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Cold war

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The Yankees and White Sox haven’t had many problems with each other on the field.

Off the field? That’s a different story.
There has been a cold war going on between the security at U.S. Cellular Field – many of them current or former Chicago cops – and the wanna-be CIA agents that travel with the Bronx Bombers and deem themselves security.
It got so heated a few years back, that a certain U.S. Cellular security guard in the visitors’ clubhouse to this day has to be moved out of that post when New York’s in town for fear of what he would do to the Yanks’ rent-a-cops if tempers escalated.
Even manager Ozzie Guillen was mystified with the amount of security New York has when they come to the South Side.
“You know what's funny?’’ Guillen said on Wednesday. “Why were there so many security people? I leave [Tuesday] night to my car, and I got 30 people from here to the garage. What are you doing here? New York is in town. Nothing is going to happen to those guys walking through the tunnel. That's embarrassing. Because it's kind of weird. We go to New York and don't get that kind of treatment. And we're a big league team, too. Nothing against them, but it's funny how the security works. Make sure those guy are in Rush Street or somewhere. Nothing is going to happen at the ballpark, believe me."

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Someone should show Hank the crime statistics surrounding USCF vs those of Yankee Stadium. He might be surprised.

As for the White Sox it's the same ole story. Pitching's not good enough to shut down contenders & offense isn't good enough to manufacturer runs vs them. The White Sox now have a record of 3-6 vs contenders like the A's, Twins, Tribe, & Yanks.

That's what happens when $25mil buys you a sink hole in the middle. It's too late to do anything about the pitching, but a change in the lineup is better than nothing.

Here we go again. I am seeing this years White Sox team becoming last years team. Terrible situational hitting.....Everyone seems to be swinging for a home run. Sure, like last year the Sox will be among the League leaders in home runs.....But, like last year, they are almost last in the League in batting average. Perhaps they may want to change hitting coaches.

And what happened to Ozzie's promise of more "small ball"??? So far, this year they have one sacrifice bunt.....only one....!! when they have had quite a few opportunities to move a runner up with no one out. The only thing that has kept them up has been their starting pitchers...What happens when they fail....Like they have so far against the Yankees????

I do not like what I am seeing developing.....!!!

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