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DETROIT – With an inning to go, Detroit is three outs away from being the only 0-4 team in the league – so much for all the hype about the juggernaut of an offense that was going to set records.

But Ozzie Guillen remains confident that this is a team that will have the rest of the division still looking over its shoulder.
“Unless something really bad happens and someone gets hurt,’’ Guillen said of the Tigers slow start. “They have so much talent, so much experience. They're not going to panic and the manager is always going to push the right button to get them going. You think those guys are going to be like this all year? You're crazy.
“I said last year and two years ago when New York was in town they were 12 games out in July and they said they wouldn't make the playoffs, and they did. They got people there.’’

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Well, thanks to a diving catch by the aging, feeble Jermaine Dye :), the Tigers are the only 0-4 team in baseball. The bigger story is not whether Detroit will get it's act together (they will, probably quickly), but whether Kansas City is for real, and they might be.

The middle of the lineup looked good today but can someone tell me why Ozzie has Thome, Konerko, and Dye lumped together when they are all snails? I'm watching Paulie get a single today, then I think Dye follows with a double and Paulie stops at third. (He never scored.) Does it make more sense to put some speed (anyone is faster than Konerko)in the lineup where Paulie is, and move him a spot up or down? I think I could wear heels and beat both him and A.J.

Did Contreres get remarried? He's pitching like he's going through a divorce. Oh wait. That was last years excuse.

What did KW say. "The starting pitching will not be a problem".

This white sox organization is absolutely pathetic.
We need to band together and fight this horrible organization.

To bubbasmom: Quit complaining!

Carlos, that was not meant to be a whine. It was truly a question - why not juggle the lineup a little for speed?

Better get your facts straight. You live in a dillusional world and are probably a cubs fan. This pathetic organization has the 5th most victories in ALL OF MLB SINCE 1990. This pathetic organization won a World Series just 2 years ago.

Instead of critcizing, why don't you provide some suggestions on how this pathethic organization can improve?

I like the way the Sox are playing but Bubba's mom is right just in the first 5 games how many DP's have Konerko and Thome hit into? I had advocated all along to balance the line-up as soon as Owens gets back move Swisher to 3 and Konerko can stay at 4 Thome should be 5th Dye 6th A.J. 7th Crede 8th Uribe 9th that would put speed up top for the 4, 5, and 6 hitters those DP's are rally killers and two of those close games had potential to be blown open without the DP's Carmona was saved three times by the DP. WAKE UP OZZIE BREAK UP THE HEAVY HITTERS. Owens will also help Cabrera get on track and see better pitches.

Of course when sox fans criticize their baseball team we are now labeled as cubs fans. I could care less about the cubs! As a matter of fact we (the white sox) are the SECOND team in this city. And much lower overall. Nobody likes us outside of this city and they could care less about the white sox. We are the lowest draw on the road---had the lowest world series ratings in baseball history in 2005---what else you need? Oh, I know, a whiney boo-hoo sox fans who can do nothing better in their lives than to compare REAL white sox fans to the cubs, when we criticize them. How about this...... What are you going to say when the Cubs play at the Cell next yaer and they outdraw the white sox by 2 million fans in our own ballpark???

Research a little more----we are not the 5th team in victories. And does it really matter when NO ONE CARES. And it makes it harder when the white sox organization continually lies to us and states "I can care less what the fans think---yeah, thanks Ozzie Guillen. Take our world series trophy again to a 3rd world countey who just threatened the US and show it off. Forgot about that to huh? Remember, Hugi Chavez---Venezuela???

This team is an embarassment not only to Chicago but also to AMERICA!!!!

World sereies??? It was so long ago i cant remeber what happened. It took us over 90 years to win that one. Should we just settle then you ignorant fan.

Boycott the white sox and show your support for not ever taking this kind of treatment again!!!!!

Where does all this hate against the White Sox come from? Is Jay posting on this blog? All they've done in the last 5 years is win a world series and field a competitive team most years. Yes, last year they stunk up the joint, but they've made some changes and let's see how they play out. So far, Swisher looks good and it seems like Danks and Floyd are ready to step up. It's still early, but it seems like the same people who wrote the White Sox off in 2005 are doing the same thing this year.

to Bubbasmom: I read your commentary again and see it was a good thought. My apologies. After 4 straight wins I would be inclined to leave things as they are until proven otherwise. This is a great baseball organization and I am going to enjoy my box seat at the opener. I, along with thousands more will not boycott this team. Stupid thinking.


I am so sick of this organization.................they are just horrible!!!!!

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