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Mt. St. Guillen

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PHOENIX - It was a calm eruption as far as manager Ozzie Guillen is concerned, but nonetheless, he did let his team have it after the 8-2 loss to Los Angeles on Thursday.

“[Thursday] was the worst game we played all spring training,’’ Guillen said. “I don’t see the intensity. It’s time to put the gas on the pedal and step it up. I don’t see the push to be out there. That’s not going to happen. If I have to push the pedal myself I will do it.
“You’re not going to flip the switch on just like that. I know what kind of club I have and that’s why I’m a little disappointed with the way we’ve played the last couple of games.’’
Guillen was then asked if he plans to continue to play his regulars all nine innings in Cactus League games and said, “If they keep playing like that, they’ll be there all day for nine innings. If they’re tired, so am I. I ask them every day before we stretch, ‘Is anyone tired, anyone sick, anyone need a rest, let me know.’ I don’t have any answers, so they play, but they play like they’re tired. I mean, [bleep], I’m not going to put up with that [bleep] this year.’’

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Well. another loss.

Its not THAT you lose, its HOW you lose. This is the makings of a 100-loss season.

We are pathetic and in trouble!!!!!

Im with you. I cant take this horrible organization anymore.

Ozzie should be extracated from baseball....He is a BUM!

Hey guys, long time reader first time commentor I guess you could say.

I found this blog, searching for some scouting reports on a few college ballplayers. Who knows, they could up future Sox! While there I also found a lot of other cool info....seems like it could become big.

Anyway, keep up the great work Joe and Chris!


Well---we LOST again.


I just don't understand comments like the ones I'm reading here. If you people hate and want to boycott the White Sox so much why would you devote any time to posting on a blog about them? You all give fans a bad name. I bet you all enjoyed the heck out of the World Series Title that, oh by the way, only happened three years ago but now because of the fact that they aren't picked to be great and because the division is stacked you all want to run them out of town. Pathetic. Please do all REAL White Sox fans a favor and just go away.

I am a REAL White Sox Fan. I am also a REALIST. This organization has lied to us over and over about how too improve the team. This is not only me---but it is the MAJORITY opinion of White Sox.

You are PATHETIC for accepting a world series that was A LONG TIME AGO! Ozzie Guillen has ruined this team with his mouth, Reinsdorf has ruined this team by lieing to us about signing quality players, and for FANS who support this pitiful, HORRIBLE fat lazy slow over-the-hill players....then be my guest.



I totally agree with Jim, You HAVE to support your team. It's OUR team. These guys play for US, the White Sox fans. They need our support when things get rough. Show SUPPORT..Dont BOO the Home Team..I've never Boo'ed my home team. It's unpatriotic. (smile) I don't love everything they do all of the time, but its MY team. C'mon,They won a World Series for US, people.

Nick, What! Is there something hidden in your message?

I with you. Im been a sox fan for over 40 years. This is the worse i have felt going into another season.

forget it...


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