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Garland’s revenge

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Mark Buehrle did his best trash-talking, or at least trash-texting, sending former White Sox teammate Jon Garland a warning Thursday night that the “A-lineup’’ was headed his way for the Friday showdown with the pitcher – and hell was coming with them.
Problem was Garland stuffed it down their throats.

“[Buehrle] was texting me, saying they were going to send the A squad to make a statement,’’ Garland said. “If that was the case, I think it backfired a little bit.’’
Considering Garland picked up the win, allowing just a Jermaine Dye solo home run in three innings of work, it sure did.
But Garland also spoke about a few other topics.

--The offseason trade that sent him from the White Sox to the Angels in exchange for shortstop Orlando Cabrera:
“You always have to give to receive,’’ Garland said. “To me, I was a little boggled because [Cabrera] is a free agent at the end of the year. And they had just signed Juan [Uribe] back, so I was a little boggled by that. I just looked at as the Angels wanted me more.
“When you talk about pitching and defense wins championships, I always felt that’s what you are going to stick with. To trade a pitcher, I feel like I did a pretty damn good job over there the past three or four years, putting up innings and getting out there every day and giving the team a chance. There was some shock there.’’

--Talk of a multi-year deal with the Sox last season:
“There was not one, unless there were talks between my agent [Craig Landis] and he just never brought it up,’’ Garland said. “I was kind of shocked when everybody thought, ‘He just wants to go West. That’s all he wants.’ It wasn’t the case. I was never asked, never talked to. Nobody really asked me and got the truth.’’

--Coming back to the Sox:
“Why wouldn’t I?’’ Garland said. “But I couldn’t imagine it because they had their chance. I’m not going to shy a team away because they traded me. It’s part of the game. It’s business.’’

--The Sox’ chances in 2008:
“It’s tough with the team Cleveland has right now in the Central. They brought everyone back and they are young guys. They got a taste of it and they will be more hungry this year. And what Detroit did. I mean, if you are a person who likes baseball and you don’t open your eyes and see what they did, then you are blind as a bat. It will be a rough path for them.
“And then trying to get back on track from last year. If things don’t get off to a good start out that way, they might just jump on them right away. But I wish them the best, but not too much.’’

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Nice to see Garland pitch well.....just not in the regular season against us.......still like us getting Cabrera,IF we can lock him up for 3 years....there is talk of an extension now,

This team stinks! Even though it is only Spring Training, see what the scores of the last 3 games have been. The Sox have been outscored 28-1. This team is a station to station team.

Please trade Paulie for Figgins and Kendrick. Too much power and not enough speed. Nothing has changed from last year. No team speed and again no bullpen.

Good job Kenny Williams.

yes exactly it is only spring traing..and as you see we bounced back with a win yesterday....there is nothing wrong with paul konerko...and why does everyone assume that we can trade him for figgins and kendrick...see the angels have to agree to can't just say heres our player now give me your good players..thats not how it works...the angels are never going to traded those players..when are you terds going to get that


It must be terrible to be a White Sox fan. What-- one fluke World Series win in seven, maybe eight decades? What a bunch of garbage.

I can't imagine being anything but a Yankees fan. We'll win it all this year....

Yeah.... Swisher and Cabrera are the saviors of South town... What a joke

Boy, did the Bullpen look good yesterday! I do not care if it is any training. This attitude is the same attitude that got the Sox in trouble last few years.

This team wants and its supporters want to trade Crede and keep Fields. Weird talent evualation. Isn't that the same Josh Fields that wanted to retire 1 year ago. Isn't it the same Josh Fields who struck out a boat load of times last year and hit for a low average. I know you are going to say he hit 23 homers. Who cares! I am not impressed! Two years from now, the Sox will be looking for a Third baseman because Josh Fields did not live up to expectations.

With crede batting .105 and Fields batting .125, shouldn't KW be looking for a third baseman?

Now Williams is hinting he will start Crede and send Fields down. And Uribe might start at second. They won't win 80 games.

Paulie, for Figgins and Kendrick? I do not think that will happen, not in the next couple of years. As for the luster surrounding the Steve Stone hiring, I love him as an announcer. He, being teamed with Ed Farmer will be very good for Chicago baseball. Let me ask you this? Why hasn't Steve Stone gotten an administrative job in MLB? Anywhere? I think it is because every GM in the country will be embarrassed by him. He is the only guy I know who, before it happens, can call 2 or 3 pitches that should be thrown to a hitter, and when it happens, the guy, 90% of the time, gets an out, but when it doesn't, a run scores or something else?

Why isn't there any talk about trading both Crede and Uribe to the Giants? They need a shortstop. I would think we could get a fair amount in return for giving them their staring left side of the infield.

