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It’s Over

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CLEVELAND – The baseball Gods were obviously reading, as John Danks’ no-hitter was broken up in the top of the sixth with a Casey Blake single up the middle. The Sun-Times regrets the error. Send all complaints to

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Congrats Sox! At least we were the 1st Chicago Baseball team that won. That is where my pat on the back stops.

This team is old and slow and can not hit in the clutch or situationally. I do not know how Greg Walker continues to keep his job? The only way this team can win if it hits Homeruns.

This is the first of 70 wins this season.

Anderson had a great spring and still didn't get a chance to start in any of the Cleveland games. Do you think he would have started if he were a Latin American? Maybe Ozzie leans a little more toward his Latin players.

Dump everyone from this team and START OVER!!!


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