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Kenny speaks

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CLEVELAND – General manager Ken Williams on the Orlando Cabrera situation:
“Am I aware of some of the stuff that has been going on with Cabrera? Yes. I also know it has been addressed to him face-to-face. The one thing Mr. Cabrera needs to know about Ozzie is he has faults and his No. 1 fault is that he protects his players too much. If Orlando doesn’t understand that, he needs to talk to his neighbors.’’

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Hey Cabrera a error is a error! Deal with it!Your not exactly setting the league on fire with your hitting either. Cabrera comes off like a guy worried about how his stats appear & could care less about team play.Calling a official scorer is classless on his part. Hopefully he'll be gone after 08 & he can take Swisher with him. Sox better win central or many heads will roll.

Who cares about Orlando Cabrera? Let's talk about that stiff Mark Buehrle. Once again he gets hammered when the Sox had some momentum. He gives up a grand slam to that future Hall of Famer Franklin Gutierrez, who is hitting .237 and has three home runs all year, two of them against the hapless Buehrlester. It's time put that overpaid faker in the pen.

Buehrle has never been clocked consistently over 90mph. As I was viewing the game last nite, I could've sworn I heard a Cleveland fan yell out on more than one occasion- "BP"!

Go down to write-in & fill in
Carlos Quentin White Sox Outfield

Since he's not a slugger, but a decent OBP guy I'm not surprised CRABrera would be "sensitive" about his fielding.

Quentin's been one of Kenny's better moves but it doesn't make up for the loss of Magglio (15mil/yr) to Detroit.

Down here, we refer to Cabrera-like individuals as "The Player". Kenny should go to this and not dignify this egomaniac by calling him "Mr. Cabrera". As far as Buehrle, he's a decent human being that needs to go to the bullpen for a dose of humility and a reality check. Come on, he's getting hammered like he was Barry Zito! Ozzie and Coop are in total denial if they don't send him to the pen temporarily.

The thing with Cabrera is a distraction. At least, he's starting to come out of slump. I'm concerned with his three team mates that presumably didn't rush to his defense, and rightly so, because they should be working to figure out their own problems. Those three team mates being: Buehrle, Konerko, and Thome. They need to get their heads out of their butts pronto. I've got a feeling that the Twinkies are starting to click and we need these three to start playing better to provide us an overwhelming advantage or we're going to be battling it out with Mauer et al until the end of the season.

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