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ANAHEIM, Calif. – Ozzie Guillen didn’t know what Wednesday would bring for yet another new-look lineup, but at this point he might as well pick names out of a hat.

The offensive struggles have now become an epidemic, with seemingly no cure. This team is all of a sudden very painful to watch and has 2007 written all over it.
The way it stands right now, if I was Ozzie I would lead off with Carlos Quentin (.399 on-base percentage - a team high), followed by A.J. Pierzynski and then Jermaine Dye. After that, throw in a little Joe Crede in the cleanup spot, followed by Jim Thome and then Paul Konerko. Nick Swisher would hit seventh, Juan Uribe eighth and Orlando Cabrera ninth, with the hope he can get on base for the top of the order.

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Quentin & AJ are only two sox players you can really count on.The others when at bat with men on it is hard to watch. Swisher & Uribe are the worst of the bunch followed by Cabrera,Konerko,Crede & Thome. Dye has had a couple of good games of late but still is not on his game .Sox need to find a decent second baseman & rid themselves of beer leaguer Swisher! Swisher plays like he's in a beer league .Even in a beer league he probably wouldn't start.Cabrera another new sox that has under achieved. Sox defense doesn't look that great either. Changes must come soon .Even in weak NL central sox can fall out of race the way they are not playing.Walker for starters must be fired! Then I would release Swisher & Uribe. Those two clowns aren't going to ge any get better. Walker not the whole problem,but has no clues on how to fix it.

This team is not in a slump. Slumps end and this has been going on since the end of the 2006 season. These are 5 things they need to do: 1.Love Thome, but he needs to go. He is well past his prime at this point. 2.Trade Dye to a team that has a serviceable middle infielder to offer in return(preferrably that can bunt and has decent speed). 3.Bring up Owens so we can have a real center fielder, or play Anderson every day. Quentin can play right, and then Swisher can play left which is where he should be. 4.Figure out the Crede situation by the trade deadline. 5. Put Alexei Ramirez in AAA to play shortstop everyday because Cabrera is also past his prime. Unless he is willing to sign at a bargain for next year, we are going to need someone ready to play short next year. Ramirez is not doing the team or himself any good at all by playing once or twice a week.

Good Post John. I actually enjoyed reading what you had to say. I agree with most of your points. Here are my thoughts or additions. Im in favor of keeping Dye, as of late has shown that can get in the groove hitting. He usually has a very good plate presence and is a clutch hitter. Thome, Thome, Thome, just has to go! Slow Bat, Slow Runner, No Clutch Hitter, he is killing the lineup. Anderson or Owens need to get in Center. Put Pauly at DH and place Swisher at first. What is frustrating is we dont need GREAT hitting we just need consistent serviceable hitting. Our pitching can carry us to the division. This division is actually winnable.

I like Greg Walker and understand the White Sox have a lot of loyalty to him as he does for the White Sox. However, the hitting has been atrocious since the middle of the 2006 season. Guys that had hit pretty well in the past for other ballclubs are coming to the Sox and struggling (Swisher, Cabrera). Fire Greg Walker before you do anything else and see if that changes things.

This lineup without a doubt needs to be remodeled with a 5 letter word SPEED. Get Jerry Owens up here. Even if he hits .220 it's better than what we have now because he can beat out grounders, go 1st to 3rd, steal a base. In other words Manufacture runs which no one on this team right now knows how to do. He also makes the pitcher think. Anyone watch Thornton last night. He was scared with Tori Hunter on 1st. The offensive problems isn't the weather, it isn't a slump. The bottom line is the core guys (Thome and Konerko) are regressing. They are border line automatic outs. Thome only hits mistakes and can't go the other way despite having the whole left side of the field abandoned. Konerko is late on everything and when he does make contact it's a usless fly ball pop up because he is undercutting the baseball. Time to make changes. The pitching has been too good to be 2 games under .500.

Joe H, Release Swisher? You are out of your mind. You trade your best 2 pitching prospects for this guy. What actually needs to happen is the Sox need to get rid of Paulie, play Thome part time,release Uribe and fire walker.

We should have kept Tad but we traded him for nothing. Even though I like Thome, we should not have traded for him. You never trade for a DH. The Phillies know what they were getting rid of.

I am getting tired of the Paulie slumps because it has been happening for a while. Also I am getting sick of this lack of team speed. For example, in the game on Monday, they needed 4 hits to score 1 freakin run.

I can not blame Walker for everything but I am getting tired of this swing for the fences mentality. The Sox may hit 200 Homeruns this year but about half of them will be either no runners on base or 1 runner on base if that.

OBP past 28 days: Quentin 430, Thome 383, Crede 341, Kong 333, AJ 311, Uribe 307, Dye 306, Anderson 300, Swisher 275, & OC 236.

Like 2005, Ozzie is going to have to keep shuffling the deck to ride the hot bat.

