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‘O’ in ThOme

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CLEVELAND - Thanks goodness for Jim Thome, because if it wasn’t for the DH, the Sox would still be down a touchdown.

Despite a growing choir of boos, Thome connected on his second home run of the game in the third inning, giving him 41 multiple homer games in his career. Again, it was a two-run shot for the former Indian, and again, it was a tape-measure shot.
Meanwhile, all that’s gone wrong for Cleveland besides Thome’s bat is catcher Victor Martinez leaving the game with left hamstring tightness. He is day-to-day.

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What did we expect, SOX fans? They gotta pull it together... Thome will be traded by July 31st, because he is too good a player to be stuck on a sinkking ship....

We will not pull it together.

With someone named Crede at 3rd AND OWENS IN THE OUTFIELD AND SOMEONE NAMED "Danks" on our pitching staff, we will be in LAST PLACE AGAIN!!!!

Run this team out of this CITY!!!! I am Through!!!!

wow its one game you fools im starting to think sox fans are turning into northsiders....either that or reading jay mariotti to much.... did you not watch the game the comeback the way they never gave up even after the blown calls. come on this is a new year...but you probly where bashing on the sox in 2005 before game four of the world series wernt you?? you call yourself a fan..

I am much more frustrating with my so called fellow fans that leave post of no worth. It was great to see offense and almost a perfect 7 1/3 inning from bullpen. Hate to see a loss but great to see such heart. But it does seem we lack speed? or is it just me?

You don't win with heart. You win by pitching better(not giving up 10 runs), playing good defense and running the bases better. If you can't score on a double, you are useless. Cabrera clearly interferred. But if it makes you feel better, blame the umpires.
Amazing how Buerhle had nothing to do with this?

I think djssr is Hawk Harrelson in disguise... although, listening to him cry like a girl over the officiating is always entertaining. How is it that Sox fans watch the game without he television muted?

Buerhle is NOT a winner! Knocked out again in the 2nd inning!!
Picking up where he left off last year!!! It is indicative of a last place finish in spring training and a last place finish in 2007. What did you expect to happen???

This team STINKS HIGH!!!!!!!!!! This organization is horrible!!!


If we did not have a DH or Jim Thome we would have lost by a touchdown is the dumbest statement I have ever read. If the Red Sox did not have Manny and Papi they would lose. If the Angels did not have Vlad they would not score as many runs. This is Tim McCarver logic. Rules are the rules and there is 161 more games to go.

Mark, you're right. I apologize to all of SOX-dom. It is only one game. But with the spring we had, we GOTTA PULL IT TOGETHER...

We wil lend up in last place in 2008!! Please sell the team and stop the PAIN!!!!

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