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Konerko out on Wednesday

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After Tuesday’s 3-1 loss to Minnesota, manager Ozzie Guillen said that he would sit Paul Konerko in Wednesday afternoon’s game, as the slumping first baseman is also battling with a dinged up hand.
Nick swisher will start at first, while Brian Anderson gets the nod in center field.
The only other change planned is Toby Hall for A.J. Pierzynski behind the plate.

Update from “Cave’’

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Art Kusnyer will undergo yet another eye surgery on Wednesday afternoon, but the news may finally start getting better from the long-time Sox bullpen coach.

Breaking Sox news

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Jermaine Dye is back in the starting lineup, after missing four games with a strained left groin, and the club announced on Tuesday that completion of Monday’s suspended game with Baltimore will be played on Aug. 25, in Camden Yards.

Updates from a rainy night

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--Jim Thome’s fifth-inning solo home run was the 513th of his career, moving him solely into 18th place on the all-time homer list, passing up Ernie Banks and Eddie Matthews. Next in his sites? Frank Thomas at 516.

--Jermaine Dye left the game in the seventh inning with what is being called a strained left groin.

--The Sox bullpen is starting to get that “Oh no’’ look to them, again blowing a lead as May approaches. Can you say 2007?

Rain delay over

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Rain delay was 34 minutes … Game on!

Rain Delay

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Thursday’s game between the Sox and Yankees is in a rain delay, with the Sox hoping to get the tarp off at about 7:45 p.m. and have the first pitch ready to go by 8:30 p.m.

Cold war

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The Yankees and White Sox haven’t had many problems with each other on the field.

Spreading the news

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It was vintage Ozzie before the big showdown with New York on Tuesday, especially when the topic of Yankees co-chairman Hank Steinbrenner criticizing the way they are using pitcher Joba Chamberlain came up.

Alex Rodriguez won't be in the lineup tonight because of a right quadriceps strain.

John Blanks

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Looks like the White Sox’ version of Kevin Arnold is finally maturing.

Rocket man

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Home run No. 511 for Jim Thome was memorable for several reasons, as the White Sox slugger launched the ball into the “C-Ring’’ catwalk hanging from the right field roof of Tropicana Field.

Ozzie’s Psychic Hotline – 1-800-BLEEP-U

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BALTIMORE – Being a baseball manager isn’t exactly like being a surgeon, but there’s no doubt that both jobs have guts involved.

A day of rest

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Following the loss to Oakland on Monday, Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said that Jim Thome will not be in the starting lineup on Tuesday.

Start up the “Joe Crede Fund’’

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It’s almost unfathomable to believe that Joe Crede will finish the season hitting the .341 he was sporting at the start of Monday’s game with Oakland. There are too many holes in his swing for that.

Major League Baseball fired back at White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen today, fining him an undisclosed amount for his comments about umpire Phil Cuzzi. The fine was announced by Jimmie Lee Solomon, Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations for Major League Baseball.

Keep in mind, Guillen has said he set aside $100,000 for the fines he expects to draw this season.

He hates me – Guillen vs. Cuzzi

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Prior to Wednesday’s game with the Twins, Ozzie Guillen was asked about umpire Phil Cuzzi and the fact that he’s been responsible for Guillen’s last two ejections. As usual, the White Sox manager pulled no punches.

Ozzie vs. Puerto Rico

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Leave it to Ozzie Guillen to tick off an entire country.

Welcome home

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Ozzie Guillen couldn’t wait to get back home and play games back in the friendly confines of the Cell, but he sure had a funny way of showing it on Monday.

Ozzie vs. Morgan

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DETROIT – It was vintage Ozzie Guillen before Sunday night’s game, as he didn’t take kindly to ESPN broadcaster Joe Morgan questioning the fact that Guillen told reporters on Saturday that he felt Ivan Rodriguez, not Roberto Clemente, was the greatest player to come out of Puerto Rico.

Kenny’s revenge?

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After first telling the Sun-Times early Saturday morning in a text that he “could care less what Canseco says or what Jay writes,’’ White Sox general manager Ken Williams obviously had a little more time to think about a story that appeared in the newspaper in which Jose Canseco said that Williams knew about the steroid use on his team in 2001 – the lone season Canseco played on the South Side.

Power outage

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DETROIT – With an inning to go, Detroit is three outs away from being the only 0-4 team in the league – so much for all the hype about the juggernaut of an offense that was going to set records.

Game 4 in Motown

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DETROIT – First, the demise of All-World hitter Miguel Cabrera and his injured quad were highly exaggerated. He was the starting DH for the Friday game.

It’s Over

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CLEVELAND – The baseball Gods were obviously reading, as John Danks’ no-hitter was broken up in the top of the sixth with a Casey Blake single up the middle. The Sun-Times regrets the error. Send all complaints to


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CLEVELAND – I don’t believe in baseball Gods and I’m not superstitious when it comes to baseball rituals, so here it goes: John Danks has a no-hitter through five innings pitched.

Game 2 in Cleveland

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CLEVELAND – Eight runs were obviously good enough for manager Ozzie Guillen to stick with the same lineup as Monday’s, so here it is: LF Swisher, SS Cabrera, DH Thome, 1B Konerko, RF Dye, CF Ramirez, C Pierzynski, 3B Crede, 2B Uribe and Javier Vazquez on the mound.

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