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Dead men walking?

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The feeling after Monday’s 1-0 heartbreaker was that changes were coming for at least one roster spot, possibly two, by the time the team takes the field for Tuesday’s game with the Twins. This could be the end for Juan Uribe.

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This team is dead! The new team for this team should be the Dead Sox instead of the White Sox.

Freakin fire Walker!!!!!!!!! Nice 239 team batting average

Were taking a huge risk by not doing anything, because this division is winnable. We have the pitching this year and I would hate to see a seaon go to waste. Do we just watch a team that cant hit? or is there something that can be done? Why not bench Thome and Bring up Fields? Why not Bench Konerko and bring up Owens? Why not Bench Dye put Swish in Right and Owens in Center? Why not Bench Uribe and go with Ramirez? The only response I hear is, oh no we cant do that because of this and this. Well it cant get any worse then it is now, at least your TRYING. It would be sad to see a season go to waste because a team was AFRAID to do anything.

Walker must have secret pictures of Ozzie? How can that lousy coach keep a job? I hear that Walker is considered a good coach. lol.Yes, you can't blame him totally but he certainly has done nothing to improve situation. I'm going to keep writing until Sox brass finally pulls plug on a coach that isn't coaching.Two years plus now of poor hitting. Uribe can take a hike too! He finally gets on base & forgot how to run bases. Uribe highly paid & low production (but that goes for entire sox offense). Ozuna another sox that has done little. I would of had a squeeze play in that bases loaded situation. Sox have had a record of taking themselves out of rallies. You need to do something different.Heads gotta roll or it will be a repeat of 07. Something needs to happen to wake team up. Unfortunately somebody will need to lose a job to make that happen.Patience ??Waiting two years for real sox to show up.All we get is lame excuses for another game given away.

The problem is not with Greg Walker or even Ozzie. The problem is with the hitters on this ballclub. They cannot get clutch base hits. This team always tries to bomb their way back into a game. That is not how baseball is played. Drive the ball the opposite way. Concentrate on driving it up the middle. They better sacrifice a chicken, cause it is getting bad.

walker is a great guy but it is time for change. in regards to our great coach ozzie, cant wait for the day he gets his walking papers. he's the guy that keeps putting the worst player in baseball that being juan out of shape every year uribe. he's the guy that stopped coaching with his gutt and now coaches by statistics. ozzie needs to worry about his team, not anyone else. he is a huge distraction and its all about him. has no clue how to use a bullpen and puts the same line up out there day in and day out. thanks for 2005, then you were a different coach, time to go and go fast. push harder.

I agree that there should be some changes in the White Sox's everyday lineup. Bring Jerry Owens up and cut Juan Uribe for starters. Obviously, the team is struggling as a whole to sustain any type of consistent offense. It is so frustrating to see them tearing the cover of the ball early, and now can't even string together three hits in a row. I have no idea what can be the problem. It has to be mental because these hitters have done very well recently. Then again this losing streak has occurred against two teams who regularly gives us fits; the Twins & Blue Jays. They need to just keep working hard and staying positive and I think they'll be alright. But the playoffs are a long shot.

Walker may or may not be to blame but the facts are offensively more often than not the WhiteSox have been the DeadSox since mid-2006. Keeping Walker is clearly not going to fix that.

Maybe Owens isn't the guy we should be talking about (355OBP, 7/10 SB). Dewayne Wise (422OBP, 10/14 SB, 1026OPS) is on fire. He's a 30yr old career mLer off to his best start ever. Fielding wise he's showing better range than Owens as an OF.

Whether it's Wise/Owens the strategy is the same. Play them at the expense of ab's for Thome, Koney, & Dye by juggling Swisher betw RF-CF-1B.


This Team is still DEAD in the WEAKEST DIVISION IN BASEBALL!!!!!!

This team is getting everything they deserve. They are whining crybabies who cant win in a weak division where no ne is over 500.

White Sox Mantra-----------

Who needs to win baseball games when you have lovely plastic ladies waiting for you in the locker room after a hard game???

