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John Blanks

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Looks like the White Sox’ version of Kevin Arnold is finally maturing.

Starting pitcher John Danks threw seven scoreless innings on Sunday, dominating the Tampa Bay lineup in the process. The southpaw allowed just three hits, while fanning eight – one shy off of tying a career-high.
Danks, who just turned 23, has now thrown 14 2/3 scoreless innings, after he threw 7 2/3 scoreless innings against Oakland last week.
As far as the Jekyll and Hyde act that Danks pulled far too often from start to start last season, he has now thrown at least seven-plus innings in back-to-back outings for the first time in his career.

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Can we say 2005 deja vu??? i know its early, but, why not, i think floyd and danks are coming to their own, and their promise, the key is contreras.

I mean Danks had one bad start, but 3 starts of 7 plus innings, with only 1 run allowed in those 3 games!!

We need Konerko to start hitting, and there r ur AL central champions!!

Im encouraged by Danks last two outings but Im very cautious. I just cant go Rah Rah right now. His last outing was good but it was against the Rays. Can he do this against Boston? The Yankees? Anaheim, on the West Coast? He looks good but Im going to wait and see before I say we finally have a pitcher!

Right now the 2008 look like 2005 II or what you'd expect if you were to just upgrade the run scoring ability of that 2005 team.

Still there is room for improvement & Kenny's got a decision brewing.

The biggest difference in Danks is his new cutter & he learned that from Buehrle. Never unestimate the value of a new pitch for a young pitcher.

Take Thomas back? Hell yeah. He finished in MVP voting way ahead of Koney & Thome in 2006 & 2007. He'll cost the Sox the league minimum.

Lineup: Swisher, Cab, Thomas, Dye, Crede, AJ, Quentin, Uribe, Owens.

With Thomas avail, Kenny can try to trade Thome & Koney. Swisher can become our permanent 1B. That saves us $16mil this yr, & frees up cash for Crede.

On Thomas off days, Dye can DH & Anderson play RF.

With that $16mil, the White Sox would be in the best position near the break to upgrade vs other ALC teams.

2005 dejavu? It is quite possible. I agree with Juan in regards to Danks "cutter". If (and that is a BIG If)Danks and Floyd are consistent. I believe we have something really special.

Would we get Thomas? I thought about it and I just dont see Williams wanting to mess with the team "chemsitry". If you recall that last words Williams said about Thomas was that he was an idiot. Do you see Williams swallowing his pride and bringing Thomas back and also messing with the team Chemistry?

Once again Mariotti must not have anything better to do in the early season but to begin the sarcastic shots towards Kenny and Ozzy. He just can't seem to write an article that points out the great start of the team without giving his customary digs. As much as he writes about the Blizzard of Ozz I wish someone would write about the childish, boring feud that he seems to want to grow each spring. Grow up Jay and cover a sport that can appreciate your 3rd grade writing talents---try soccer.

But we can't underestimate Uribe's contribution to Danks success either. He has gotten him out of a lot of jams with DP's, in the air catches, & even lazer cutoff throws.

Consider what that means for teams going off scouting reports of the White Sox. Last yr, 2B was a huge hole & when teams found it they kept going to it. That's probably why Uribe's seen so much action there early on.

But now it's a major strength & teams will look to go more to the SS side but with Crede there good luck. It's gotten much harder to get a hit on the ground with the White Sox vs 2007.

In the lineup, Crede suffers with Uribe on deck while Quentin thrives with Crede on deck. If Uribe surprises us lookout.

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