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He hates me – Guillen vs. Cuzzi

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Prior to Wednesday’s game with the Twins, Ozzie Guillen was asked about umpire Phil Cuzzi and the fact that he’s been responsible for Guillen’s last two ejections. As usual, the White Sox manager pulled no punches.

“I don't like that guy behind the plate,’’ Guillen said. “And I'm going to let him know. I don't like him. He don't like me, I don't like him. It's one reason is, if you don't like me as a man and what I do, I respect that. But if you don't like me, and all of a sudden you're going to take it out on my players, you're wrong. That's unprofessional.
“And I just let him know I don't like him the first day I see him, and I think he feels the same way about me. And we have to move on. Every time he's behind the plate, we might have a problem. We might. We have. I think the last couple times behind the plate, we have a problem. And he tried to be smart with me, and I do what I have to do, and he does what he has to do. But I don't like him, and he don't like me. And I got a good sleep last night. I will spend all my money for him. I don't care. But obviously, we don't like each other.’’
Guillen and Cuzzi butted heads last July 31 in New York over a check-swing, which Guillen admittedly said he deserved to be thrown out for that because “[Cuzzi] had reason.’’
Not on Monday, however.
“I asked where the pitch was,’’ Guillen recalled. “He said, ‘I don't want to hear anymore.’ That's the first thing I said to him. It's not professional.’’
Guillen said that he has informed Major League Baseball of Cuzzi making it personal, but didn’t expect much in return.
“I'm not going to win that one,’’ Guillen said. “But I want to make it clear, I don't like him.’’
Not that Cuzzi seemed to mind one way or the other.
“It may be personal to him, but I'm just doing my job,’’ Cuzzi said. “It's as simple as that. The pitches he complained about, they were good pitches. The ones I called balls weren't. It's a simple as that. He may have it in his mind, but I don't.’’

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Ozzie did right to call him out. Of course I enjoyed every morsel of it. Perhaps the league can stop sending this guy to our games. But at least Ozzie put the light on the situation, and folks are going to be watching this guy.

Twinkie just find a way to beat us. I thought we would sweep them.

A lot of people are too small minded to understand the psychology of Ozzie. A certain columnist for the Sun-Times fits that description perfectly.

But the reality of this tiff with Cuzzi is that early on now Cuzzi is on the defensive & that's sure to keep him honest the next time he works a Sox game. His quick reference to "the tape" as his evidence for his calls supports this notion.

Pat Riley's been doing similar things in the NBA for years & has the championships to prove it works.

Ozzie needs to be fired. He is a loud-mouthed - blame eveyone but himself - manager. He is an embarassment to us, the fans.

This organization is absolutely Horrible.

Ozzie is a crybaby. He needs to be FIRED.

This team and organizaion only uses us fans and make us look bad!

Ozzie needs to be a baseball manager. He need to shut his mouth and stop embarassing this team and city.

We are the laughing stock of the baseball world because of Ozzie Guillen.

KLTSS - I know. I thought we'd sweep the Twinks, too. But sometimes you get your butt kicked, and now we should be more realistic about Danks. Good outings and bad. I think he's got to pitch 5 or 6 games before you can draw a conclusion about how 'different' he might be this year.

I was at the opener and the stadium went nuts when Ozzie stepped out of the dugout. I think he's a fox.

See you at the ball park!

To whomever takes responsibitly for this blog, read carefully:

Check the ISPs for "Jermaine", "Sam", and "Appleton".

I'll bet they're all the same :-)

Cowley here - Night Shift is 100 percent right, and that's not the only three names the "Sox Boycott'' guy uses.


This is exactly the type of edge that Ozzie had in 04-06 and lost last year. The Sox are at their best when Ozzie is making enemies. It allows the players to just play...
is anyone but me concerned about the collective batting average of our 2-4 hitters... CAbrera (tho he just hit a homer) ... Thome--- and Paulie need to show up....

Let these clowns boycott the Sox......I was at the first 2 games and talked to many diehard fans like was a great atmosphere even though cold on Wednesday.........keep it rollin' boys......Swisher is a great addition!! Proud to be a Sox fan,


Your 2008 White Sox (1st 10 gms):

Bats OBP/SLG: 347/451 vs Bo Sox 332/405
RPs ERA/WHI: 3.51/1.35 vs Bo Sox 5.79/1.58.
SPs ERA/WHI: 5.60/1.54 vs Bo Sox 3.59/1.26

The biggest team concern remains the rotation.

Cab & Koney will start hitting when Thome starts getting on base. Dye, AJ, Quentin, & Crede are probably the best 5-8 combo in the AL right now.

Uribe's a concern, but he's actually showing more patience at the plate than he did in 2007 & I think that's what Ozzie wants to see the most. His defense has meant so much to this team that Ozzie's likely to keep looking at the few positives there are for his AB's.

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