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Kenny’s revenge?

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After first telling the Sun-Times early Saturday morning in a text that he “could care less what Canseco says or what Jay writes,’’ White Sox general manager Ken Williams obviously had a little more time to think about a story that appeared in the newspaper in which Jose Canseco said that Williams knew about the steroid use on his team in 2001 – the lone season Canseco played on the South Side.

In the article, Canseco said, “Of course, they knew. They didn’t care. They all knew – abso[bleeping]lutely. [Williams] was a player [in the past]. He knew.’’
It was in his book “Vindicated’’ that Canseco alleged that he introduced former Sox outfielder Magglio Ordonez to steroids.
Hours before the game with Detroit, and now reading what Canseco said, Williams said that he will explore legal actions against Canseco. He also called the one-time slugger “a liar.’’

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Kenny knew the same thing everyone knew about steriods. They knew players were bigger, HR totals skyrocketing. To point the finger at Williams is absurd. Selig knew, Tony Larussa, the manager in Oakland when the era began with Canseco and MCqwire. Yes Kenny knew, everyone knew about steriods thats the point...

In 2001 Kenny Williams lost Frank Thomas and needed a bat. He went shopping for the "posture boy" of steroids. So he gets one of the most obvious steroid users and then says he knew nothing about it. Well, you have two choices here folks. Do you believe Kenny Williams is a lier or an idiot?

It kind of reminds me of Casablanca when the police chief says, I can't believe there's gambling going on in this establishment.

Kenny Williams, who you crappin!

The funniest part is the White Sox fans giving Cub fans so much grief over Sosa, when their team was knee deep in steroids.

Canseco's first book was pretty straight forward, with concrete statements. This book is filled with innuendo. Sure enough, slime like Marriotti have jumped on it to fulfill personal agendas. I wonder if Marriotti is on steroids because his head is so gigantic relative to his tiny frame. I'm only wondering this, so I'm not accusing him of it. But surely, Marriotti's editors must suspect that his ridiculous rage against Kenny Williams could be do to heavy steroid use.

Jose you better watch out or Kenny will throw the Race Card at you.

What is the big deal? Everybody knew they were doing it, so what, the people still go to the games. Politicians lie, the President lies, Goveners lie, owners lie, people lie, sports writers lie. THIS IS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN. Conseco wants to sell his book, writers want to sell papers.Poiticians want to be elected. If you don't like what the players are doing don't go to the games. GET REAL

Bruno, nice outlook. When you see something wrong, just accept it and move on.

To say KW knew about steroids in baseball is one thing. To say that he knew steroids were in his clubhouse and that Magglio Ordonez or any other player he had on the team was taking them is a completely different statement. I am sure he knew it was all over baseball. I am also extremely positive he had no idea Magglio or any other player on his team was taking them. Thanks again to that Venezuelan piece of s**t for bringing more crap the the White Sox organization. I am so glad we got Jermaine Dye to replace him when we did. The Sox wouldn't have won the world series with Maggs and without Dye.

Of course the White sox knew. This typical of this pathetic organization. The white sox have lied to their fans and Chicago for years and dumped a team that had possibly 3 more world series under their belt.

This team STINKS!!!!!!!


The White Sox always bring their OWN CRAP. We are so full of it we, as fans, accept what they tell us and we buy it. All LIES TO THE FANS!!!!



Danny H, the point was that by 2001, everybody knew Conseco was one of the biggest steroid users. So when Kenny went out and targeted him, he knew he was bringing a steroid culture into his clubhouse.

you guys are all amazing with this boycott stuff.
part of boycott means everything about them so stay off these white sox blogs and leave us all alone

BOYCOTT THIS!!! Any Marriotti article on the White Sox is like any Fox News report on Barack Obama, agenda-filled garbage.

People have short-memories. In 2001 Canseco was not taken seriously. It didn't matter what he did or said, he was already isolated as a cancer in the game. Kenny turned to him as a last resort when Thomas went down.

What really caught the attention of the press & eventually led to BALCO was McGuire's use of Andro. At the time McGuire was the poster boy for MLB & this opened every one's eyes. Canseco went from being seen as a cancer to being one of the "bash" brothers & reporters started listening to him.

Maggs has never denied Canseco's claim he shot him up with roids, & A-Rod has never denied that Canseco did everyhing he could to enable A-Rod to use them. That elevates those claims from innuendo to likely truth.

" and dumped a team that had possibly 3 more world series under their belt."

What have they dumped? One bad year and the people who know little about baseball come out of the woodwork to post on this blog that this team STINKS or the organization is horrible.

I noticed Mariotti hasn't written anything good about the White Sox since they started their 5 game winning streak. Man, I'd love to run into that moron somewhere... he couldn't last 5 minutes talking baseball with me. Of course, the GAME ITSELF is not what he writes about. Just begative sidebars to get under people skin. I'd love to see his column put in the soap opera section. Doesn't really belong in the sports section.

Its been 7 games you moron.....what good is there to say after SEVEN games??? I am a white sox fan. I have a right to say that this team will end up in last place!!!

This organization has deceived us and have laughed in our face when we critizised them.

BOYCOTT this season!!

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