BOYCOTT THE WHITE SOX!!!!!!! This team and organization is absolutely PATHETIC!!!!

This organization is just horrible. I am so embarassed to be a white sox fan. We were the laughing stock of the league before the blow -up dolls.

Please BOYCOTT this team. I agree

After last night's winning performance, I say DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DEFLATE/DISCARD THE DOLLS!

Mariotti is a moron (as usual), he says that the blowup doll incident defines Jerry Reinsdorf as a human being...I can handle criticism of an owner for mistakes related to his job, but when you call out a man who has done countless philanthropic acts and given millions of dollars to charity, not to mention, paved the way for minority coaches and executives in baseball, its just plain stupid to say that a blow-up doll incident, which he obviously had nothing to do with, defines the man as a human being. What has Mariotti done as human being other than piss a lot of people, and waste a lot of plastice through hair gel bottles.

I could care less how many Fbombs ozzie drops or how many blowup dolls are in the clubhouse as long as they win games. They are not breaking the law. If this were the Cubs, both incidents would be "cute" and funny.

Who freakin cares about blowup dolls what matters is what is happening on the field.

This team needs a change in leadership.

More pressing...Why wasn't Brian Anderson in Center Field for the ninth inning? He gets to that ball. He's the fastest guy on the team, with the best jump and the best fielder. That is what is really lost in all of this. I'm a big Ozzie supporter...but that was a mistyake.

Last night proved how important the lineup (Cabrera 2R, Quentin, Thome, Koney, Dye, AJ, Swisher, Crede, Uribe) is for the WSox.

Horses: Cabrera, Quentin, Dye, AJ, Crede, Uribe. Goats: Thome, Koney, & Swisher.

Uribe looked good after riding the pine a few gms. Let's try that with TKS. Bring up Wise/Owens. Taking ab's from Swish is not a problem right now.

As usual Mariotti "reacts" out of control. He is just as much out of control at times as Ozzie is, the sad thing though is he is using a newspaper to air his stupidity. Ive tuned him out a long time ago, any educated and rational person would see he is into "the hype" to sell his "fame". Now onto the Sox, I was at last nights game and it was refreshing. BUT, it was because of Quentin and Dye and NOT Thome and Konerko. Both of them will kill this team and their dead weight. I can stomach Paulie because he plays pretty good defense. But Thome is dead dead weight

This team and this organization has embarassed Chicago like never before. I am just STUNNED at the way they continue to make us baseball fans constantly look like FOOLS.


I cannot believe the Whit Sox. They should be ashamed. I am a Sox mother of three and i am so appauled that they embarassed us on a number of occasions in 1 week.

I will no longer support the white sox.

Ozzie is the most embarassing thing since the blow up dolls

I keep hearing people complaining about Mariotti. He bothers you, you hate him, he's gutless because he doesn't give room for responses. here's an idea: QUIT READING HIM! He's a jackass, and will always be a jackass. There are ways of counting how many people read his crap on-line. If you don't open that page, it doesn't get counted as another reader. As long as you keep hitting on his stories, his bosses will think he's doing a great job. They go by hits on the page, not whether or not you go away happy, or if it's a negative or positive story. Quit reading his crap and stop watching his inane, idiotic program. Do you really need to know what he thinks. Here goes: if it is about the White Sox, it stinks.

I agree with Paul. I could care less about the blow up doll. Along as it was pretty? errrrr I mean seriously it shouldn't matter. I agree sox need to get it together or it will look like 07 again pretty soon.

the sox will not make changes anytime soon. time to bust it and start over. start with the managerthen the dead weight: thome, konerko, uribe, ozuna. dye came back cheap so he will stay.

I agree with Kenny. Owens did not have much of a ST w the injury & he's not locked in at the plate in AAA. Let's see where he his in another month. I like seeing Owens have to compete with Wise down there. Wise is on fire.

If you're going to claim the ALC is the worst div in MLB know what you're talking about.

CLE, CHW, MIN are top 5 in R vs in the AL. They all middle of the pack in R, & DET is 2nd in R. I would hardly call a div that figures to have 4/5 teams over .500 come Jul to be the worst team in MLB.

