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Fade to pink

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SEATTLE - In attempt to do something nice for charity, as well as honor Breast Cancer Awareness day on Sunday, Bobby Jenks, John Danks, Toby Hall and Nick Swisher had their facial hair dyed pink at home last week.

Well, whatever dye was used has burnt the hair off everyone except Danks.
Hall’s chin landing strip is patchy, while Jenks looks like an old billy goat. The four have a new pink dye that washes off, and will use that before Sunday’s game, but for Hall and Jenks it’s back to the drawing board come Anaheim.
Hall said he has to do a complete shave and let it grow back in, while Jenks wasn’t sure how he was going to repair his look.

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Watching Brian Anderson hit that line drive three run homer to center last night brought back memories of Mickey Mantle for me. I was a young boy living in West Pullman and my dad and I went see the Sox and Yankees at Sox Park (Comiskey). Mickey, batting right handed smashed a pitch on a line straight over the center field fence, 415 feet from home plate, that crashed into the center field bleachers. The center fielder never took a step back. My dad, who is now 94, and I still talk about that homer as we will today no doubt. Mickey was my idol and Brian reminds me so much of him (runs like a deer), although he is not a switch hitter like Mickey.

Its time sox do something with Swisher,Konerko & Thome.These three stooges couldn't hit me in the clutch. When those three come up with men on I can't watch. They'll either strikeout or hit into a double play. Swisher especially can take his pink bat back to Oakland someplace.Game not over as I'm writing versus Mariners ,sox should of easily swept this club. But the old story ,lack of clutch is killing team. Especially from above three choke artists. Before folks get upset I'm behind .Swisher can't hit with a pink or any bat he's swinging with. Konerko & Thome are both playing like old wash up vets.Sox will need to make a move to stay in race in weak central.

Its time sox cut its loses & release Swisher. This guy is awful!Pink beard or whatever he can't hit ,run or field his position.Id rather have a rookie start in his place. He will go down as a bad move Williams made. Sox are hitting slightly better as a team. But still lack of a clutch hit especially Thome ,Swisher & Konerko.Sox coming out near my transplanted home in Cali. I may go to game just to boo Swisher. He really stinks up the club!

This team and organization is truly an embarrassment to this great city.


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