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Not an easy call

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TUCSON, Ariz. – The organization’s meetings the last two mornings have heated up, as tough decisions now need to be made.

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen continued showing his hand a bit on Tuesday, especially as far as their plans for second base.
“The last few days have been crazy for me, [general manager] Kenny [Williams] and the coaching staff,’’ Guillen admitted Tuesday. “We have a lot of good problems, some tough decisions to make. That’s what we’ve been talking about it. The thing we want to make sure is we aren’t changing our minds every day. That’s why we really, really have to be careful and go really deep when we make these decisions.’’
Starting with Cuban rookie Alexei Ramirez, who has gone from unknown international player to the man that has transformed the organization’s morning meetings from one pot of coffee to two.
“He’s done some good things this spring, and to be honest with you I’m a little shocked,’’ hitting coach Greg Walker said.
The debate the last few mornings? If Ramirez is not the starter at second base, can he still make the team because of his versatility to also play shortstop and center field?
“Yes he can,’’ Guillen said with little hesitation. “Our concern right now is how many at-bats we can find him? Now we’re putting Ramirez in the outfield to see how he handles it. We still don’t know if it would be better for him to play every day [in the minors] to develop or if we can get him the at-bats.’’
Guillen has already stated that Pablo Ozuna will be one of the reserves, as well as back-up catcher Toby Hall and a fourth outfielder. That leaves one vacancy.
With Juan Uribe taking the lead in winning the second base job, decisions will have to be made with Danny Richar and Ramirez. Richar, who has been suffering with an injured back, would likely start the season as the Class AAA Charlotte second baseman.

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Juan Uribe: He's a much better hitter w runner's on. Move him up.


Fields has not shown he can play 3B everyday. Keep him in Charlotte until he can. His bat is not that much better than Joe's right now to make up for the unearned runs he'll cost the team at 3B.

Joe's stock has plummeted around the league. The Sox now have the edge in signing him to a multi-yr deal. Anything short of all-star caliber play before Jul won't be enough for Joe to warrant another team paying more for him than the Sox.

Bench: Hall, Ozuna, Alexei, Anderson.

Potential-wise, Quentin & Anderson are about = & Anderson has had the better spring.

Rot: Vazquez-Buehrle-Floyd-Contra-Danks

Danks has not shown enough since last July really to be given the 3rd spot. Floyd has been strong since last Aug. Contra should survive the 4th spot.

Pen: Jenks-Linebrink-Dotel-Thorton-MacDougal-Wasserman-Masset

McD seems to have settled down some, Masset's had a solid spring, & Wasserman flat out gets the job done.

If Owens doesn't watch out, this guy is going to be the leadoff hitter and playing CF everyday.

Ramirez, Anderson, and Tomo Ohka have been the biggest surprises this spring. But it looks like the Sox brass have their mind's set on Uribe at 2nd and Owens in CF. They'll have to give Masset the final reliever spot if they want to hold onto him. Wasserman and Ohka will be waiting in the wings. If Uribe starts the season strong he'll be more attractive in a trade. Same with Crede. Let's get some top prospects to replenish the farm! Richar and Quintin are no where near ready and should be put on the DL or sent to AAA. I can't decide between Anderson and Ramirez as the final reserve. They both deserve it. Ramirez sure is fun to watch, though. Why is no one considering him for the leadoff spot? He makes things happen. I'm psyched to see how this will all pan out.

None of them deserve it. Get rid of bothe of them, spend some money and buy major leagers. You have the money. Its our money for filling up the seats the past 2 years

White Sox Fans need to BOYCOTT the 2008 season!!!


Whoever is using Paul better stop! I did not say boycott the White Sox even though they will be terrible


signed, Paul

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