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Start up the “Joe Crede Fund’’

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It’s almost unfathomable to believe that Joe Crede will finish the season hitting the .341 he was sporting at the start of Monday’s game with Oakland. There are too many holes in his swing for that.

Can he hit 30 homers and hit about .300? Very doable.
But that’s not why I’m starting to lean toward the school of inking the free agent-to-be to a contract extension ASAP.
With two on and one out in the second inning, Oakland’s Chris Denorfia ripped a ball down the third base line that was screaming extra-base hit and at least a one-run deficit for Sox starter Mark Buehrle. Crede dove to his left, gloved it and then jumped to his feet for the fielder’s choice at third.
In Tuesday’s box score it will read as an out, but it’s the kind of play that wins games. Does Josh Fields get to that ball? Maybe, but why chance it?
Look, we all know that the Sox would rather deal with Bob Sugar than Scott Boras. As a matter of fact, they’d rather deal with Satan than Boras. But it might be time for the club to bite the bullet and bring a substantial deal to the table, rather than nibble around and wait for feelers from the Crede camp.

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In terms of a player's value to the White Sox:
Swisher > Crede > AJ > Dye > Quentin > Cabrera > Koney > Uribe > Thome > Anderson.

As long as that remains the case keeping Crede is more important than keeping Cabrera. Uribe/A-Ram can play SS. Fields can't replace Crede at 3B.

Depending on the play of Quentin, Anderson, & Owens, they can free up salary by dumping both Thome & Dye &/or trading Koney. That would be more than enough to lock up Crede & Cabrera.

But let's put that to the side for now. The 2008 team has great depth & let's see if that can take us to the Holy Grail of MLB again.

agree 100% we need Crede and even though Josh looks good he will never be Crede

He did it again today - a spectacular play diving to his right, over the foul line, then recovering and throwing the runner out. kudos to Konerko for his glove on the other end of the play. It sounded like there were 38K in the stands when Crede made that play, not 18.

Defensively, Crede elevates this team to another level.

Ramirez looked good today too. Oakland is a good young team and they are playing well. The Sox were solid against them.

Oh, wait a minute. Isn't this the blog where we're supposed to say "BOYCOTT this miserable team!" ???

Lets look at this logically. At present the Sox are 8-5 and I dont think it is stretching it to say that Crede has been a big factor in at least 4 of those victories (maybe more). I think were looking at this wrong, it has been a Fields vs Crede issue. I ask the question, why cant we have both? Quite honestly Im tired of Thome. He isnt a clutch hitter at all, has no speed, hits into tons of double plays and strikes out alot. His statistics are misleading. I would rather have Quentin in a clutch situation then him. So lets look at it this way. Dont have Thome back next year, take the money you save on Thome's contract and give it to Crede. Have Fields as your DH and Swisher is still your left handed bat in the lineup. Another option is to trade Konerko and put Owens in Center, Swisher at first base and Fields as your DH. I think we can have both of these guys in the lineup and get rid of Thome. He is extremely overrated.

Crede so far has proved his value to Sox. While Thome,Uribe & others continue to struggle. Uribe is a joke & should of been dump in off season. He'll swing at everything & miss! Sox need to pick up a decent 2nd baseman & I think they could hold ground in central.

Crede has been playing Gold Glove Defense since 2003.

Coming late to the party?

Been seeing his antics for a long time now.

Can we get a real Sox fan for this blog?

Let's get to more important topics. What to do with Thome and Konerko.

Oh, where's the 'This is a Horrible Organization' guy. Please shut it. We get it YOUR OPINION.

Crede is a Beast we should keep him no matter what

Thome's old so we should trade him to get our terrible farm system better

Put Fields at DH and bat him 8th

Why dont we get rid of Uribe he stinks

I kind of agree with Bubbas Mom. With Thome and Paulie in the middle of the lineup with no speed and an all or nothing approach, it wouldn't be a bad idea to unload Thome. This guys streaks are turning into serious rally killers. I know he's gonna get hot for a week or two, but then we have to go through another stretch of popout, stikeout, groundout to right field. This guys getting as streaky as Uribe.

....but then Thome hits a 3 - run home run in the first inning, and doubles on his next at-bat, and those are the runs that win the game. No one else could get it done tonight except Thome. Fortunately, Contreras was so good that we didn't need any more runs. Despite my thoughts about racing them all in heels (and winning), these are the nights when you remember what Thome and the others can do for you. Dye is swinging well, even if Paulie isn't.

The team looks good. They are finding different ways to win, all the while with decent pitching. Everyone in the rotation has now had at least one great outing. Fun to watch.

Magscredit - Thome walks a lot. It's walks that make his "slumps" more bearable than those of Uribe.

I definitely agree with the analysis on Thome and Konerko killing us at 3 and 4. Their slow, dead energy and more often then not they cant come through in the clutch. Take last night for example in our loss to the Orioles. Was it just me that thought, "Konerko is killing us at the plate and now the field!". I dont think we can carry both of these guys and think its okay. I say get rid of Thome because he offers nothing defensively. Do you think Fields could do any worse then Thome as the DH? Isnt it exciting to see a fresh "bat" like Qunetin at the plate? Also how many of you actually thought Pauly or Thome would come through in the clutch last night? Everytime they came up I thought here we go again their going to strikeout. Their dead energy and dead bats are killing our lineup and were doing this DESPITE them.

The Thome/Paulie situation is much more complicated than simply trading them and filling the holes. For one, Paulie is the captain, and despit ehis slow start, has knocked in some runs, even some big runs. Also, we have seen this kind of slow start from Paulie before and we all know he is capable of breaking out of it, (in 2005 he started slow, maybe 04 too). Though he is slow, he does play above average at first base as long as he isnt chasing down popups. Paulie is also an all around and compete hitter. He launch homers to all fields and he can grind out an at bat and ground a ball through the hole. He is cold now but dont rush to trade a guy who has the 5th highest HR total in the AL in the last 4 years or something like that. Also he is still inked for at least 2 more years and it isnt like he is grossely overpaid. The Jim Thome situation is much more troubling. His trade value is not very high because of his contract and his status as a DH (only AL teams, and Al teams almost all have a DH). He simply is not seeing the ball as well anymore, and he is expanding the zone, especially down in the dirt much more than he has the last two years. The problem with dumping him is that you dont want a young Fields as your DH (its tough for young hitters to compete, but even tougher when they have to sitin the dugout for 3 innings thinking about their last strikeout). You also dont want Paulie off first, its where he is comfortable and succesful. Like or not, DH is a position that carries the added burden of not letting your at bats wear on you. For now I think that we are stuck with Thome. I think the situation could be greatly improved though by moving him down in the order. His pull happy, slow pitch sotfball style hitting approach prevents Ozzie from hit and running and running at all with his top of the lineup (who despite the stats can actauly steal a base or two). You drop Thome back to the 5 spot, move Dye up to the three hole (where he flourished in postseason 05), move Crede up to the 6 to split up the lefties, and hit AJ 7. I have thought for quite some time that DYE is the best overall hitter on the team, power, average, all fields, some walks, definately a guy you trust to make some contact. His decent speed keeps the line moving quick for the first three batters.
And yes... please sign Crede, fields can wait in the wings, or be traded for a mid season acquisitions... this thing is winnable this year... CLeveland and Detriot arent going away, but they clearly both have undenaible problems. If Fields is the price of another post season run, than so be it.
Uribe (can we get a Danny Richar update please)

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