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Start selling playoff tickets

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CLEVELAND - While manager Ozzie Guillen often points out that “it’s how you play in September, not May,’’ he has to like the fact that his team was in first place on Memorial Day.
Since the current three-division and wild card formats were utilized in 1995, 64.6 percent of teams in first place on Memorial Day have made the postseason. The last time the Sox were in first place on Memorial Day was the 2005 World Series run.

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If under achievers like Thome, Konerko & Swisher come back to near normal sox could very well runaway with division. Cabrera who has struggled continues recent performance that will help too. Crede another guy who look great in April but has done little in May. Quinten probably the best pick up by any GM considering cost to a club & weighing his production. I'm certain Dbacks wish they would of a held on to him.Sox pitching has been steady for most part. Another note keep Ramirez at second when Uribe comes off DL. Ramirez a much better contact hitter & shows he can play a decent second base.The key for sox is keep up the good pitching & the guys in the 4th,5th,6th & 7th position in lineup must produce.If not Id consider a deal or two come July . Go sox.

The suntimes seems to insist on doing something which I believe is a big big mistake. Joe who does a very good job as the Sox beat writer does a piece about Orlando Cabrera with an exciting victory as background not the main topic which is okay but there is not another article whose main focus is about this very interesting game. I wonder just how irrelevant daily newspapers want to make themselves.

It's way too early to look at the playoffs. We could have possibly won 35 games this season if out hitters would have not gotten off to such a slow start. Quentin has carried this team in a wheelbarrow and either Jim Thome or Konerko needs to be told by Guillen either produce or grab some bench. It may be time to consider Jerry Owens and Josh Fields. Owens would give us speed and might allow the Sox to rest Quentin and Dye. Fields can hit and DH looks like a good place for him and he can go back and forth with Crede. My concern would be who stays Alexei Ramirez or Brian Anderson.

Konerko should be sent down to get the problems with his thumb and swing worked out. Fields should be brought up to play first.

Send down Ozuna, bring up Fields, send down Wise and bring up Owens. If Thome,& Konerko don't start hitting there is no way we can win the division. It is unrealistic to think that the starting pitching will remain this strong the rest of the year. For gosh sakes teach those idiots how to sacrifice bunt. I'm sick to death of watching the poor bunt execution. If nothing else watch some little league film and get back to basics. (Swisher, Cabera,Ramirez,) Why do the Twins kick our butt consistently---because they do the little things.

If the Sox offense shows any sign of sustained life the division title seems to be a reasonable assumption given the starting pitching and bullpen strengths. Konerko's at bats looked a lot better last night. Swisher will produce and so will Crede. Thome? Cabrera....aside from his big game last night, I'm not impressed. His calling the press box to argue error calls? Oh yea, he's a real "team player"...I'm glad Ozzie jumped on him. Fields needs to get some time with the big club if the old line bats continue to struggle.

who is "A.T." ???


Cowley here: A.T. is conditioning coach Allen Thomas.

So Mr. Cowley please explain to us why it has happened at least two or three times recently that the sun times has chosen not to include an article retelling the previous days White Sox game and instead chose to use the game as a backdrop to other topics related to the Sox. I find this new pattern confusing and very disappointing.

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