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Ozzie’s Psychic Hotline – 1-800-BLEEP-U

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BALTIMORE – Being a baseball manager isn’t exactly like being a surgeon, but there’s no doubt that both jobs have guts involved.

Ozzie Guillen showed his on Wednesday, refusing to drop Jim Thome in the batting order because of a gut feeling he had that the veteran DH would “come out of his shell pretty soon.’’
Like in his first at-bat.
Thome ended a string of 43 consecutive at-bats without clearing the fence, as his third home run of the season gave the White Sox the early 3-0 lead. In his second at-bat, he doubled off the wall.
So while that .156 batting average going into the series with the Orioles might have had the South Side pushing the “Get Thome Outta There’’ button, Guillen made it known that he was staying the course.
“If I'm going to make any movement in my lineup, I've got to talk to him personally, explain why I'm going to do it,’’ Guillen said of Thome. “It's not fair for a Hall of Famer, all of the sudden you struggle at the plate but you're giving good at-bats.
“If Jimmy was somebody else, [Carlos] Quentin or a kid, I think I would worry about it. He knows what he's doing.’’
You hear that Dionne Warwick?

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Ozzie, don't EVER change your approach or style of managing. You are definetely a throwback to the "good old days" of baseball. Manage the way you played, balls to the wall!
You've got great chemistry this year and it shows. You've got the team back on track to win like you did in '05.
Keep up the good work Oz! "You da man!"

One 3 run HR does not erase the ineptitude of his AB's so far. The smart move was to drop him down & move Dye up. Who's to say the White Sox wouldn't have scored more with that?

The lineup should be:
Swish-Cab-Dye-Koney-Crede-AJ-Thome-Quent-Uribe. Let's see what Crede can do squeezed betw two real hitters.

I love Uribe's defense right now but I can't stand his AB's. Tough call there.

There's still no one on this team with star instincts on the base pads. That's why Owens shouldn't have a problem getting back here. He's gotten the job done since mid-Aug of last yr. Ozzie shouldn't risk that progress.

Ground ball rally killing Paulie is a BIG problem, need to be traded and Swish to 1st base and Ramirez and Owens and Anderson CF. Sox could get a couple good pitchers from Giants. They need a hitter with power bad.

A problem, with "PAULIE" hitting into groundball rally killing way too often. Need to look trading him. Swish to 1st, Owens, Ramirez and Anderson to compete for CF. Giants need a hitter with power and possibly Sox could obtain a couple pitchers for Paulie.

Ozzie has done a decent job. Like his attitude after blown game versus Orioles on Thursday. Konerko must be drop in order,you can't have a guy in the four hole batting below mendoza line.Plus his glove along with his bat certainly didn't help club in above game.AJ another culprit with key error & he also went 0 for 5! The fat boy then gave game back to Baltimore in ninth along with Logan looking like a frighten little boy in tenth. Games like that happen in a 162 game schedule. But you can't have many repeats or it will be a duplicate of 06 & 07 seasons. Id say if half way point sox aren't in race heads must roll beginning with Paulie. He makes too much money for such lousy play! He's become a DP artists.

I expected Mariotti to jump on last night's loss. Maybe he's finally growing up. Every pitcher in MLB is going to have bad days. When it's a starter/closer it usually ends in a loss. The good pitchers minimize those bad days to 1 or 2 a month. Jenks will be fine.

With the exception of Jenks, the White Sox played good enough to win. I don't blame Logan. The O's had gained all the momentum in the 9th. That's hard for any one to shut down.

Noles must be jumping for joy -- the Sox designated Jerry O to AAA Charlotte. He's not coming up any time soon.

Don, you are a moron and it shows in your posts. If you had any sense at all, you would realize that Konerko is a notoriously slow starter and has left the month of April below .200 several times and finished the season at .280+ 30+ HRs and 100+ RBIs. After all he has done over the years for the Sox, for you to say he should be traded in April because he is in a slump is totally ridiculous. Besides, if we did trade him, where would be put the pitchers we get? The only starter I might replace would be Contreras, but it appears even he has gotten past his poor play from the past year and a half. And you talk about the one game against the Orioles like it's a 5 game skid. A guy that hadn't given up a run yet this year gave up a couple...oh well. Like you said, it happens. But we are still in first and playing quite well in spite of the loss. The only thing you said that made any sense was replacing Quentin with Owens. We could use his speed and we wouldn't want him to regress at the plate after all of the progress he's made. I would have Quentin sit to bring some pop off the bench and platoon Ramirez and Uribe. Give the rook some ABs and maybe shake Uribe enough so he starts hitting like he did this Spring Training when he was trying to earn his job.

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