I agree with Stu's post of 3/8/08. This team is a station to station team. Kenny Williams has committed a combined $40 million for Linebrink, Dotel, and MacDougal, two of whom were Royals rejects who they happily let go without offers. Add Uribe at $4.5 million to this list and it is easy to see why the team will have trouble competing. Anyone who thinks they are going to pony up big dollars for Cabrera at the end of the year for a new contract is crazy and has not been listening to them fawn all over A. Ramirez all Spring. IT IS OBVIOUS THAT PAULIE MUST GO. If they could get Figgins and Kendrick in exchange, they should do that deal today. Even Figgins and E. Santana would help. Swisher then plays first and we have a chance to go 2 bases at a time if someone gets on.

I told you that this was going to happen. Every comment was negative toward me when i said that this organization had lied to the fans and cheated us out of another season and that we should STAND together as fans and boycott this season to send a strong message.

Anyone who thinks that we can contend with the Tigers, cleveland minnesota and maybe even Kansas City are FOOLS!

We came within 3 games of LAST PLACE in 2007. OUTSCORED by over 20 runs ALREADY!

How does Hunter look now!!!??? How does all the other players WE lost because you would NOT pay them look now???!!!


Im glad Garland shut us OUT!

There will be a lot more as the season goes on...

This is the most pathetic organization I know

Who wants injury prone has-been CREDE??? Why do you think the Giants want him??

Oh, the hospital might want him. Maybe he can run the retirement home.

Gosh this White Sox team is AWFUL!!!


Im glad he came back to shut out the white sox and i hopes he does it during the season. For payback of trading him and getting NO ONE plausible in return.

The white sox are horrible and i am embarassed to be a sox fan!!!!

Talk of an extension to sign Cabreara. Are you mad?

This organization will not pay anybody. They are cheap and kept all of our money when we filled up the seats the last 2 years.

They are looking to DUMP Cabrera and his salary when they fall 10 games behind the Tigers in May 2008.

Hey, i got it.........sign another shortstop first for 4.5 million--then sign another one for millions----------that makes since doesnt it Ozzie----you embarassing rat trap!

The white Sox are the biggest laughing stock in the major leagues

C´mon...I for one, like any other real White Sox fan, or baseball fan for that matter, can´t wait until the season starts. Thats wats so great about this game, you never know whats going to happen. I can´t wait for the Sox to start 11-4 and you gusy have to eat your words. And as for all this MArrioti style propoganda that the Sox can´t compete with the Tigers and Indians, CHECK THE SAOX DIVISION RECORD LAST YEAR, AND FOR THAT MATTER FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS, it wasn´t because we couldn´t beat those teams that we had a bad record last year... somehow it was the NL central that kicked our butts...
The Sox have had the Tigers number for the last two seasons and you can ask Jim Leyland and Eric Wedge just hwo confident they are when they come to the Cell. Sure, focus on the negatives in spring... What about the strong starting pitching? What about a strong Floyd and Danks showing so far? What about the seeming ressurection of Jose COntreras? What about the fact that Paulis is crushing the ball, teh new Ramirez looks like a steal, and the intriguing Brian Anderosn may be playing his way into centerfield. Don´t bother that Swisher is also destroying the baseball and that Nick Masset seems primed to produce at the bug league level. Just keep yapping about how you want the .250 no walks Torri Hunter, and the soon to have a 4.75 ERA DOntrel WIllis, and how you are all gonna boycott a team that hasn´t even lost a regular season game yet.... embarrasing.... go buy cubs tickets... move to boytown... and stay away from the only real ballpark in town.... bunch of jokers who probably can´t even sit through a whole nine inning game anyway....
As for the lineup.. I want Crede at 3rd... and I want Brian Anderson on the roster somewhere... he can play against lefties to help Owens out and Pablo can get time at leadoff on those days...
bunch of yuppie cub fan jokers...
stay off of our blog you posers....

The White Sox are so stupid for trading Jon Garland . I am glad he beat them and I hope he beats them every time he plays them , I wish him all the luck , The White Sox have only made bad trades since winning the World Series in 2005 . Kenny Williams is the Worst GM . Look what he has done to the White Sox in the last 3 years. He made all the bad moves why did he have to trade aaron Rowand? We did not need Thome when we had The Big hurt .And after he traded Rowand he traded Chris Young for Javier, you can not trade all your good Center fielders away . No good reason in those trades . And now trading Jon Garland a 18 winner for an older short stop who saw his best year last year, that was the worst trade ever . The White Sox are going to end up either last or second to last . Ozzie should go he is the main reason for these bad trades .

