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Game 4 in Motown

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DETROIT – First, the demise of All-World hitter Miguel Cabrera and his injured quad were highly exaggerated. He was the starting DH for the Friday game.

As far as Tigers slugger Gary Sheffield [finger], he was not in the starting lineup and was rumored to be headed for the DL. Not the case, however, as the latest diagnosis has him missing just a few games.
The starting lineup for the White Sox was the same as Thursday: CF Swisher, SS Cabrera, DH Thome, 1B Konerko, RF Dye, C Pierzynski, LF Quentin, 3B Crede and 2B Uribe, while Jose Contreras makes his regular-season debut.

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it would be nice to see a little defense... Its good to have versatile players but it seems like to start the season there are a few guys out of position. Uribe hasnt looked good at second yet...

The white sox are horrible!!
The season is not only lost, but for seasons to come.
This organization lied to us and make us like fools!!!!

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