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Opener in Cleveland

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CLEVELAND – First the lineups: LF Swisher, SS Cabrera, DH Thome, 1B Konerko, RF Dye, CF Ramirez, C Pierzynski, 3B Crede, 2B Uribe and of course Mark Buehrle on the mound.

The White Sox might have caught a break with the weather, with the forecast calling for 57 and cloudy. If the game goes long, rain could be a problem, however.

Finally, Cleveland looks like its usual embarrassing self. Snake Pliskin thought he had it bad trying to escape from New York? At least he got out within 24 hours. Try staying in my former hometown until Thursday. And at least the futuristic Manhattan - turned prison – had better-looking people, as well as buildings that were in better condition.

Nice effort Cleveland.

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Ozzie and Williams have repeatedly stated that they were going to put the players who could best contribute to winning on the 2008 team. O.k., so they trade their third best pitcher to replace Uribe because Uribe's inability at the plate. Then they place Uribe on second although they have a future star, possibly a rookie of the year (Ramierez)candidate, who plays second. Then they place Ramierez in center field, although there is reason to suspect his arm, and leave their best center fielder, Anderson, on the bench. But the worst is keeping Masset, even tho his options are up, and sending Wasserman to the minors. Masset, at best is suspect. His era in the minors last year was 4.57 and never won a game. Wasserman's ERA for the major league club was 3.09. Masset's ERA in spring training is 7.06 while Wasserman's ERA in spring training is 3.09 with one win. My only conclusion is that Ozzie and Williams need severe psychological help because they are not puting together the guys who can best help the team win. Ozzie and Williams have been in baseball for a long time, but some people can do something for a long time and never learn to do it well. My question is simply, how long will "O/W"permit Masset to take up a space on the White Sox roster?


BOYCOTT this horrible organization during 2008....and then we could look forward to 2009!!!!!!

Fortunately Masset was allowed to "take up space" on the roster. Wasserman is a nice right-handed specialist, for a batter or two, but if you think he was going to go 4.1 of shutdown ball then you, Garey, need the psychological help.
SP rarely translates to the regular season as evidenced today by Buehrle & Masset. How about giving it a week or so before we bury them?

True fan, matured enough to see a lot of positive in this loss (7 1/3 bullpen and a LOT of offense). Who is paying these people to come post on these blogs trying to get TRUE FANS to boycott our team?

Real fans??? Where were the real fans when this organization LIED to us and then sat by when Ozzie told us that he did not care what we thought about the team???

Where were the real fans when Hunter, Fukodome, and countless other said they would not play for this pathetic organization???

Last place in spring training and last place in 2007......

Before 2007 Williams said he fixed the bullpen. In 2008 he said the starting pitching will not be a problem. Look out!

There are alot of positives on this team. Guys like Konerko and Buerhle are loyal to a fan base.

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