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Cubs-Sox: The Rematch – Ozzie goes off

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LOS ANGELES – The White Sox ranked second overall in pitching on Thursday, but still lead the entire major leagues in trash-talking.

The way manager Ozzie Guillen sees it, that doesn’t need to stop.
Asked before the Dodgers game about all the smack coming from the South Side prior to last weekend’s showdown in Wrigley Field, Guillen said, “Well, ‘Happy Anniversary,’ ‘’ referring to comments made by general manager Ken Williams to the 100-year futility of Cubs fans. “Kenny didn’t say anything wrong. It got twisted the wrong way, but I thought Kenny said it with some class, and why not? We just tell people what they need to hear.
“We’re not against the Cubs, we’re not against their organization, we’re not against their fans, we just say what we have to say and I don’t see why that’s made into a big deal. If they get offended by that, look yourself in the mirror. When you tell the truth you don’t have anything to hide. Last year, we didn’t say anything and they still kicked our butts. They’re playing good against us and there is no doubt that we have to play better against them and better against everybody.’’
Guillen was then asked about the perceived negativity that surrounds him and his team and again pulled no punches.
“It’s always going to be like that in Chicago,’’ Guillen said. “Overall? Maybe because the manager is an [bleep] hole. Maybe, you never know. Maybe because they don’t like me, maybe because they don’t like Kenny, whatever the reason is. Even when we were in first place in 2005, they couldn’t wait for us to lose.
“Like I said last year, when we lost 90 games, there were a lot of happy campers out there. That’s OK. That’s fine with me. The only thing we can do is prove them wrong. It’s a funny thing. We don’t have a cocky team. We don’t rub things in the face. We have a lot of professional players. Maybe the manager is not, sometimes unprofessional. But when I say stuff, I wish people would look around and see what I say, when I say it and why I say it and start thinking about it a little bit before they start making comments about what I say. I say the same stuff a lot of managers say and the thing that ticks me off is when I say something, it got me when people say I don’t like Wrigley Field. Big deal. Why do people make a big deal out of when I say I don’t like Wrigley Field? I have to like Wrigley Field?
“I don’t say I don’t like the Cubs. And people make a big deal like I can’t be doing that. That’s why I care less about what people think about. I do my stuff, I just try to protect my organization and do my stuff and it seems like every time we open our mouths to protect our guys, we’re the bad guys. They ask Kenny one question, and Kenny responded the right way and people are upset because people say we’re hurting the Cubs’ feelings. We’re not hurting the Cubs’ feelings. We said what we need to say.’’

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Joe/Chris, Obviously neither of you know the answer to my one hundred pitch question as you elected to ignore it and not try to solicit a plausible answer from either Ozzie or Coop! Thanks for nothing!

Ozzie is right
the White Sox are not doing anything wrong

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