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No one is getting fired

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TORONTO – The final word in any - and all - coaching changes belongs to manager Ozzie Guillen. And the fifth-year skipper made it very clear on Saturday that the villagers should put down the torches and go back to their homes, because hitting coach Greg Walker’s job security is alive and well.

“That's not going to happen,’’ Guillen said of a possible coaching change to try and remedy the slumping offense. “To be honest with you, I don't think we need coaches. Look at the lineup. Everyone is a veteran, everyone knows what they're doing, everyone has experience, everyone went through it. I think you can ask the players. I'm not going to blame Walker about it. Greg is not a babysitter.
“Greg gives the best information and works hard, works harder than anybody and ‘Walk’ sometimes takes this game too deeply, too serious. I bet you one guy who is sick to his stomach now is him. It's not easy to be a hitting coach, it's not easy.’’
Guillen said that if the Sox lineup was loaded with a bunch of “kids’’ who were not progressing, then he would look at a change. That’s just not the case, however.
The .190 batting average and six runs scored through the first four games of this current six-game road trip falls on the players, according to their manager.
“[Nick] Swisher, [Orlando] Cabrera, Konerko, [Jim] Thome, [Jermaine] Dye, A.J. [Pierzynski] and [Joe] Crede, they don't need coaches,’’ Guillen said. “They need to get their heads out of their asses and start hitting. It's easy when the team is not hitting, it's the coaches' job on the line. When the team isn't pitching or the team isn't playing as a unit, it's the manager's job on the line. I don't think Walker has a problem. I have faith in him. That's part of the game.
“Greg Walker was the best hitting coach in April. Now he's the worst hitting coach in May. That's our job, take the heat for the bad things and we never get credit for the good things. But just get people to be patient. Whoever does their thing there, if they think they can do a better job than Greg Walker make sure and let me know. I'll hire him. People out there say we should do that, tell them to talk to me and I'll tell Kenny Williams and we'll hire him. Hopefully, help us to get out of this.’’

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When a team can't hit like the WSox & you've invested over $40mil in 4 players (Thome, Konerko, Cab, & Dye) you've got to play matchups with the lineup.

Owens has a 426OBP vs RHers, & a 304OBP vs LHers in AAA. Last Sept w the WSox he had a 391OBP overall. He can clearly fill the leadoff spot vs RHers & that's over 60% of ab's. Send Alexei down & play Owens on a matchup basis.

This will shake up things more than anything else because Swisher's ab's will come from Owens, Thome, Konerko, & Dye.

The biggest problem w Thome, Konerko, & Dye is that they are feast or famine players with little in betw. In 2006 it was more feast than famine, & in 2007 the opposite. When that's the middle of your lineup you've got to be thinking matchups.

Uribe's glove outshines Ozuna's bat. Ozuna should only play over Uribe when the matchup is highly favorable.

If there are any all-stars on this team they play from the mound. Understanding this is the key to the team's success. Just like in 2005, Ozzie needs to shuffle the lineup based on matchups. That's what you do when your team is filled with mostly streak hitters.

The team is not full of streak hitters it is full of slow players bunched up together to hit into double plays, Thome as a 3 hitter days are past he is now a little more than a matchup type of hitter now and used to be able to hit the other way, he no longer does that. Konerko is off stride and pressing A.J. and Crede have come back to earth and are struggling repeat of last year in progress if you don't stop it now, get Owens up here now get Swisher out of the lead off spot before you ruin him for the year. Get Uribe off the field we don't have the luxury for a field no hit player use him as a late inning defense and to spell Cabrera URIBE IS NOT A EVERYDAY PLAYER!!! THOME IS NOT A 3 HITTER ANYMORE!! send Ramirez to AAA for some seasoning maybe by August playing everyday he will be ready. Maybe it's time to part with Konerko before he bottoms out and has no value sign Crede and bring up Fields he could play first base for a long time. There's your solution..

Wrote b4 on Walker's lack of coaching.His coaching certainly hasn't gotten through. Most clubs wouldn't keep coaches around or players who continue to fail. That is the issue. Regardless of how hard Walker might be working he has failed. His club was the worse offense in 07 & continue to be in 08. The veterans on club get into bad habits just as the rookies do. That's when a coach needs to do something. That is main problem with Sox no one is held accountable for a continued bad offense. The one player with glowing bad stats is Uribe. You can't continue to have a sure out in lineup. Pretty much the entire club is a sure out now as it is. Walker gotta go!

