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Owens to the DL

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The Sox announced after the game with Colorado that projected starting outfielder and leadoff hitter Jerry Owens has a small tear of the right adductor and will be placed on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to Sunday’s game.

According to a team spokesman, Owens needs seven to 10 days of rest and then can return to the lineup.
What that means for the Sox right now is that both Brian Anderson and Carlos Quentin have likely made the roster, rather than one or the other.

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Good going Owens. You are like all the other out of shape, old, fat, slow, outfielders because this organization never pays for any decent players who can PLAY so that we can WIN

I will NOT support this organization.

Who cares about this organization anymore. Have you realized that Oziie has still not stopped talking trash???

God help us!

Then don't, moron.

We're Ok with you not supporting the team are the typical uneducated fan who only follows the team when things are going us a favor,go to to the north side.....go blab your rag to your other clueless buddies,

This organization doesn't pay players?

Last I checked, Konerko, Buerhle, Thome, Vasquez and others were doing quite well in terms of salary.

It's unfortunate that Owens was hurt, but I may provide an opportunity for Anderson to finally show he is a major league prospect.

I will continue to support this franchise, and I think they are better off than many people wish to suggest.

"...This organization never pays for any decent players who can PLAY so that we can WIN."

I seem to remember a World Series win in 2005. Which sure beats the alternative in town of a World Series win in 1908.

Owens going on DL. If we can look at this logically. Owens officially reutrns April 8th. Which means the Sox will be without his services for 8 games. He comes back the next game April 9th. Those 8 games are against Clevland, Detroit and 1 with Minnesota. Keep in mind this is very early in the year and there are several points to consider, 1. It is possible some games will be rained out. 2. It is so so cold that Im not sure speed on the basepaths is "crucial". 3. Curtis Granderson is out for Detroit so that is a wash.

So is this going to kill the White Sox? I dont think that is the case at all. It is only 8 games (possibly less) and Detroit is banged up as well. Also I believe Swisher will provide enough OBP during that time to midigate the gap with Owens being gone. This also provides an opportunity to see if Anderson is for real.

One more reason to have signed corey patterson

Its too bad for Owens, who deserve a chanec to become a more well known name around baseball. For the Sox though this injury is not fatal. Brian Anderson ought to be given a great look to see if he can justify a possible platoon situation if OWens comes back at full speed (and remember it is still an if, and anything can happen, especially with a leg injury). Ozzie can choose to go a different route and showcase the suprising and raw Ramirez by throwing him right into the fire and see if he is ready for big league ball. I am not entirely convinced that even a healthy Owens holds onto the leadoff spot this year, but I think the team hopes he does. I know it sounds crazy but why don't they let Anderson leadoff for a few games, his spring OPS was great and even when he hit .160 he could take a walk or two... probably not going to happen though. The defensive outfield of DYe, Anderson, and Swisher is going to make 3rd base coaches nuts, all three can fire the ball all over the field and it is the best combination of arms that I can remember as a Sox fan, albiet one that was born in 1983.
and of course for all who will not support the organization because we didn't pay 150 million dollars for Torrii .270 12 walks a year Hunter.... get over it and go buy a Kerry Wood jersey.... posers

2005? of course idoits settle for something that has happened (3) THREE years ago!---and it only took over 90 YEARS for THAT to happen.

You think that winning a title every 90 YEARS is winning???
I can count the years that we ONLY won a division 1990-1983. SO WHAT!!! Thats why we, as fans, who settle for this crap deserve the kind of CRAP we have in 2008.

Please explain what is this love for the CUBS??? I could care LESS about the Cubs. But let me tell you something you IDC IDIOT. We are STILL the second place team in this city-even after a world series. Does that tell you something? Yes. This team are full of HAS-BEENS. How about fielding some sort of winning team and not have the CUBS play in our stadium and completely embarass us by outdrawing us by 2 million fans??

We cannot even get any quality players to play for us. We had to settle for SWISHER..does his CUB dad Steve come with the package??
Can he still catch too???

Nobody wants to play for this team because of OZZIE. Get real and look at the facts, dude.

If you idiots spent more time attacking this lame adiminstration, then at least 1 star player would want to play for us and not LEAVE because they are not getting PAID!!!!

I stand as a white sox fan who has had enough!!!

