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Wilder is out

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SAN FRANCISCO – The Sox announced before the game with the Giants on Friday that they terminated the employment of three members of the club’s Latin American scouting staff, including Senior Director of Player Personnel, David Wilder.
Full-time scout Victor Mateo and part-time scout Domingo Toribio were dismissed for actions in Latin America that were violations of club policy and standards.
The terminations resulted from findings of a two-month investigation conducted by MLB’s Department of Investigations. The investigation has now been turned over to Federal authorities.

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So what exactly did David Wilder, Victor Mateo, and Domingo Toribio do? Why even report this, if information is being surpressed?

Sounds like the Chicago Black Sox have reared their ugly head again.

Good! I am glad Wilder is gone. He was one of the guys who left the Brewers organization messed up for years.

Congrats to the White Sox for being classy enough to initiate the investigation and get rid of the bad apples in their organization. It's too bad the the spinners and haters will take this story and utter brainless phrases such as "Black Sox" to try and make their empty arguments.

It's got to be performance enhancing drugs for the Fed to get involved. The Sox are just doing what Selig's office is recommending they do.

What a wild weekend. The scores resemble softball games! At 23-20, the 1st place Sox will entertain the Tribe next.

The good: AJ, Hall, Crede, Cretin, Quentin, Dye, Danks, Vazquez, Contreras, Floyd, Jenks, Linebrink, Mac Dougal.

The bad: Cabrera, Anderson, Buehrle, Masset, Logan

The ugly: Koney, Thome, Uribe, Alexei, Ozuna, Wassermann, Dotel, Thorton

The bad have played better of late, but there's a LOT of $$$ tied up in the ugly. I hope they get their acts together in time for the Cubs.

Neither Fields nor Owens is ready to come up. The Sox have to win with what they've got.

You know, the more you read Mariotti, the more Harrelson's claim that he's a "heiney bird" makes sense. Case in point - today's column. Was there actually a point to today's batch of inarticulate ravings? He starts out with trying to manufacture some controversy over this Wilder business, in his never-ending and shameless attempt to find fault with the White Sox' front office. He blathered on for a few paragraphs about all of that, but then at some point it must have occurred to him that dog wasn't going to hunt, that the story really had no legs, because out of nowhere he abruptly changed course. Yes, for a brief and ever-so-rare moment he actually began talking about the White Sox team and accomplishments of some of their players. I say brief because there's only one paragraph in the whole article devoted to this, even though the Sox are in first place and therefore it might actually make some sense to devote some time to describing why they are in first place. Sadly though, he apparently got bored with going that route, because as quickly as he started talking about the likes of Floyd and Quentin, he retreated to his more comfortable bitter side of ripping into Ozzie with yet some more of his far-fetched, hypercritical accusations. So by the time you get to the end of the column, you really don't know what his point is to any of it, other than his predictable routine of reaching for whatever he can to try and sully the Sox. Unfortunately for him, though, in the process he did in fact look like a "heiney bird", just flying around and around in a circle until POOF! He vanished into his own.....well, you know how that story ends.

The point is, this guy really became irrelevant a long, long time ago. I know me writing about him now somehow tugs him back into a semblance of relevancy. But at some point I really do hope that his disgraceful meanderings (abhorred by his peers, mind you) will get recognized as unworthy of the Sun-Times' otherwise respectible pages. I really do hope.

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