Kieth, Ken, Ted, John, T. Warren, etc.. You guys are the typical fans that make other baseball fans stereotype all other White Sox fans. You have nothing nice to say and then even ask other fans to boycott our beloved South Side White Sox. I may not agree with some of the moves that management is making, but I do understand that all these players are major leaguers, some better than others, so maybe there is some slim pickings when it comes to the better talent in the league. I have been a Sox fan all my life (50 years) and have been with them through thick and thin. I went to games when there were only a few hundred fans attending. Though I hate to say it, a true baseball fan is a Cubs fan who stands by there team at all times, supports there team during good times and bad but always goes into the season optomistic that those pro ball players will exceed their own and our expectations and make them a winner. Isn't that what happened when we won the World Series. Try it sometime, do away with the negative and positive things might happen!!! Don't just jump on the band wagon when we are winning and then jump off when were not!!!GO SOX!!

Fields: "It is hard because he(Crede) is such a great fielder. I have every bit of confidence in myself that one day I can be as good a fielder as him. Right now, he's awesome. It's going to be hard to fill the shoes over there."

The Sox brought in Robin Ventura to help Fields with private lessons at 3rd base. They both went to Ok St.

The White Sox are doing everything in their power to field a contending team. Cut them some slack already.

The White Sox are so stupid I can not wait to see them go in last place. They should of never traded Jon Garland. He is one of the best pitchers in the MLB. Every team needs good pitching so why trade the best when you have it?????? The only good pitcher they have now is Mark Buehrle, and he is no where near as good as JON!

The White Sox are not doing and have not done everything they could do to field a good team. THEY LIED TO THE FANS!!

What did they do with all of that world series money?? We packed the stadium for the last 3 years. Where the money? Dont you suppose to put it back into the team!!??

No, they didnt. They kept it and made a profit for only themselves. IN CHICAGO A LARGE MEDIA MARKET. They lied to us about improving our last place finish last year and all the GOOD players went to the TIGERS!....

Thats what im saying. Give them a break. How about give us a break. We can wait another 90 years......... I am sickened by the organization and Ozzie Guillen.

check the payroll stats Timothy... the white sox are not a small market team and have spent big money in both 2006 and 2007, it is simply false to say that they don{t spend big, because they do. If you disagree with the way they spent it thats one thing.
Since the Series KW has...
paid captian Paulie Konerko close to 15 million a year.
Gave COntreras, Javy, and Buurhle extensions, 10 mil, 10 mil, 12 mil i think.
Extended Dye for like 8 million, maybe more...
traded for an exptremely high priced Jim Thome...
Traded for a 7 mill a year Swisher....
if you are counting at home that is a lot of money to a lot of quality players....
Just because they didnt overpay for mediocre Hunter and I hate to say it, overrated Rowand, does not make the SOx cheap. They are in the top of the league in payroll and have been since 05....
so naive....
and watch... this team winds at least 88 games, and with a little magic gets into the playoffs...
and Jesse, I love the posting, but I haven{t met a cubs fan who knows what the infield fly rule is... let alone actaully loves the sport and their team...




Jon Garland is the best and I was so Happy to see him beat the White Sox!!!!!!! You better get use to it White Sox fans because he is going to beat them every time he plays them Boo sox you stink for trading him!!!!!

Sam, thank you for pointing out what seems to have flown by some of these idiot posters. Then again, after reading what they put out, I'm guessing they probably can't read. Whether you like some of the moves made by the GM, this hasn't been a complete salary dump. Hunter was given a perfectly fine offer, but the Angels are desperate for a big name and bat in their outfield, so they overpaid for Hunter. Williams signed Uribe before the chance to get Cabrera came up, and they got the guy anyway. A cheap organization would have never made that trade. They were willing to eat the $5 million going to Uribe. Does that sound like a team that won't pay? Jon Garland became the best pitcher in baseball (at least to these whiners) after his trade. Where were all these people before?
I hope they will try to keep Crede. The almighty Scott Boros didn't look like the master negotiator this winter with the A-Rod situation, did he? But I don't assume Crede's gone just because of his agent, and I hope KW doesn't. You can say you aren't crazy about the roster, but this complaining about the Sox not paying anyone is simply not true.

I hope Jon Garland has a great year in 2008 . And I hope the White Sox go in last place . I want to see Jon Garland beat the White Sox every time he plays them , I use to be a White Sox fan but after they let Jon go to the Angels I wish nothing but bad on them they are an ungreatfull bunch of people Kenny Williams , Oziie , I hate them and I pray for Frank Thomas Aaron Rowand and Jon Garland to beat them every time I dont think they are going to face Aaron this year but Jon and Frank should take care of the loser team! (Thome stinks) Go Angels and Boo to the White Sox!!!!!

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