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KW on Figgins and his team

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While most of baseball is either surprised by the White Sox or waiting for the bottom to fall out, general manager Ken Williams, well, he isn’t the least bit shocked with what the standings show right now.

Asked what his feelings about the team were, he responded, “That they have a very high ceiling, but I have felt this way from the beginning. I don’t feel any different now than I did at the beginning of the season. In some respects, because we are in the position we are and haven’t played steady offense, even greater hopes for this season.’’
But that doesn’t mean he will just stand pat and let this opportunity go to waste. As reported in Wednesday’s Sun-Times, a source close to the situation said that Williams started sending out feelers more than two weeks ago to teams that had leadoff hitters also capable of playing second base.
The name of Angels infielder Chone Figgins came up, and more than once. A fact that Williams, well, was very careful in answering.
''That's an interesting name, and a name that I, yeah ... they're a pretty good team and they need ... I'm talking about the guys that will ultimately be available, and I don't know if they will be any better than what we already got,'' Williams said. ''Again, the key phrase being that they will ultimately be available. Not that I can't sit here and play the fantasy game. Hell, I can play that game and come up with a bunch of people. Reality, that's the game I have to deal in.''
Interest in a player doesn’t mean squat if the other team isn’t ready to let a Figgins go, but what it shows is this is still not a finished product. By any means.

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Live on west coast now & seen Figgins play allot. He would be a great addition to Sox. Especially considering Sox have no true lead off hitter. Both Swisher & Cabrera have failed big time among others. Swisher finally got a hit that was not of a blooper variety tonight. Cabrera has a horrible swing. Looks like he's just flinging at each pitch.Imagine record sox would have with a legit lead off hitter? Thome,Konerko,Swisher & Cabrera all too close to the Mendoza line. Great to see sox in first regardless( or in spite ) of the Mendozas on team.

I have wondered for months why Kenny Lofton wasn't picked up by the Sox, even as a part-time player. Yes, it's a short term situation, but he is still a spark to any team. Getting Figgins would be a huge boost, but just getting him seems next to impossible. Owens may be the future, but he is not in Loftons league yet.

I like that KW is not standing pat. Always liked Figgins - he would bring some much needed speed (in light of Jerry Owens disappearance) and solidify the lead-off position. Not sure what the Angels would want (not Uribe, I'm sure), but if KW can pry away Figgins w/o giving up multiple monor league starting pitchers, he should do it.

trade thome

Roman, let's connect the dots. Alexei has come up big with Uribe down. Now suddenly we hear Figgins come up in trade talk.

I think Kenny's eyeing the chance to trade Crede while his OPS is above 850.

Uribe past 2 wks: 767 OPS, past month: 709 OPS. Izturis past 2 wks: 548 OPS, past month: 584 OPS. The Angels might be eyeing Uribe for 2B.

So we could be looking at a swap of 2B & 3B for the two teams. The Angels would have to sweeten the deal from their farm system because the WSox are giving up nearly 50HR & getting back only 10HR in return. Figgins SB don't make up that gap.

No one expected Quentin to be leading the AL in HR so Kenny might be thinking he can win w/out Joe now.

Get Figgins!!!

I hate to have to tell you White Sox fans this but there's no way we're trading Figgins. If we do that we'll have no leadoff hitter. Look at who we had in the Friday night game. Do you really think Maicer Izturis and his just over .200 batting average is going to cut it as our leadoff hitter? No he won't. I don't blame you for wanting him though. Last year Cabrera was great batting behind Figgins and in front of Vlad. I miss that top of the lineup actually. Gary Matthews, Jr. is also horrible batting second. He's also barely hitting over .200.

It's amazing the Angels and White Sox are both winning games with how anemic both offenses are so far. I guess that proves it takes great pitching and defense and some timely hitting to win. I just wish we could get our whole team healthy. Our offense would be great if we could get Figgins back in the lineup and Howie Kendrick too.

I would love to see Figgins in our lineup as the leadoff hitter but the bigger problem is farther down in the lineup with Thome and Konerko. Konerko's been hurt but Thome just looks bad. While it would be an unpopular choice and the word has probably been given by MLB not to sign him, Barry Bonds would be an interesting fit into the White Sox plans this season.

Bonds will never happen because they love Thome. Unless they start sitting him down more that love will cost them $13m in 2009.

LAA had more scoring ops than the Sox in this series. It's a credit to our pitching/fielding that we were even able to bring the tying run to the plate in both games.

Even in losing these games, our pitching staff is gaining major confidence. That will pay dividends down the stretch.

The only way Angels would take Uribe for Figgins Sox GM Williams would have to take the Angels GM out & get him drunk. Uribe would be a hard player to move.Can't hit & average defense .

The Sox need a real lead-off man. Chone would fill the bill but the Angels need a lead-off man too. Crede has demonstrated that he is healthy, but has regressed at the plate. He and Uribe are likely to be traded before the deadline and they should be.

Thome is a great person and one of the greatest hitters of his time. Unfortunately, it seems to me that every time he comes to the plate he is looking to add to his homerun total. The result is, as you guys out there know, a strikeout or a ground ball into a double play. I hate to say it and I hope I am totally wrong, but I feel he is more concerned with adding to his homerun total than he is in bringing a man in from third.

There is a lot of anguish over the legendary Owens. He will never be the starting center fielder for the Sox. Get over it. It is important, however, to move Crede and bring up Fields. Josh isn't getting any younger and if he is kept in the minors much longer, when he deserves to be with the Sox, it can demorilize him and he could loose it and go sell insurance for his girlfriends's father.

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