I like the current lineup.
OC, AJ, Quentin, Dye, Thome, Kong, Swisher, Crede, Uribe.

If you move Crede up the back end could cave in.

This team and organization are just PATHETIC!



Don't Cub fans have anything better to do then post lame "boycott" posts in White Sox blogs?

I left out Owens. His OBP has fallen to .325 in AAA. He's simply not ready to come back. A more intriguing possibility is Wise. He's now 12/17 in SB's w a 1069 AAA OPS. He's had over 300AB in the majors & nothing really to show for it, but given the futility of the Sox bats right now even hitting safely for a string of games would be a great help.

I agree with all on the Thome situation. My bet is that if moving him down in the order doesn't work and he is still flailing around then he will be benched or released. He has an option that kicks in if he gets a certain number of PAs, which means we'll be stuck with him for another season. I think you guys are wrong on Uribe. If you have been watching the last few weeks you would notice that Uribe is actually one of the hottest hitters on the team, and his second base has been extremely above average. I would rather have him up in a situation than Cabrera, you wanna dump and infielder? Dump terrible Cabrera who would probably have a little trade value. As for the new lineup, I like Quintin third, but hate Cabrera leading off. Stop all this Jerry Owens talk too, even if there is an opening in the outfield Anderson has proved he deserves another shot at being an everyday player, his defense would improve the overall play of the team. Send Thome packing, drop the slowing Dye to the DH spot, throw Swisher in right and let Anderson win a gold glove in center. I'm not against putting Swisher back up in the order if he can heat up at all.
Swisher, Uribe (remember 06 when ozzie wanted him there), Quintin, Dye, AJ, PK, Crede, Anderson, Cabrera (who acts like a second leadoff man).
I say Ozzie sticks with last nights order and if Uribe keeps hitting and Swisher can start hitting you move to this one.... but who knows.
step one... get thome going or send him packing....

To Rob and anyone else who doesn't see how HORRIBLE Dye is in the clutch, please watch carefully when he's up in big situations.
He'll almost always take the first pitch, yet when you're in a run producing situation, unless the pitcher can't find the plate, you should not be giving yourself the take sign. That first pitch is often the best one you'll get! Then, when he inevitably gets to two strikes, his plate discipline becomes awful, and he'll swing at anything.
And especially with a runner on 3rd and less than two outs, come on, for the millionth time, either look to drive the ball from the first pitch you see, or look to go the other way or up the middle. He does none of that, and instead, the bigger the situation, the more he ties himself up.

1. Play Thome against strictly right handed pitching

2. Platoon Dye, Thome and Konerko at DH for the remainder of the season (this allows Brian Anderson to play nearly every day, provides us with a bat on the bench for late inning heroics)

3. Trade Joe Crede by the deadline, release Juan Uribe (bring up Josh Fields, Getz/Richar or anyone who can play 2B

4. Send Alexei Ramirez to AAA already! let him polish his skills in Charlotte!

This team is not making the playoffs and is going to fall flat on their faces soon enough. The only thing holding the Sox together right now is the stellar starting pitching. With a few moves we could potentially take the division. Its going to take some thinking on Kenny Williams' part, but something has to be done.

Thome, Ozuna, Uribe and Cabrera need to be gone at the end of the year, even by the All Star break if we are tanking. Crede is most likely going to walk, so I'd like to get something in return. The young guys we have are going to be solid, but the old bums are blocking them right now. It's time to dump and run with the younger crowd.

You may be right Paul. Might be too early to dump Swisher. But the guy looks like he's had a six pack or two before each game & plays like it! Walker for certain must be fired .He has done zero to improve hitting.Yes these guys are mlb players but after two seasons of lousy hitting something has to give.Why have a hitting coach if it doesn't make a difference?Walker would be gone if he coach for most clubs. Sox over spent its loyalty on Walker.

I agree with Juan about Flubs fans. If anybody should boycott a team that is the flubs. 100 years of being pathetic losers.


Here for you is the irony of the whole thing:
We traded away Rowand to have the opportunity to get rid of Frank. As much as Frank has struggled he has greatly out performed Thome esp. in the clutch.
But the irony is we traded away prospects for Swisher because of his past success. The only real good year he had was 2006, when he was given good pitching to hit due to batting in front of .... Yes Frank Thomas. Before or after the year with Frank he has been average at best. They say he offers flexibility due to playing 1sr and all 3 OFs. Show me someone who gets ABs at several positions and I will show you someone not good enough to be the everyday player at one position.

Irony 2:
Brian Anderson's defense (vastly superior to anyone on the team) is under utilized due to his 'poor hitting'. He hasn't gotten regular ABs at ML level in 1-2 years and yet currently is hitting as good or better than half the team. Maybe Ozzie will allow us to deal with his 'limited', but better than are current regulars, hitting to get his Defense.

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