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Game 2 in Cleveland

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CLEVELAND – Eight runs were obviously good enough for manager Ozzie Guillen to stick with the same lineup as Monday’s, so here it is: LF Swisher, SS Cabrera, DH Thome, 1B Konerko, RF Dye, CF Ramirez, C Pierzynski, 3B Crede, 2B Uribe and Javier Vazquez on the mound.

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Ramirez looks overmatched... He should be batting ninth... would have liked to see Crede up in the second

As a fan, I get tired - and oh so frustrated - watching other teams get timely hits, while the Sox time and again squander scoring opportunities. Since acquiring Thome, this has become a home run scoring team - unless someone hits a home run, the Sox do not score. They are incapable of putting back-to-back-to-back hits to create and sustain a rally. This became true in 2006, through spring training of 2007, throught 2007, and now through 2 games of 2008. Nothing has changed. Another wasted year.

As further painful proof: Game 2 in Cleveland - 8th inning, bases loaded, no runs score. 9th inning - lead-off solo home run, 1 run. Big deal.

This is another 70-win team. Maybe worse, as their starting pitching is less than last year, and their middle releif is no better than 2007.

Walker first. Williams next. Sox fans can only hope.

2 games - 2 lousy performances by the starters - 2 failed bull pen "mop ups" - 0 & 2 and sinking faster than the Titanic. I thought 2007 ended on new year's.

Guillen has no clue how to use his pitching staff. Dotel? Why?

With the kind of money being paid to these guys, nothing less than a hugely successful winning record is acceptable. This aint the 50's. Medocrity is no longer acceptable. so far: "P-U"!

"As a fan, I get tired - and oh so frustrated - watching other teams get timely hits, while the Sox time and again squander scoring opportunities."

I agree and get frustrated with the same thing... but I think the additions of Swisher and Cabrera will help.

"Walker first. Williams next. Sox fans can only hope."

Why does Williams continue to get bashed? World Series, 90 win season and 1 bad season does NOT equal that he has to go. As comparison, why doesn't Billy Beane have to go? Why does he get lauded at Kenny's expense, when Kenny has outperformed him by a wide margin?

The White Sox would be a powerhouse in the NL. If Kyle Lohse and Jason Marquis can hold NL lineups down, I think Floyd and Danks could as well. They can be competitive in the AL, but they DO need the back half of the rotation to be decent.

"and their middle releif is no better than 2007."

No way. The bullpen can't be worse than last year. At worst, they'll be slightly better.

GET the kid Ramirez out of the line up now send him down to AA give the center field to BA


Starting off the way we have stinks. I have one game committed to this season (a boy's night out) and that may be all. I'm not worried about the lineup but it's a joke to think our pitching (starters or relievers) can take us anywhere. The should shoot for .500 ball, but don't look for me in the stands if a wild card or division title isn't possible.

I am so worried about our sox. This organization is purely pathetic and horrible. This team is not exciting whatsoever. You think we only came 3 games from lsat place in 2007---wait until 2008---THE ROYALS WILL BE AHEAD OF US!!!!!!


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