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Officially official

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TUCSON, Ariz. – The White Sox made it official on Friday morning – Opening Day in Cleveland will now be finished under three hours.
That’s what happens when starting pitcher Mark Buehrle is on the mound – win or lose.

Buehrle, who will now have started six of the last seven openers for the South Siders, called it an honor, but is also well aware of the fact that he will have to get past hefty lefty C.C. Sabathia if he wants to start 1-0.
Not an easy task, considering he is 0-2 with a 6.08 ERA, allowing 16 earned runs and 31 hits in 23 2/3 innings of work in his last four starts against Sabathia.
“I don’t think it’s just the first game,’’ Buehrle said of opening with the Tribe. “The start of the season we need to get off to a hot stretch. Obviously the first game kind of leads you in the right direction, but if we lost or get blown out in that opener, it’s not going to show what we will do for the rest of the year.
“If we go out and beat them up, we don’t win the division. It’s a good way to start, but doesn’t mean everything.’’
As far as the rest of the rotation, Javier Vazquez will start Game 2, followed by John Danks, Jose Contreras and then Gavin Floyd.
The only way that changes is if there’s an injury or a trade, and the latter is very unlikely at this point. According to pitching coach Don Cooper, the club is sold on what Danks and Floyd have shown them this spring.
“The last few months [of the 2007 season] were good for Gavin,’’ Cooper said. “He's throwing the ball well down here. The first part of the season was very good for Danks and he's throwing the ball well down here, so they're our [third] and fifth guy. We believe in them.’’

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I sat in the scout seats for the '05 opener against Cleveland & remember well the 1:52 gem that Buehrle twirled for a 1-0 win - the same score, by the way, bookended for the 110th and final win of the season in Houston. Nobody, including me, was talking WS before that season. Lot's of question marks starting that season, just like this one: 1) Buehrle was thought to have broken his foot a few weeks earlier in ST, 2) KW had just signed an unknown 2nd baseman from Japan (Iguchi), 3) a new catcher from SF was deemed a pariah (AJ), 4) a new SS from Colorado was a utility player there (Uribe), 5) the DH was injured (Frank Thomas) and crazy Carl Everett had to step in, 6) Contreras had just come over from the NYY at midseason in '04 where he was thought washed up, 7) our closer was a 36 yr old castoff from Japan (Takatsu) with an "out" pitch clocked at 52mph on JUGGS, 8) he was backed up by a guy (Hermanson) with a back so bad he couldn't pick up his kids.

My point: lots of things happen in baseball, good & bad. And as I keep reminding my friend Stu, ST record has ZERO correlation to the real games. Let's at least see this team for oh, I don't know, 10 games before we write them off. Moronati, I'm talkin to you!

My point is:

Let's hope they don't need to shovel snow off the mound

They must be impressed with Danks cutter. This was never about Mark vs Javier but rather Danks vs Floyd. Floyd has beaten out Danks since the 2007 all-star break, but he did come to ST featuring a cutter like Mark.

I don't think this rotation is better than Cle's, but I do think it's more durable. That might be the deciding factor in the end.

It's not even about whether Danks or Floyd is better, they are playing the early match-ups with the lefty's going against CLE who have left-handed power and the righty's going against DET who have right-handed power. Floyd pitched well against DET last year and the Sox are realizing that in the AL Central they can't get off to a slow start.

Burhele's "Gem" days are over! His arm is tired and his 5 point ERA from last yaer should not make him our ace. He is Done!

We are in TROUBLE!!

Danks against Detriot?? Dont make me laugh!!!!

White Sox will be 10 games behind Detroit by May 1st and 5 behind Cleveland.

You can bet your mortgage on that one!!!

Wait, let me get this right.

Buherele is 0-2 with a SIX point ERA against the Tribe---and a over FIVE point ERA for the season----and us White Sox Fans are suppose to be happy??

This orgainzation is horrible.

first of all you terds who know nothing about the white sox...mark buehrle era last year was 3.63 top 10 in the al last year...second of all why is it that if a person like brian anderson has a good spring training it is considered only spring traing...but if someone has a bad performance in spring traing like gavin floyd or jose contreas we have to be worried...for me that doesn't make since...why don't you wait for the regular season to start and we will see what happens

Brian, do you work for the White Sox or are you Hawk Harrelson? This team's pitching staff blows. Gavin Floyd will be in the minors by June and Jose Contreas will be pitching next year in the Senior league.

I have been a White Sox fan since 1972 and this team is as bad as some of the team's the Sox had in the late 70's and 80's. No Second basemen,No Centerfielder, No Bullpen and no Starting Pitching. Do you know what all those no's equal Last place and most of all nobody attending Sox games.

Kenny Williams is the most inept GM in Baseball and why he continues to have a job is beyond me. The White Sox for 2008 should be declared DOA!

