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The drama continues

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PHOENIX – The White Sox announced on Thursday that second baseman Danny Richar has a stress fracture in the first rib on his left side and will be sidelined four to six weeks.

Richar cannot partake in any baseball activity while the injury heals, and in all likelihood will start the season out on the disabled list.
It hasn’t exactly been a great spring for Richar. First, he was delayed with visa problems, and once he did arrive, the back injury he suffered in the winter resurfaced.
He was finally sent for an MRI/CT Scan on Wednesday, with the club announcing the results of those tests before the game with the Los Angeles Dodgers.
With Richar out of the running for the starting second base job, that leaves Juan Uribe and Alexei Ramirez still battling … for now.
The Sox placed Uribe on waivers Wednesday, and according to a source, pulled him back off waivers on Thursday to work out a trade with at least one team that showed interest. Talks were still ongoing and there is a chance that the trade has already fallen apart, but even manager Ozzie Guillen insisted before the game, “get back to me tomorrow,’’ when asked about the ongoing Uribe saga.

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No lets bring up some REAL players!!!!!

Most would say we paid him too much and we have shown our hand that we want him moved so I can't see expecting too much in return.

Of course. This comes from an organization who signs two second baseman.

It also comes from a stupid organization WHO signes fat slow over the hill players and expects them to beat out bunts.

Everyone on this team cannot be a DH.

And the young whites sox players??? The cant get on base so how would we know???

This is a HORRIBLE team and organizationQ!

Recardo you are somewhat right but Ozzie doesn't see it why would you bat the two slowest men in your lineup 3rd and 4th? I have been a advocate of Swisher batting third, with his on base% in front of Thome and Konerko would produce more opportunity for runs. These guys aren't over-the-hill just don't run real well. I hope Ozzie wakes up he keeps talking about playing small ball, you can with slow footed players in the upper third of your lineup.

Here we go again! Just like last years spring training. Ozzie cant make a decision and stick with it. The right man for the second base job is Ramirez. Let him learn the position. His bat will make up for any shortcomings he has on the field.

This whole lineup is slow. They are also fat and old. They are over the hill- why do you think the Phillies gave Thome up so quickly??

They even PAID the white sox to TAKE HIM OF THEIR HANDS.

He is a has-been who the white sox need to realize he needs to go!!

I agree-----this team is HORRIBLE!!!!

Just give A. Ramirez the opportunity and you 'll see one of the greatest hitters in the future. Can't say anithing about the others, but A. has speed too.


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