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Konerko out on Wednesday

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After Tuesday’s 3-1 loss to Minnesota, manager Ozzie Guillen said that he would sit Paul Konerko in Wednesday afternoon’s game, as the slumping first baseman is also battling with a dinged up hand.
Nick swisher will start at first, while Brian Anderson gets the nod in center field.
The only other change planned is Toby Hall for A.J. Pierzynski behind the plate.

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Sox offense is offensive to watch with or without Konerko in lineup. Swisher can't keep leading off with his average dropping.Crede is about only Sox that is even close to hitting what he should be. But yet Walker still has a job? He continues to coach a club with the worse offense in baseball as he did in 07.These guys are mlb players but a coach has to do something to get the kinks out.If not why have a hitting coach? Sox have warning track power ,never seen so many baseball's look well hit only to be caught on warning track. Things must change now or it will be a 07 repeated.Konerko (the DP hitting artist) can sit & won't be miss until he starts hitting like he can.

I see no point in blaming Walker for a $34mil sink hole (OCab-Thome-Koney) in this lineup. Dye's return should lift the back end at least.

Ozzie needs to do his job & set the lineup to maximize run potential. Swisher's walks are being wasted by the sink hole. So move it.

I agree with Joe and that is how Greg Walker still has a job. It absolutely amazes me how many times this year the Sox have had 2 and 3rd or 1st and 2nd and no outs and have failed to score.

I am also getting sick of Paulie. This guy has a major slump for the first 2 months every season. Play Swisher at 1st and bring up Jerry Owens. This team needs speed.

Swish is the MVP of this team because he can play any OF position & 1B w/out any ill effects at the plate or the field. So max him out!

Most of all, shake up the lineup!

We all know Crede is the best RON/RISP hitter on the team so put him at the best spot for that!

Playing matchups, Swish can easily get 450 ab's coming from Thome,Koney & Dye. He can get another 100 ab's from Owens & Quentin.

Kenny's built nice momentum this season with Quentin & Swisher. It would be a shame to lose that because of a weak 3-4-5.

Alot of good comments and exactly how I feel. I am so tired of watching Konerko. He is depressing to watch! No life, No Energy and picthers have him figured out. But he never changes. We need speed! Bring up Owens and put Swisher at first. We cant let this season get away from us, this division can be won! If they continue with this "deadness", then the fault clearly is with Ozzie and Williams for not doing anything. We have various options, Owens, Swishers movers around and even Fields. They cant just sit and wait, do something!!

Can we please get rid of Greg Walker! Another loss. The same trend is starting all over again with this team. I was excited but cautious with the start but I think the same thing is happening like last year.

Could somebody get rid of Uribe. This guy swings at pitches around his head . If I see this guy pop out with runners in scoring position and less then 2 out, I don't know what I am going to do.

When OZZZIE said that Uribe was an important factor on this team then I have to question Ozzie sanity.

I am starting to get really fed up with this team. You better make some changes soon or else. I know other Sox fans will try to spin this because they are either brainwashed or just not paying attention.

Tired Sox Fan

I hope Konerko is OUT the whole season. He is truly an embarassment!

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