in Chicago, taking any sort of timeline off the table.

“Definitely some soreness, a little bit during and then after I hit [Saturday], so the plan was to leave today, but the bottom line is there was a little too much soreness to get on a plane today and get ready to go tomorrow,’’ Konerko explained. “That’s it. As far as a timeline, I don’t know now. I think the worse thing to do is to make a timeline like I had [Saturday]. Now, just wait and see and that’s it.’’
According to Konerko, who was placed on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to June 15, putting it off a few days came down to simple reasoning.
“My ultimate goal is once I get back in there to not come back out,’’ Konerko said. “That way I don’t want to jump in to early. I’ve already missed 12, probably going to miss 15 games, so if I wind up missing 16, 17 or 18, really what’s the difference at that point? I know it’s three games but I’d rather error on the cautious side after the pain I felt [Saturday]. The work the three days before that, I didn’t think I would have any problem [Saturday]. But there was definitely some discomfort there when I was taking live BP.
“Over the course of 20, 25 swings [in the Saturday BP], I would say the first 10 I was letting it go pretty good. I was hitting the ball out of the park, so I was hitting it hard enough to do that. But my mind just trying to rationalize doing what I was doing, but then facing a 90-mph fastball, I couldn’t see that gap getting closed between [Saturday] and [Monday] at noon, which is when I would have to do it in Triple-A, so that was basically it. [Head trainer Herm Schneider] obviously saw the same thing, so that was that.’’

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Us fans call that a blessing in disguise! PK is a beast when healthy and hitting, but he is neither. Come back complete PK, we will need you in this race!

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