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Fire Ozzie ... yeah, right!

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If it was any other team, it would sound bizarre when Nick Swisher credited his recent turnaround on hitting coach Greg Walker, and the fact that he also “started wearing Toby Hall’s pants.’’

But this is the White Sox. The whacky, say-what-they-want White Sox.
They are also are now a season-high 6 ½ games up in the Central Division race with an easy June schedule in front of them. As far as the “fire Ozzie’’ naysayers, they have put their assassin rifles away and crawled over to the next story, looking very foolish right now.
Guillen continued to show that he is the perfect man for the South Side of Chicago, and if the Sox were stupid enough to let him go, there’s a team in New York called the Mets that would race to bring him to “The City That Never Sleeps.’’
“Every time it seems like I say something I send a message to the players they play better,’’ Guillen said on Monday. “But They can be mad at me or check themselves in the mirror and say, ‘well, he's right.’ I'm not gonna say the stuff in the papers when I’m not 100 percent right. Not 99 percent right, I gotta be 100 percent right.
“If the players are mad at me, I’m here. Not to fight. I’m here to talk. I had a meeting with a couple of players before spring training, and I said, ‘Do you guys think I should change?’ I would do it. I would for them. Hell yeah! For them, yes. Not for the media, not for the fans, not for Kenny [Williams], not for Jerry [Reinsdorf], but for them, I will.’’

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And as usual Mariotti looks like an idiot. Fire Ozziem right Jay? How long until the SunTimes picks a real sportswriter who can't get over his anti-Sox obsession to write for the Chicago paper and send Mariotti's ssorry butt to Boston where he takes every opportunity show his love. How about the fire Mariotti movement starts now!

Love it..LOVE IT!!!!!!

Fire Mariotti!!!!! Give Cowley the column! Get this guy and his tired and lame personal fight with Jerry Reinsdorf and the White Sox out of town....way to go Joe!!!!!

Chris or Joe, given that you work with him at the S-T, I wondered if you could describe Jay's assassin rifle, and better yet, what Jay looks like when he crawls.

Just curious.

obviously you don't fire ozzie but i believe if kenny williams would not had opened his big mouth, ozzie isn't the only one, then ozzie's rant would have been ignored and just in one ear and out the other.
i doubt very much it would have been a story at all.
i think williams made way to big a deal about being thrown under the bus.
i did not see it that way at all.
yes, it was just ozzie being ozzie and saying what was on his mind. was it politically correct? probably not but williams should have realized ozzie meant nothing against him and should have just kept his mouth shut and this would have been a non story in my opinion

Why is it, everytime single time I post *here*, I get a message from my web-based e-mail account, telling me to reset my password?

The movement to get Sox-hater/Chicago-basher Jay Marrioti fired-(or make him quit), has already started. Do a web search, type "Jay The Joke", and enjoy :-)

Please ask Rick Telander to publish his suppressed article in a blog. I'm tired of Jay using print space in a lame attempt to bully people, while at the same time constantly working to suppress criticism of himself: not allowing reader comments in his column, intimidating Wikipedia for accurate, but unflattering details of his life and work, and who knows what else.
Will someone please tell him that no one uses his lame catch-phrases!

Joe Cowley, says it all (only exception) name we all know the Cancer Jaybird !

It sounds like the previous posters dislike Mariotti as much as I do. I have a suggestion if people really want to see him pick up and leave town. Quit reading his columns!!! Once the Sun Times figures out that people are not reading his blithering dribble, and that he isn't helping circulation & advertising, then they will ship him out of town ASAP.

I stoppped reading Marriotti's column long ago because the guy has no credibility. It's about time that the columnists at the S-T called this guy out for what he is. Congrats to Cowley, Telander and the rest of the columnists. Keep up the good work.

Mariotti is such a twerp. Not only does he hate Ozzie, Jerry, the White Sox team and organization, but now he disses his own fellow sportswriters. I wish you guys who really have talent could let us readers know what you think of the jerk.

Sorry, Mariotti is absolutely correct about Ozzie...and about most Chicago Sports related issues. It's certainly nice for Guillen and the White Sox that they are having a little success now, but when they finish 3rd or 4th in the division, when Reinsdorf hires freaking Angelo to coach the Bulls, and when the Bears can't win a football game because they have no offense...well...Mariotti will get the last laugh I'm afraid.

The question I've had since Mariotti was gone for a month, then was celebrated by the Sun Times when they announced that he had signed a contract extension is, "what research does the Sun Times have that shows that Jay brings any readers to the paper"?

Please, editors, answer that question for us.

Mariotti would have to DRASTICALLY improve his work just to be considered a single A player in this town!

His only shtick at this point is to create as much controversy as possible so he can tell his bosses "either way I sell papers". In reality, he sells no papers as most, like me, read him for free online. This is only so I can further see what a talentless writer he really is-- that is without talent. Kind of the same reason I stop on channels with ultra bad reality shows, and slow down when I drive by car wrecks-- just can't help but feel sorry for the pathetic people involved!

