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Rocket man

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Home run No. 511 for Jim Thome was memorable for several reasons, as the White Sox slugger launched the ball into the “C-Ring’’ catwalk hanging from the right field roof of Tropicana Field.

They don’t give distances here because, well, they can’t. This place is more like the arcade of a carnival than a ballpark, with home run poles hanging from different objects attached to the roofing.
Besides being a tape measure blast, however, it also moved Thome into 21st on the all-time homer list, tying Mel Ott.
Next on the horizon for Thome is No. 512, where Ernie Banks and Eddie Matthews reside.

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It's early but it's all good so far. The White Sox are tops in scoring, the rotation was tops in the majors last week & now is going for 2 wks in row. The bullpen has proven very reliable & the fielding is near the top.

Too much depth leaves Fields & Owens stuck in the minors. Who would have thunk it?

Jim Thome is the best hitter in baseball! Now mind you he strikes out alot, hits into tons of double plays, doesnt field, and he rarely comes through in a pressure situation. Now despite the fact he isnt even close to being the clutch hitter that Crede is, Dye is, AJ is, even Quention. I know he is a tick above Konerko in being a clutch hitter. But thats like saying he is a just a little better then a White Castle slider. Its still junk food. Now if I can just get past the fact that he rarely comes through, my word he finally hit a homer last night!! Yeah Yeah, he is the best!!. What a fool I am to not see he isnt the best hitter in baseball. I mean my word who cares about the uncountable times he has come to the plate with 2 outs, bags loaded and were in the 7th,8th or 9th and we just need a stinking base hit and he strikes out! Im such a fool to not see he is the best hitter ever!

Who would have known that the AL Central would be so bad. The Sox are the only team over .500.

Thome is getting near the end of the line and should not be hitting in the 3 spot between him and Kornerko they are double-play rally killing machines. I have always advocated the balanced line up. Swisher has done a credible job leading off BUT HE IS NOT A LEAD-OFF MAN!!! he should be batting in the three spot JD should be in the 4th spot Konerko 5th, Thome 6th, Crede 7th, A.J. 8th and Uribe 9th Bring back Owens lead him off and go from there. People have gotten infactuated with Quentin and the long ball but look at his ops% and avg.

Thome had a decent day today (sunday) & certainly got of all of dinger on Friday. Sox look better minus Konerko's bat on Sunday.Konerko has power but hits into too many dp's & has problem getting over Mendoza line. Certainly as another blogger wrote Paulie would be good trade bait . Tired of Konerko's several slumps in past couple of years! Not exactly a great glove either.

Bring Owens up, send Anderson down. I was sitting behind home plate for Sundays game and all I kept seeing was Anderson chasing that wide curve. Kinda looked like Joe Crede when he had a bad back last year. Thome had his best game of the year Sunday, but I'd rather see either Konerko or Thome move to the six spot in the order. The writer before hit the nail on the head. Both those guys go into a slump together and we have to have a rally with our 7-8 and 9 hitters.

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