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Time to move on

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – For now, Orlando Cabrera has been forgiven by teammates and his manager, but not forgotten.

The shortstop finally decided it was time to talk to manager Ozzie Guillen before Friday’s game and turn the page on what was a bad week for Cabrera. Yes, it should have been done on Tuesday, the day that Guillen’s warning to him in the Sun-Times appeared, but I at least credit him for man-ing up and realizing that yes, the South Side might be just a six-month rental home for him, but this White Sox team has “special’’ written all over what it could do this season.
Here’s what Guillen had to say about the meeting: “We’re fine. I’m really excited about him coming down and talk to me about it, and clear the stuff. Clear it with his teammates. I don’t want people out there … I think he digs his own hole. I send the message to him earlier. You picked the wrong town to do what you’re doing.
“Most of what we talked about as a friend, not as a manager. When you have problems with my players, I want to talk to them as a friend. We got 24 players there, they got to look at that. He never offended me by any reason. I believe you have to say what you feel, you have to say what you think. Some people like what you say, some people don’t. But I think right now, you pick a fight with the manager, or the players or the media, you’re never going to win that one. Because they have so much stuff on you, and the manager. You will have a bad game. Everything was nice and clean and I was really pleased because he showed me how much respect he has for his teammates, that’s No. 1, and for the organization, that’s No. 2, and for me, that’s No. 3. I worry more about what his teammates think about the problem than what I was thinking.’’

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While KW ponders the disappointments of the Cabrera trade, he might want to check the stats of Ryan Sweeney, whose record for the A's shows a batting average over .290 and an OBP close to 100 points higher than the flailing, late-swinging (or missing) Nick Swisher.

It's past time to bench Swisher. who along with Cabrera, specializes in killing potential rallies.

When your batting .240 & in the .220's most of year I only want to hear about that player figuring out ways to improve.Cabrera & Swisher hardly a improvement from 07 sox same positions. Swisher especially looks lost at the plate. Sox must get more out of Cabrera as well as Swisher to continue run for division.Cabrera does come off selfish. I would cut Swisher soon if he continues to fail. He had one clutch hit in Frisco & that's about it for season. He has become a sure out & sox can't afford to carry him on roster if he doesn't produce. Cabrera just needs to shut up & start playing baseball the right way.

Most good players heat up in June so Kenny should wait until after IL play before making any moves. Thome, Uribe, Koney, & Crede should go before Swish or Crabby.

Swish is the last player you want to trade because even when he struggles to hit, as a switch hitter he can still draw walks, & play 4 positions. He'll come out of this funk.

Before this month, Crabby had the clubhouse leader angle to sell. Not any more. AJ saw his value plummet despite having good #'s for a C because of bad press. Crabby's in the same boat now. That makes him more affordable for the Sox.

Message to fellow blogger Juan.You can't drive in runs with walks (unless bases loaded) in reference to Swisher. He's had about one third of season to get going.No club can afford to have many Swishers in lineup who don't deliver as sox do. Many Sox close to or on Mendoza line. Looks like Swisher will soon be below that .200 average by this afternoon.Swisher just like the others struggling gets paid to produce. Hope you're right on Swisher that he will come out of funk along with others on team.Problem with Sox Konerko,Thome,Uribe & Crede have been on a slump for much of last two seasons.

This team "special"? What a joke.

Joe H, you would cut him? Just release him, give up on him after 1/3 of the season? It is one thing to sit him down, but you want to pay the guy another $2 million and let him go. He isn't 40 years old, nor is he a rookie who has no track record in the majors. He has hit before; even going with his lesser seasons he is still a big league ballplayer. Even if he ends up matching his worst full season, he will still be a decent player. Look at his OBP, not just his average. Here are his stats:

04 Oak 20 60 11 15 4 0 2 8 8 11 0 0 .250 .352 .417 .769
05 Oak 131 462 66 109 32 1 21 74 55 110 0 1 .236 .322 .446 .768
06 Oak 157 556 106 141 24 2 35 95 97 152 1 2 .254 .372 .493 .865
07 Oak 150 539 84 141 36 1 22 78 100 131 3 2 .262 .381 .455 .836
08 CWS 55 189 26 38 6 1 4 14 35 47 1 2 .201 .327 .307 .634

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