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Jermaine Dye is back in the starting lineup, after missing four games with a strained left groin, and the club announced on Tuesday that completion of Monday’s suspended game with Baltimore will be played on Aug. 25, in Camden Yards.

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August 25 in Camden Yards -- before the regularly scheduled Sox v Orioles game?

Is this the businessmen's special?

The sox need help in many areas. Allowing Owens to remain in the minors is unacceptable. He can get his "at bats" in the majors. Funny how this is the tired old excuse that a player needs to get his "AB's" in the minors. The Sox are a station-to-station team with no threat or hint of speed or base-stealing. It is past time to make changes while it's still considered "early". Cuban "prodigy" Ramirez is a majot bust. Anytime Williams raves over a never heard of player, you know we've got problems.

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