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Garland on the media

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ANAHEIM, Calif. – Former Sox pitcher Jon Garland has never been a big fan of the media, so when he found out about “Dollgate’’ last week, and the fact that it was reported that the White Sox had two blow-up dolls set up in the Toronto visiting clubhouse, well, it was just another opportunity for him to speak his mind.

“I think it was a big deal,’’ Garland said Monday. “I personally felt nobody needed to write about it. This is our home, our clubhouse. I feel the job of you guys is to report on the game. I don’t think anything seen or heard in the clubhouse needs to be written about. And if you have a problem that’s going on in here, you don’t have to walk through the doors. You don’t have to see it. You have to understand when you walk through those doors, you’re coming into our office. It is what it is.
“I feel privacy has been taken away from us.’’

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Garland's a PUNK!!! I was outraged by the white sox action. How about this-----dont let media IN your clubhouse then....Especially when you degrade us women by having bats stuck between our legs and other percarious positions.

Obviously, it didnt help them play any better. I hope they lose every game of the season!!

I am so disappointed by this team.................. I am tryly embarassed to be called a white sox fan....

You knew Swisher was useless when we signed him. Why do you think that Oakland gave him away. The white sox always sign has-beens.

Swisher is FAT---LAZY and cannot hit!!!!

God, this team and organization is just AWFUL and they are an embarassment!!!

Could care less about Garland. A very average pitcher. Sox look awful. The batters 1 through 4 in order had only one hit combined(mon. 5-12). That hit by Cabrera didn't get out of infield.The sox lack of making routine fielding plays by Uribe & Crede didn't help either.Swisher will go down as a bad pick up. When he does get a hit ,its usually a blooper variety.Fielding wise he looks like he's playing for a company softball team & agree he has the physical look of a company softball player too.Cabrera hardly has been a impact either. He struggles especially in clutch situations as do the club as a whole. Cubs looks like they'll get Edmunds. Too bad sox couldn't get him. Like him better than Swisher. Even thou Edmunds has declined a bit in recent years. Sox need changes or it will be a long summer again. everybody but Garland is right. What happens in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse. If reporters don't understand that they need to change jobs, period!

Wow!! Average pitcher!!!! In 2005 as well!! My oh my, what have you done for me lately Garland? An average team now after week 7.

It is their clubhouse. And I have seen women do worse things to male blow up dolls on cathouse. No need for excuses, Gar is right. Baseball has strange rules, and traditions.

Garland is right. The only people that are making so a big deal are you bleeding libs.

If you don't have any stones, stay out of the clubhouse.

Peggy and, give me a break.......Peggy grow up, you think this was the first time something like this has gone on? You have never been in a frat house either I guess.....Leon, nobody is asking you to be a fan of the Sox so shut the way we're 23-20 and in first............

I get a kick out of every time a Sox blog like this is posted all of the Schmubby fans that masquerade as Sox fans like gthis lameduck post by Cub fan Peggy from above:

"I am so disappointed by this team.................. I am tryly embarassed to be called a white sox fan...."
Posted by: Peggy | May 12, 2008 10:19 PM

As for any Real, self-respecting, Sox fan's opinion on this matter is this: Report the game, not private clubhouse matters. Garland's right, their privacy has been taken away over the years, inversely with their salaries, but a bigger paycheck should not give reporters a right to invade their privacy. The Sox are the team evryone loves to hate, and we Sox fans who love em' accept that and that is what drives us. That is what gives REAL Sox fans the chips on our shoulders. Cubs fans just hate on us because we are like the bigger, tougher brother who they never have, and never will, be able to take. So they hide behind fake screen names on the internet, often masquearading as Sox fans like Peggy here. Keep hatin' Cubs fans, and we'll keep walking the streets of Chicago, OUR TOWN, LOUD & PROUD.

Cubs fans, you can start talking once you win your first World Series in over 100 years.

Peggy, Go back to flubby land. We do not need a tryly embrassed Flub fans on this blog. You truly embrassed yourself even more with your spelling of tryly.

I think what they did in the clubhouse is great!!! Do it again! Stay loose. Have fun.

Oh yea Garland average won 18 games twice..has 90 career wins and is only 28,boy what kind of knowledge doe's brainless have. No big deal of blow-up dolls. Media likes to make a circus of it, which they did. Sox will kick Cubs good in both series...much better pitching for Sox. The Goat will appear again this year and then the doom falls on "s'cubs" / fans once again.

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