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Welcome home

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Ozzie Guillen couldn’t wait to get back home and play games back in the friendly confines of the Cell, but he sure had a funny way of showing it on Monday.

In the third inning and trailing the Twins by a 2-1 score, Guillen seemed to have words with home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi after a called second strike on Paul Konerko. Seconds later, Guillen sprinted out of the dugout and Cuzzi tossed him.
It wasn’t the first time these two had problems, with Cuzzi also ejecting him on July 31 of last season, in New York.
As for the skipper, it was his 13th career ejection.

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Guillen is so obvious. He planned before the game to get thrown out to show the fans on opening day that the "old Ozzie" was back. But unfortunately, he never left.

It's good to see the Oz still has the fire in him... I was beginning to wonder after the unnecessary control he displayed during the season opener against Cleveland. It would have been more appropriate to have been tossed during that one instead of today's.. nice to see the emotion once in a while.

Ozzie did the right thing. Cuzzi was not calling a fair game. The same pitch location was being called a strike for the Twins & a ball for the White Sox. By the 3rd inning both fans & Ozzie had seen enough.

Your 2008 Chicago White Sox:
Lineup: Swisher,Cab,Thome,Koney,Dye,Crede,AJ,Uribe,Owens

1B: Koney, Swisher
2B: Uribe, Ozuna, A-Ram
3B: Crede, Uribe, Ozuna
SS: Cab, Uribe, A-Ram
CF: Owens, Swisher, A-Ram
LF: Swisher, Quentin, Owens, Ozuna
RF: Dye, Swisher, Quentin, Owens, Ozuna
C: AJ, Hall

Any one who doesn't understand that this kind of depth wins championships is baseball stupid. That's like calling for a boycott of a team that won the World Series in 2005.

This team just needs the pitching to keep the game close. It doesn't need it to be near-perfect like in 2005.

It had nothing to do with Cuzzi or the strike zone. It was premeditated. he knew the fans would fall for it.

good for Ozzie i liked seeing him do what he does
he defends his players its nice having a manager like that

Ozzie's tirade proved nothing. Contesting a ball/strike call is futile!

Tigers are 0-7. hahaha. Welcome to the 20007 White Sox nightmare.

I agree with the "depth perception" of this team. I read somewhere that they had to stay injury free to have a chance as there wasn't much depth... that's crazy! You can go around to each position and see they have quality depth at every position. OK, maybe except for the starting pitching. But not many teams have 6-7 quality starters at their disposal.

Chalk up another WIN in the transaction department for Kenny with regards to Quentin. I follow minor leaguers and he was my favorite of that Arizona bunch (pre-Upton)... he IS major league ready and we'll reap the benfits. I was giddy the day we stole him, and I'll be giddy throughout the season watching him hit.

We're in GOOD shape... just need to keep the pitching up. Go Sox!

Cuzzi is a lousy umpire in the Cowboy Joe West mold. A 'Jutjaw' with a chip on his shoulder who thinks fans are there to see him. When Alderson was riding herd on the umpires, I saw less of this attitude from the umpires. By far the majority of the umpires are just trying to do the best job possible, but this clown is a dicredit to their professsion.

This team is still going to end up in last place like they did last year

Its been SEVEN games people. We are NOT that good

Yup, blame the umpire again for not being able to manage this team.

This organization is HORRIBLE!!!!


Youre judging depth perception after SEVEN games. Ha Ha Ha Ha. What fantasy world do you live in???? Yeah, the Twins showed us how it comes together didnt they??

Like that SPANKING of grand slams and Danks lasting another 2 innings??? Get use to it.


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