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Uribe's gone?

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TUCSON, Ariz. – Reports continued to circulate around the White Sox camp that the club placed former starting shortstop Juan Uribe on waivers prior to Wednesday’s game with Colorado.

The first news of this move came on The Score 670 AM.
If it was true, it would be news to Uribe’s agent Martin Arburua, who said, “I haven’t heard anything like that.’’
Arburua, who is in Florida, also went on to say, “Everything I’ve been told by the club was positive about Juan. I heard he was hitting well, playing great defense, that would be a shock.’’
Depending on what type of waiver it was, the club could be either testing the waters to measure his value or could be flat-out distancing themselves from their leading second base candidate. If that is the case, according to major league rules, if another team doesn’t claim him in 72 hours, the Sox will have to release him and pay him the $4.5 million salary for the 2007 season.
Could this be a prelude to a trade general manager Ken Williams has up his sleeve or are they that confident in rookie Alexei Ramirez to just hand him the job?
Danny Richar certainly isn’t an immediate option, considering he was scratched from Wednesday’s start, and sent for an MRI on the injured back that has had him on the shelf most of spring. Richar could likely start the season on the 15-day disabled list at this point.

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There is now a report on so it appears Uribe is done on Southside.

About time. Hey White Sox Organization.......

Lets sign another shortstop for millions AGAIN when we already have one......................


This is funny that we are releasing a guy that is our best option at 2nd and after we signed hin in the offseason for 4.5 million. Richar is hurt and Pablo and Alexi are not true 2nd basemen.

Can this team get anything right. I love the Sox but this is killing me since the World Series. Since we won the series, I want this team to be right there but it is not happening. There is no execuse whatsoever.

I am a fan and I have my opinion and it does not make me any less of a fan.

What horrible post. Nothing to say.. just complain. The season hasn't started yet. Quuit your da## complaining. The second base situation will be worked out, as will the Uribe situation.

Kenny is not dumb. There's no way he would put Uribe on outright waivers. This is more likely to see who's willing to pick up that salary & to clear him for potential trades.

The most likely team to show interest is BAL since they have a hole to fill at SS. Kenny is clearly interested in Roberts.

Alexei Ramirez is an unknown, but with great potential - could be Alfonso Soriano without the gamy hamstrings.
We already know what Uribe gets us:
1. marginally above average defense
2. 20 HRs, 60ish RBI
3. .210 avg
Do we really need that? Take a chance on Ramirez or trade Uribe for something better. 2005 was great, thanks for the memories Juan, but you gotta go.

Maybe Kenny has something lined up: Crede to the Giants for prospects, prospects + Uribe to Baltimore for Roberts. Highly unlikely, I know, but stranger things have happened. Or maybe he tries to get Ellis from Oakland, or maybe we just give up Uribe and save 4.5 mil. Any of those options is better than another season of Uribe swinging at 59 ft pitches.

Kenny is extremely dumb. Uribe is on WAIVERS YOU IMBECILE!

Do you really think Roberts would play for this organization? Only if he was fat, slow and overweight---oh, and of course, less MONEY. Who is going to pay for him? When we give money to Reinsdorf to fill the stadium he does not re-invest in US. He keeps the money!

This organization and team is absolutely HORRIBLE!!!!!

Boycott the White Sox!!!

This whole Uribe situation. Well we know their trying to trade him. For whom?, this we can speculate all day on. There are possibly three scenarios that exist, 1) Juan Stays - Not opposed to this because I believe he will give us great defense. The lineup appears to be stronger so I dont think he will kill us. But his glove will surely help. 2) Juan Leaves - Ramirez plays and I love his bat and speed. His defense scares me but I believe he is athletic enough that given time he will be serviceable. 3) A player comes in through a trade - All the news is Roberts. Lets just say it is Roberts. Where do you put him in the lineup, top of the order with his speed. So then what does that do with Owens? Maybe thats why their looking at Ramirez in Center (which he looks scary out there) or you have Roberts at the top of the lineup and Owens batting ninth. This gives the White Sox alot of speed. Which option is the best? Honestly all 3 have their merit. Juan gives you a good glove, Ramirez bat looks great and Roberts gives you more speed and good fielding. So probably option 3 is the best, good fielding, good speed, and a veteran.

I agree with Rob, except with option 3: If Roberts becomes are leadoff hitter, thus we do not need Owens as leadoff hitter, then Anderson could be our #9 hitter and extremely improve our Defense in CF.

Roberts means money. Dont make me laugh.

Why do we keep having pipe dreams of playing quality players???

Who wants CREDE---an injury prone has been player who was only average?

If you want to use him while always in a hospital bed.

Wake up and see what we have. A PATHETIC organization!

I don't know who is impersonating me but that comment is not mine(March 20,2008 at 6:47 pm) and who ever you are you are infringing on my space and using my name without my permission, STOP!! Uribe has been around too long and is what he is. I think Williams has done a credible job in the face of pressure to spend. Holding the line on overpaying is not hoarding or not re-investing you inpersonator but being a wise steward. If he pulls off the Roberts deal the Sox offensively and defensively are comparable with anyone in the Central and make this division the best in ALL baseball.

You are an ignorant ASS!!

This pathetic organization will never sign anyone with any callibur---let alone sign roberts. Do you actually think Roberts will make this horrible team contend with DETROIT?? Are you MADD!!!

The White Sox will be ten (10) games out by MAY 1ST!!!


Sox need Pitching!!! Roberts isn't the answer. Conteras is unstable, Vasquez is good for 5 innings before he falls apart. And with the two young guys at 4-5 in the rotation I see only problems. The offense should rebound without Roberts or any other additions. They all had below average years for them.


White Sox pitching is at the bottom of the barrell!!!!

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