Somw wisdom from JIM A.....I didnt think of it until he mentioned it....DONT READ his column.....Dont CLICK on his Column on line......Just ignore him like a bug....he doesnt exist.....I agree and will commit to doing what Jim now I feel brain can focus on more positive articles..

Jay Mariotti continues to amaze me with his hypocritical attitude and columns. Thr most recent being his rightious indignation over the lockerroom "Blow=up Doll" incident. This, from a guy who writes for a paper that receives many THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in Ad revenue from strip clubs and "massage parlors" that appear at the bottom of the very same "sport" pages he also pollutes. But Hey, c'mon---it's only your employers version of "Boys will be Boys". Jay, can you spell "DOUBLE STANDARD"?????

why the hell is everyone dogging on the sox? we didnt win a world seires in forever and then we win in 05 and we have a couple bad seasons after that and now everyone is abbandoning ship. All you people that are saying your not going to support the sox any more good! but when we start to win again all you people will be back on this blog saying how good we are. if any of you people were true white sox fans you would support your team through anything! as for marriotti y is it news hes an ass. and for the dolls who the hell cares half of you people are band wagon jumpers anyway. so as for now were not doing good but will see you when were winning

We are ragging because winning ONE world series every 94 years DOES NOT MAKE YOU A WINNER!!! The white sox battle for last place every year with the royals.

It is the WEAKEST DIVISION IN BASEBALL----Is everyone under 500?

You can be playing 500 baseball and be in first place. This organization and team is an embarassment to this great city.

The blow up dools in the white sox locker room completely embarassed this city. I am ashamed of being associated with the White Sox




Peterson and Appleton if you were true Sox fans then you would know that we do not battle for last place every year in our division.

Also another thing who says the Sox play in the weakest division in all of Baseball? I think you two are closet Cubs fans!

Talk about a joke in that the Cubs won their division with something like 85 wins and what happened in the playoffs? They got smoked like some little b&&&h.

The Cubs only lead 1 inning out of 27 that were played for the entie series.

I know that myself along with other Sox fans are not satisfied with our team but what are the world beating Cubs doing?

Also Appleton if you are embrassed about the White Sox stop coming on this blog.

It takes this moronic chiacgo white sox team to win a world series ---it only took 94 years!!!! And you think you are winners ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Janet Jackson----What have you done for me lately???

Answer: Battle for last place with the Royals in the weakest division in baseball!!!!!!!!!!

Phil, What have the Cubs or flubs done lately? Boy, winning that weak division then getting thrashed in the playoffs is real stuff to brag about.

Also Mr Flubs fan, the Cubs have finished more times in the Basement then the Sox.

I can not hear everything you are saying because my World Series ring is my ear.

Great division the Cubs are in beating up on the Mighty Pirates,Reds and Astros.

I am saying the lubs will win their division but will see in October as they are swept away again in the Playoffs like a little no know what.

Our last World Series was 3 years ago, the last time you girls won the World Series was 100 years ago.

Let me ask you this Phil so what team is the chump?

NO ONE in baseball respects the White Sox

This team and organization is just HORRIBLE

Anonymous, Stay off this blog. Go boycott the Flubs. Talk about an organization that is horrible. Play in a park that should be condemmed. Screw your fans by selling tickets to brokers and of course no World Series Championship in 100 years.

I will not say what the Flubs organization is doing to there fans but they like to take it that way.

All you people that are dogging the sox phil & paul are just closet cub fans! y dont you guys come out of the closet it will be a big load off your shoulders. dam northsiders always in the closet. and y do you guys get sooooooooo mad that we got a ring. you sit there and say wow you guys think your winners cause you got a ring. YOUR DAM RIGHT. till you cub fans get one then you can talk! till then we will just let the bling speak for its self as for a weak division? who was that team last year that got swept up like a dirty kitchen by the dimond backs the youngest team in baseball come on need i say more

Chiwhtsoxfantilidye, Do you know how to read? I am the one trying to get these morons from saying stupid things about the Sox!

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