Hey Ozzie , I certainly would accomplish same job Walker has been doing ,hire me!Been going on too long ,excuses is all we hear from the blizzard.

I really belive Walker has got to go. As all of us Sox fans, we all like him as a player. I also belive Ozzie and Ken W. feel the same way. But you can't keep a player or coach just because you liked him as a team mate and freind. We all have to move on. They have to find somebody that can straighten out his mistakes. Just look at these other teams that have less talent that we have, and are doing so much better then us. I feel bad saying this about Walker, but something has to happen before it gets to late....

Sam G. (very very long time Sox Fan)

This is the worst team in baseball.


This organization and team are so PATHETIC! As we lament in the weakest division in baseball, we are the embarassment of this great city.

Thanks again white sox for giving this title to us again. Our last place finish last year and Ozzie's embarassing big mouth this year!

Appleton, The White Sox did not finish in last place even though it seems like they had. Also who said the Sox are in the weakest division in Baseball? I believe the flubs division was that last year and will again be the worst division by the end of year.

Anonymous as usual you blog like you are ignorant you don't have to go to any games or watch any and since you don't why don't you stop blogging you dolt. Konerko, Dye and Thome have fallen off and it started last year and they thought it was a fluke, it's not these guy are DONE. Big slow power hitters go fast because they cannot adjust after they lose it, double play after double play occasional homers off mistakes but any pitcher who exibits good control and speed change absolutely kills them and Swisher is pressing. Time to move the thumpers and play the young players. K.C. is creeping fast and the Sox if they don't change philosophy soon will be cellar dwellers. It's not all Walker it's the so-called big guys making inning killing ground outs and DP's. Kenny it's time to move on Konerko should have been traded when the Angels were knocking Thome would be a good guy in the dugout but not a everyday #3 hitter the days of Thome turning on fastballs are done and he looks bad against lefties, Konerko looks like he is trying to compensate and does not go back up the middle or to right field he is pulling everything so that's why so many ground balls to third and short i.e DP's. But in reality the team is stuck with the contracts and the players Kenny blew the opening and should be in trouble himself Ozzie is trying to distract us from the truth but look closely I'm not fooled I don't look at Ozzie I look at the team and it's not good.

Anonymous this is not the worst team in Baseball. I would say that but what I will say is that I do not like the makeup of this team. I agree with Djssr about Thome and Paulie. I do not know why as Chicago fans we fall in love with players just because they are good people. Face it Paulie and Thome are declining. As far Dye when he is 100%, I believe he can still be productive. He breaks down way too much with hamstring injuries. I don't think the Sox should have resigned him for the length of time they did but they did.

I ask myself me and other Sox fans this if you do not like the makeup of this team then who do we have in the minors? We have zip nothing.

Josh Fields hits for power but he too can not run or field. He is a Softball player.

Jerry Owens can run but he throws like a little girl and he also takes terrible routes in the outfield.

Danny Richar, I have no faith in nor does the Sox. He came into camp late, overweight and out of shape.

Other then the Larry Himes drafts of Ventura, Alex Fernandez and Big Frank this team has produced very little in the draft. The White Sox with the exception of Joe Blowchunks do not want to pay any of their draft choices big bucks. They take nothing but safe picks and especially soft tossing lefties.

I am not even sure if we blew and received high draft choices that we would want to pick a so called sure thing because they also do not like dealing with certain agents.

The bottom line is that I love this team and I will continue to love this team but changes have to be made soon.

The White Soix DID finish in last place with the Royals. Our division is the WEAKEST and an embarassment to basaeball fans ever where.

You can play 500 ball and be in FIRST place in this weak division.
Everone else is under 500---getting beat up by other horrible temas in other leagues like Tampa and Balitmore.

The White Sox organization is pathetic and an embarassment to this city with the blow up dolls. And I thought we couldnt be any more embaraased with Reinsdork and Ozzie---I was WRONG!

Stu, Where did you get your facts for Mr Cubs fan. Also who says Tampa is horrible? I would rather take Tampa's talent anyday over the Cubs? Also Stue, The Sox have a winning record against Tampa and Baltimore.

Stay off this blog and go to the Flubs blog. Also go watch Soccer because you know nothing about Baseball!

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