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Sox make first round of cuts

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Before their game today against the Colorado Rockies, the White Sox announced their first round of roster cuts.

Right-handers Lance Broadway, Dewon Day, Charlie Haeger and Oneil Perez were optioned to Class AAA Charlotte.

Right-hander Lucas Harrell was optioned to Class AA Birmingham. The Sox requested waivers on left-hander Carlos Vasquez for the purpose of granting his unconditional release.

Infielders Chris Getz, Royce Huffman, Jeff Liefer and Mike Rouse, along with outfielder Miguel Negron and catcher Ryan Smith were reassigned to the minor-league camp.

The Sox have 39 players left in major-league camp — 18 pitchers, five catchers, 10 infielders and six outfielders. The 40-man roster now sits at 39.

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The only guy that I wish would have gotten a longer look is Lance Broadway. I think that guy could be a big member of our rotation very soon. Maybe he had a rough start to spring training, but I thought he should have been looked at a little more.

Now all we need to do is cut Hall and keep Cole Armstrong, send down Quentin and hold onto Anderson and drop MacDougal to keep Masset and Wasserman and I think we'll be on the right track.

Chris, I am with you all the way except sending MacD to the minors or trying to deal him will not be easy.....he has to agree to go to minors or get waived, then the Sox pay all of the 4-6 million (whatever he is making) minus the league minimum.....that would hurt.....if Hall is healthy he is a much better choice than Armstrong, especially with the bat.....but Hall has to be healthy....I think that Quentin opens the season on the DL making room for BA,

Again, this organization overpays or hires TWO posiiton players each for a full time season.

Can't sign any quality players though. We lost all of them.
Can't everone understand that no one wants to play for Ozzie.

How hard-headed can you get? Ozzie is plain bull-headed. Why would he hit Swisher in the leadoff spot or for that matter the seventh spot? He should be the three hitter and move all those slow-footed Konerko (Mr.hit into D.P's) and Thome down. Konerko should be four and Thome should be five, Dye six, Pierzynski seven, Fields/Crede eight and Uribe/Richar nine. It makes no sense to put a DP machine in the 3 spot to end innings. The problem was production and on base for the big guys but you want to clog it up and choke it, that's just plain STUPID!!!!

Who are you referring to? Fields and Crede? Define quality Tim, who did you want them to get? Hunter? Rowand? You lost me ......that is not Ozzie's fault, ask the's his money......the White Sox have a great's been documented many times.....I guess you want an all-star team on the south's done the yankees a lot of good the last 8-10 tears,

Well said, Stu. I am behind this company one hundred percent and will await for the games to be played.

I agree on keeping Cole Armstrong, he's going to be a real good one.

The white sox ae NOT a great organization. If they were they would have reinvested into our world series team in 2005.

Why shouldn't we want an all-star team on the southside? What the hell are you talking about?

You play us fans like a fiddle and we will not accept this anymore!

That JOKE Jerry Owens leading off. Danks our 3rd pitcher.


Anonymous you are a whiner on every blog you log on you don't you take your crying,complaining, boycotting arse somewhere else you are not a fan just a whiney complainer why don't you boycott blogs. Don't go away mad JUST PLAIN GO AWAY!!

I only speak on 1 blog. These other posts are from other fans who are not going idly stand by and watch this organization contiually lie and deceive us deserving fans.

We need to contain Ozzie and his mouth; and make an attempt to sign GOOD QUALITY PLAYERS while in a MAJOR MEDAI MARKET!!! WE can do it and we havent.

Taxpayers are paying for ALL OF OUR BILLS SINCE 1990---what bills does Reinsdork have??? NOTHING... Where is our revenues from the world series and by us packing the stadium for the past 3 years with nothing to show from it. HUH???

REINSDORK: If you come and pay to see the whit sox ill then buy players----remember that???? Oh im sorry i guess he was right. He did buy players---over the hill, fat, slow, and overweight players---but they are still players, huh??

A TIRED pitching staff coupled with an Dye lead outfield of geritol, slow injury-plagued players.

Its just not me---these are the sentiments of us sox fans NOW!!!

Cut this whole team.

How come Kenny Williams wasn't cut?

boycott the white sox in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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