Lisa ---go back in the kitchen

Have some meaningful white sox dialog and stop your afixiation with the cubs.


Better off??? Owens still has to prove he belongs in the major leagues.....which he doesnt.

Owens cannot hit his way out of a paper bag. Hmmmmmm-where did we end up last year with Owens leading off for us????

Will we at least win another spring training game again???

We are already in LAST PLACE and the season has not even begun

djssr- Not sure what I said that implies I'm "afixiated" with the Cubs... But I do know that "afixiated" is both spelled incorrectly and the wrong word for what you're trying to get at. I'll get "back into the kitchen" when you return to the second grade and review spelling and grammar.

And how's this for meaningful baseball dialogue: I wouldn't say that we true White Sox fans are idiots for enjoying the fact that our favorite team won the World Series three (short) years ago. It is not that common of an occurrence (unless you're a Yankees or Red Sox fan)... Ask fans of the Cleveland Indians, SF Giants, Texas Rangers, Houston Astros, etc. (Notice I am not "afixiating" myself on the Chicago Cubs.)

Swisher is going to make a big impact on this team... I'll bet you my favorite apron on that.

It is well documented that the majority of White Sox players enjoy playing for the Ozzie/Kenny Williams regime. This is evidenced by players like Konerko, Dye, and Buerhle taking less money to stay with the team. Orlando Cabrera is even instructing his agent to continue talks with the Sox about a contract extension during the season (which is a pretty unusual practice.)

Lastly, I can't think of one player who left the White Sox in the past 5-7 years because he is not "getting PAID." Go ahead and name one.

I reiterate my original point: If you don't want to support the team, don't... you moron.

Your apron is very dirty, and will remain "dirty and greasy" this entire season. Swisher is a fat, slow and average hitter. The only way he will be able to chase a ball in the gap down is with a wheel chair and a net.

Why do you think Oakland got rid of him if he was SOOOO good????
Thome the same way. The phillies PAID the Sox to TAKE HIM OFF THEIR hands and are still paying him to this day. If we saved on this old over-the-hill player where is the money. It surely wasnt spent on Hunter----Fukodome and the host of others who PUBLICALLY STATED that they did not want to play for the white sox because of Ozzie Guillen....What else do you need to hear?

Well, here is some more. We signed the WRONG Orlando but was promised the REAL Orlando but he went to our rivals DETROIT. Let me also tell you idiots that you spend money on players not only to improve your team but also to keep them from signing with, lets say, YOUR RIVALS IN THE SAME DIVISION! This is why Detroit is going to have a 10-game lead over us by May 1st. Oh, that right, we also signed Orlando when we already signed another shortstop to a 4.5 million dollar contract (Uribe)..that was smart!

Oh, we put ourselves into a category of Cleveland etc.....why cant we contend with Boston--Yankees----Detroit-----we are a major market team in a major market city and us fans need to be treated like one. The white sox organization is horrible and they need to understand that form a true fan like me!!! Not a whining toad like you whose only response is go to the northside!!!

Typical, becasue you dont know baseball!

Have you seen who came in LAST PLACE in spring training under Baltimore????? Indicative of continuing this as with our last place finish in 2007!!

How about REAL impact players enjoying to play for kenny and ozzie-then you have a case.

Thome, Konerko and Dye would not be welcomed to play for anyone else in this capacity. Dye and Swisher are Oakland rejects who they believed were over-the-hill and the Phillies paid us and suckered us into taking injury prone over-the-hill Thome.


we are in place in spring training. Way in last place...

Not even close.............

We are in sooo much trouble....FIRE OZZIE!!!

I can honestly say that I cannot stand most of you people here. The season has yet to start, but instead of supporting OUR team, you have to tear it down. Give me a break, right now everyone is at the top of their division.

As far as looking at spring training records remember that spring traning is a way to get guys in playing shape and to serve as a mechanism to evaluate players. Records don't matter and that "season" is over and now we can go about playing serious baseball.

I know that the Sox are in the toughest division in baseball and they will have to fight to compete. However, if you recall last years team, the Sox lost many games because of an underachieving offense with a horrible middle relief staff, which HAS been addressed.

10 games out by May 1st? I'll take that wager any day. GO GO WHITE SOX!

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