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It was vintage Ozzie before the big showdown with New York on Tuesday, especially when the topic of Yankees co-chairman Hank Steinbrenner criticizing the way they are using pitcher Joba Chamberlain came up.

“Thanks God Jerry Reinsdorf is my owner,’’ Guillen said.
As far as not having to face Alex Rodriguez and his injured quad for at least the first two games of the series, Guillen said, “I don't know how long he's going to be out, but hopefully for the next few days we won't have to see him.’’
Considering the Sox are down 2-0 in the second inning, maybe a missing “A-Rod’’ isn’t such a big deal.

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Are the WSox contenders or pretenders?

BSox: RPG 4th-5.41, BA 1st-.303, OPS 2nd-.839, HR 12th-21, SB 7th-16.

WSox: RPG 3rd-5.42, BA 23rd-.247, OPS 10th-.770, HR 5th-26, SB-30th-3.

The WSox have a decisive edge in pitching & defense but as we saw last night the middle relief is still suspect vs good hitting clubs. That's nearly impossible to fix right now so you've got to ride it out.

What is fixable is the lineup:Swisher,Cabby,Dye,Koney,Thome,AJ,Quentin,Crede,Uribe.

Dye has the most hits on the team & just 8 RBI to show for it. That's indefensible & makes Ozzie look dumb.

The reason why the Sox are 23rd in BA is because their main lineup does not match up well vs both RH & LH. Based on player's 3 yr avgs:

BOTH vs RH&LH: Koney, Dye.
Mostly vs LH: Swisher, Ozuna, Crede, Hall, Uribe
Mostly vs RH: Thome, AJ, Cab, Owens, Quentin, Crede

For defensive purposes Crede, Cab, & Uribe have to play vs both.

The team is desperate for Owens speed & he's a good OBP guy vs RHers so bring him up & send Anderson down. The only time Swisher, Ozuna, or Hall should face a RH is when the matchup favors them. The same can be said for Thome, AJ, Owens & Quentin vs LH.

Thome's awful vs LH. His 3 yr avg is a .669OPS vs them. The Sox are paying $13mil for a guy who should be playing part-time. There won't be many favorable matchups there so that means Koney to DH & Swisher to 1B. That free's up the OF for both Quentin & Owen & hopefully they'll show improvement in their ab's. Ozuna's solid vs LH so he figures to battle Quentin for time there.

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