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What was that?

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TORONTO – I would like to fully describe to you the latest slump-busting attempt by the White Sox players, but I’m still not quite sure what I saw.

It was like some bizarre shrine from “Apocalypse Now,’’ minus Brando of course. Now, earmuff-time kids. There were two blow-up dolls with at least 30 bats fanned out all around them in some sort of homage. Of course a few of the bats were doing naughty things, but you get the picture.
Whoever did it tried to frame Toby Hall by placing his hat on one of the dolls, but both Hall and several witnesses exonerated the reserve catcher.
As for manager Ozzie Guillen, he got a big kick out of it.
“Well, whoever did it spent a lot of money,’’ Guillen said. “That’s the type of guys we have. The clubhouse has been quiet the last couple days and I don’t like to see that. We have to stay at the same level of enthusiasm, no matter what happens. Because you worry about the game during the game. before and after, you can’t do anything about it. I know it’s not easy to enjoy yourself when you’re losing, but I expect the guys to stay with the same attitude no matter the results of the game.’’
I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

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Enjoy it Sox because your last day at 500 was May4, 2008 for this year. I am the biggest Sox fan but this team needs to make changes on the bench and in the field.

Does Ozzie know that the lineup he handed in on opening day can be altered if players aren't performing? Guillen's inability to think out of the box should require him putting his personal stuff into one. Oh yea, but Jerry Krause's owner inked him long term just last year. Kenny Williams, where are you?

C'Mon Ozzie its time to make a move with your line-up.Put Ramirez in at second and let him learn the position. Uribe is too inconsistant with his bat. I believe that Ramirez will become a good contant hitter if you give him time. In batting practice, feed your players nothing but curve balls and cutters. This team cannot hit a curve ball and that is your main problem with this line-up. For somebody whos been around as long as you have, you should see this.

The Sox problems are easy to see:

1. Fundamentals-the Sox are the worst in all of baseball.
A. How many times have they screwed up a run-down play? That should happen maybe once a year not 4 times in 2 months.
B. Bunting- How many times during the year already have we seen the Sox with an opportunity to advance a runner with a simple bunt and they failed including a squeeze play.
C. Holding runners on base-AJ may not have the strongest arm but geese maybe the pitching coach should work with the staff on pick off moves. It's getting ridiculous!
2. Personnel-Swisher is not a leadoff man. Dotel is worthless in the bullpen. I’m tired hearing about the hitting will come around. We don't have hitters on this team, we have sluggers and without men on base in front of them all they do is hit solo shots.

I realize everyone's struggling, but how can no one else see or be commenting on Jermaine Dye, clearly the biggest rally killer, least clutch player on the team!
This guy inevitably fails when he comes up with man on 3rd and less than two outs.
Hit a ball to 2nd base (like AJ did) or the outfield!
What a terrible move when they re-signed him last year.
Start turning the season around by getting rid of Dye asap!!

I agree Dye is a problem but when your team average is one of the worst in the majors for the second consecutive year when does the hitting coach become accountable? Swisher and Cabera both had good numbers before coming to the South Side maybe Walker should go?

Nothing against Walker but the fans are right. Since the 2nd 1/2 of 2006 these hitters have wallowed in inconsistency> Any other batting coach on any other team would have been fired already.

Why are both Ozuna & Uribe in the lineup right now?

The Sox need a spark. they should bring up jerry owens and release pablo ozuna. pablo doesn't play defense he can't run and he can't hit. we should release him now. is danny richar ever coming back

Another pathetic hitting display. Tom, I never want to see Danny Richar again. The only thing that maybe keeping him around is Uribe. He pi**e* the Sox off by coming into camp late and out of shape.

Great trade Kenny in getting rid off the Goch for a Douby.

Baseball is a business -- as it always has been. Sox have spent huge on some of these fellows; including the mgr. No major changes coming. Too bad; from 1st to last, it looks like. You canot win many games with most of your team hitting under 200 or slightly above. Should have kept Gload; moved out Paul; while we love Paul, he just is out of here here in Chi town; a change would have done him good. We thank him for his earlier years.

08 is looking like 07. Need a new hitting coach. Too much personal loyalty and not enough loyalty to the fans.

At least the cubs are providing some exciting baseball, even if they are not winning.

I am ashamed of the white sox

The White Sox should be banned from baseball. I am so tired of being embarassed in Chicago. The white sox are truly an embarassment to this great city.

Look nit-wits... Diego and Seattle are the worst at the present..and also nit wits Dye and uribe instrumental in yesterdays win...162 gm season..up's and downs alway have been always will be. not a 33 game season nit wit...Konerko is the biggest rally killer for 2 years now "ground Ball Paulie"strike out and pop up..should have been traded last Winter before becoming a 10 and 5 player !Fields to 1st base at Charlotte and /or move Swisher to 1st Jerry Owens to CF leading off SOOOON!~

Hey nit wit Don. Sure, Dye can be instrumental in some wins.
But how many losses may have been prevented since he's been here
if he went up there with a plan of shortening his swing, trying to go up the middle or the other way with man on 3rd and less than two outs. Yes, other guys are also accountable, but no one has even come close to failing as often in these situations as the choker Dye.

This organization and team is a complete embarassment to this City.

I will NEVER support the white sox again!

XXTRA, If you are embrassed about the White Sox, you should be even further embrassed about the Cubs not winning the World Series in 100 years.

The Sox have faults and they are not a perfect team by any means but to all you people who come on here and say how embrassed you are then stop.

Like I said I can give two craps about freakin blowup dolls. If you thought this was bad, there is a lot worse that goes on in locker rooms.

Also Carol SLazek or whatever is the Biggest Feminist in any Newspaper I have ever read. Also Mrs Slazek if you find this troubling, please get out of covering Sports altogether. Go cover the WNBA

Who cares about the Cubs you imbecile!

It isnt the Cubs who caused you to be in the weakest division in baseball---and that no body cares about you in theis city....I wonder Why?

Hmmmm, maybe because NO BODY IN BASEBALL RESPECTS OR LIKES THE WHITE SOX. They are an embarassment to this city.


Cant be around to long when no one respects or likes you.
Like Tori Hunter. "I would never play for that pathetic organization."

tIM, tYPICAL cUBS FAN. Who won the World Series in 05? The White Sox. Boy! you sound as if the Flubs have been dominating the NL for years.

Tim and the rest of you flub fans, where is your World Series Championship?

Nice spelling. Also if that was the lowest rated World Series, who won that World Series? The White Sox

Ha Ha Ha Ha

The white sox get what they deserve.

This team is JUST AWFUL!!!

This is WORST than the CHOKE OF 1969!!!!!!!

GO TWINS____________________SWEEP!!!!!!

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