Burhele's ERA for 2007 was 5.56!!!! Dont LIE to make it look like he is a REAL starter. He is number 3 at BEST on any other team.

Burhele's arm is shot.



cf... jerry owens...second base....juan uribe. i'll put a $100 on gavin floyd still being up here by june....also again look at the stats u retard....burhele's era was 3.63..last year top 10 in the league he has never had an era of 5...2 years ago is era was 4.99 do the research before you say call yourself's have no knowledge of what are players can do...why don't you wait until the regular season to begin to reseve judgement

I gotta say i always knew there were dumb fans out there, but u guys really take the cake. Your the same fans that if the team does good your there, and if there bad your nowhere to be found. You know nothing about the players on the team how can anyone ever say that Burheles era was over 5 last year well that makes u a pretty dumb fan. And u say no center fielder thats funny im pretty sure Jerry Owens is still considered a center fielder. As for the guy thats been a fan since 72 your a real big jackass to say that Kenny isnt good. He has one bad and all of the sudden hes the worst gm in the league. But if they do win your going to be the same guy that calls in, or writes that hes great. Your what i like to call a terd and i really hope u dont go to any games this year. And u shouldnt even watch since there DOA.

look i'm not saying they are going to be a great team...i don't if they will be...i am hoping they are...i know the tigers and indians are better on paper than we are...but does that mean anything.....i'm just saying it's baseball...i like to go out and enjoy watching a game thats what it's about...but with all of you so called fans it has to be about winning and what did you do for me latley want to continue to think like that then go ahead...just don't come to the ballpark....

Marc, What has Jerry Owens done? Let me ask you this about Kenny Williams if your team has gotten progressively worse in last two years would you have a job? Don't give me that crap about being a fan. I went to freakin games when the Sox were terrible! Got that. I just want this team to do well. I never want them to finish behind the Cubs. Just because the White Sox won the WS in 05, do you want them to stop winning the World Series? Do you think Red Sox and Yankee fans expect anything less then a Championship every year or Marc are you that dumb to believe not?

You tell me what Kenny has done since he won the WS in which you also have forgotten that Roland Hemmond helped put together that team along with Kenny. What did Kenny do to poor Roland? He gave him no credit whatsoever. What did Duane Schaffer say about KW? It is because of KW that we have nothing to trade for.Ever since Roland retired, Kenny looks mighty lost! Smart move in signing a Shortshop to 4.5 million then trading for one. Now the Sox want to waive him and eat the money unless he is traded. I am going to tell Marc if I blew 4.5 million on my job guess what would happen?

Gotta say i agree with brian....I know the tigers and indians are great but everyone knows anything can happen thats why its called baseball. Im not saying were going to win the division but were certainly not going to have as bad of a year as we did last year. Its still always fun just to go watch games and enjoy them. do i prefer it when they win? yes but im still going to go out and enjoy myself

listen paul....first of all who cares about the cubs...they're not even in the same league as us...second we are not new york and boston..we are chicago...yes i expect my team to win kenny does the best with what he's got....why did he sign uribe? because we had a time limit and we didn't have a shortstop at the hard is that to comprhend..the guy is on waivers we are not releasing wasn't kenny williams who constructed this 2005 team...who pulled the trigger on scott pods for carlos lee? kw..who complained i would bet you did...who signed tad iguchi without seeing him play kw...don't tell me 2006 the team wasn't better on paper than it was in 2005..we just fell alittle short...this team has talent why don't you wait till the season begins before you make any judgements...jackass!!!

Marc, If you are a true fan, you would want the Sox to beat the Cubs like a drum both on the field and in the standings. Also I want my team to be playing in October consistently and not just every once in a while.

Marc, take your dictionary and open it up and look up the word consistency!

Also, what timeline was KW on to sign Uribe? You mean to tell me that a clock was going to go off if we did not resign him? It was the start of FA and their were other SS available. What did we do next Marc? A week later we traded for a SS.

Where is Scotty Pods now? I don't know if he is going to make the Rocks but he probably will be in the Minors. Next ask your self, where is Carlos Lee? I did not like the guy because I thought he was greedy but the guy was an All Star last year and has been averaging over 110 RBI'S since he left the Sox.

Also like I said before, Roland Hemmond should get as much credit as KW for 05. What has KW done since Hemmond retired? If you are a true fan, you would know how important Hemmond was to the organization.

Who would put a player on waivers on the sameday when you find out that your other option for 2nd was injured? Guess Who.

You know what Marc, I would look for a word to describe you but I am above that!

The white sox organization has lied to us and deceived us.

We filled the stadium and the white sox have NOT done anything to improve this god-forsaken team.


This will be sweet this season. I will again be able to walk up and purchase great tickets. My wife and 3 teen sons were thrilled to see so many leap off the wagon. It is such a great ride home after a W. I hope everyone realizes they need to go to the Cell early on. The rats will hop on that bandwagon as soon as they start playing good baseball. Go Sox !!!!!

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