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AL Central Watch: June 2

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Here are a few things going on around the American League Central.

First off, Cleveland Indians manager Eric Wedge says don't look for him to offer any Ozzie Guillen-style rants.

There is more bad news
news for Indians pitcher Jake Westbrook.

The Minnesota Twins finally got a home run from catcher Joe Mauer in their victory over the New York Yankees.

The Detroit Tigers are hoping to get good news soon on a couple of their key relievers.

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Ozzie watched his starting pitchers deliver four quality starts, against Tampa Bay, and only had one win to show for it. His recent rant could be the manager "venting" on behalf of his pitchers.

Jay Mariotti is a spineless weasel.

Why does Mariiotti get the free pass here?

Please remove his headlines from you site. I don't read his articles anymore and will continue not to do so, but that shouldn't mean I have to see his headlines.

I will continue to surf your site, with ad block, for free.

Sox perhaps in the second weakest division in baseball .First being NL west. They have & had chances to build up a nice cushion. Today is Tuesday the day we expect changes from the worst offense in baseball. I knew picking up Swisher was a mistake & he's proved my point.Had only one decent year in mlb with A's. GM Williams is wrong ,they do have allot of better options outside organization . Brewers pick up Branyan who's come through for them as example.Cubs pick up Edmunds recently & he's certainly shows he can still contribute.Konerko & Thome probably the biggest goats. Those two are supposed leaders. With Swisher you know he's not the leader type & you get what you get for him. But for Thome & Paulie they'll failed huge on leadership. Why Walker has a job is a real mystery!He certainly would be gone with most serious contending clubs.

You are right on Night Shift. I don't see what the big deal is. It's not like Ozzie came out and said that the White Sox problems are Ken Williams fault. I got the impression he was trying to light a fire under the players behinds by telling them that some of them may get traded or let go by Williams if they didn't pick it up.

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