It really shows how desperate the loser is when he started sniping at his own fellow writers, after not getting a rise out of the Trib guys who count him as irrelevant. He is like a little baby boy trying to getting attention by stomping his feet and throwing things.

Sorry Jay, nobody agrees with you on anything you say--- NOBODY!!!

Jay, why don't you do us all a favor and cut yourself. Not literally, just quit, leave, exit, disappear, vanish, relinquish your keyboard. You will not be missed for one second and you will save your family from further embarrassment as you will then not be wrong 99% of the time!

Jay is the only writer anywhere on the planet that doesn't display an email address for feedback. True, check it out. That is because all true writers welcome feedback good and bad. But he clearly couldn't possibly have gotten any good feedback at all!

And to the Suntimes sports editor, launch this loser! There is absolutely no value for keeping him around and he is beyond amusing. He just lacks credibility and is an insult to all of your other talented writers who can't speak out.

Way to go Ozzie-- you seem to be the only one that can shut that loser up!!

We are seriously looking at a double digit lead in the ALC by the all-star break. The only naysayer vs this team is Moronitti. Does the Sun-Times really think it's smart business to employ a guy who has a vendetta vs the city's only major winner this decade?

Let's face it. As much as we all want Mariotti to go away it probably isn't going to happen. No one really buys the paper to read his stuff. As one person said "It's free on-line". Telander has much more class that's why you see him in SI and the "Sports Reporters" and not on "Around the Horn". Cowley does an excellent job covering the White Sox in and out and will even return and e-mail once in awhile when he has time and the question isn't too ridiculous. Can't say the same for that coward Mariotti, who can't even attend games or go in a chicago locker room anymore without the fear of getting manhandled by one of the many Chicago Sports figures he has harpooned over the years. Ozzie at least puts up or shuts up. Can you say the same Jay!!! Don't think so. An apology to Ozzie should be in the works since it was him leading the "Fire Ozzie" Campaign 10 days ago and getting his moronic "Around the Horn" losers to follow suit. When are we are going to realize that Jay is just a teacher in the summertime that "has no class".

Thank Goodness that there is finally some real reaction to the tripe that Mariotti posts on a daily basis. It's one thing for people to complain about him on the radio or in other venues, but never on his own turf. (The coward doesn't even allow for comments)

Kudos to all at the sun times for standing up for integrity. I do wonder if this "controversy" is being fabricated by the recently tabloid-ified Sun Times. I certainly hope not because I fully support any type of movement that gets this man run out of town.

He is a writer who uses puns and clever turns of phrase as a way to hoodwink his less intelligent readers into believing that what he writes is intelligent. Upon a close reading, it's poorly constructed, poorly researched, completely bias, and purely sensationalistic. He constantly misuses logic to prove his own ends like a sleazy defense attorney or used car salesman.

I think he is a growing stain on what used to be a well-respected paper that has sold out to yellow journalism in exchange for a larger (stupider) fan base.

Shame on you Sun Times for allowing this to go on for so long and for encouraging and validating the bad behavior and moronic drivel of a hate-filled man. Jay Mariotti is an absolute disease. Fire him. Revive the integrity of your paper and the readers will come back! Until this happens, I (a once loyal subscriber) never will!

Ozzie is a winner! The White Sox are winners which the Cubs - and their fans - will find out very soon....

This is not the first time windsock jay has been called out by a fellow hometown reporter. Eric Zorn over that the tribune called him out after the WS.

JM may have finally bitten off more than he can chew. By sticking it to the entire sportswriting staff at the ST, especially an esteemed writer like Telander, his days are numbered. AJ said the Sox clubhouse is safe fo any writer - Joe, can you comment?

JT and Gary: Guys, you aren't helping by reading the idiot on-line. It is easy to keep track of how many people visit a web page, and Mariotti no doubt goes to his bosses and shows them how many people are reading his crap online. You have the right idea, but just avoid reading him period. For now this is the only way to show your contempt.

You are such a lonley person Ryan". Yes Jayphew is a "Chicken" in all venues...what a piece of_ _ _ _!

You are such a lonley person Ryan". Yes Jayphew is a "Chicken" in all venues...what a piece of_ _ _ _!

Mariotti is a Yuppie Cubs fan who is insanely jealous that Ozzie brought Chicago a World Series winner. Wimps like Mariotti don't belong on the South Side. The last thing Ken Williams needs is a winp like Mariotti and his buddy Kornheiser to tell Ken Williams how to do his job. What an embarassment!

After watching "Around the Horn", where Mariotti is the second biggest jerk on the show (Tony Rially being #1) I thought I'd check out the Sun-Times on-line. It is unbelievable that this guy not only has a standing TV gig, but also writes for one of the largest cities in the world. I bet the only sport he has ever played was co-ed kick-ball in gym class.

What a pudgy, wimpy little twerp.

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