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Game 7 and MacDougal

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Ozzie Guillen wrote down the name “Mike MacDougal’’ in his notebook at the start of spring training, explaining that fixing the reliever was a top priority in the six-week camp.

As Chief Brody said in Jaws – “You’re going to need a bigger boat.’’
"Mac-Enigma'' remained a batting practice pitcher at best on Monday, surrendering a two-run home run to Kansas City’s Damon Hollins that tied the game in the sixth and eventually led to a Royals win. So far this spring, MacDougal has allowed five runs on five hits and two homers in two innings of work.
"He's our project," Guillen said of MacDougal after the loss to the Royals. "He's got to fight through this. I still think he can take care of it."
If he doesn’t soon, expect general manager Ken Williams to at least explore what the market would offer for a player with Cy Young stuff, but Class AA results.

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This is just old news. A guy who has the BEST stuff cant get anyone out and they slaughter him in SPRING TRAINING! Then the guy their not impressed wtih, Wasserman. Just does the one thing you need to do, get guys out! Its the obsession with the gorgeous chick your never going to get and the not so gorgeous chick you can get but dont want. Just date the not so gorgeous one and you might find out you like her. Get rid of Mcdougal and just take Wasserman out on a date to the big leagues!

Trade Mac for a six doesn't even hafta be cold.

I can't say that I would even want this guy to come in for relief in any game this year. I can only see him pitching in a game where we are losing by ten or more runs, but that is if he even makes the team.

MacDougal is not a enigma he's a sandlot pitcher. Can we move forward now instead of trying to be a genius? There are real prospects out there instead of wasting time on this crap.

Sox will be 10 games behind the Tigers by May. I feel so sorry for this pathetic organization.

The only reason MacDougal is still around is because of the bogus contract extension Williams gave him 2 years ago. Masset and Wasserman should both be nailing down bullpen spots and MacDougal should be included in the eventual Crede trade.

Relax Derrick....this is a good lineup....pitching has to improve........your comment about 10 games back is ridiculous....this pathetic organization won a WS in '05 if you remember.........why did Buerhle, Konerko and Dye decide to stay for less money? Because we are pathetic? Think before you make stupid sound like a Cub fan,

Yo anonymous. Don't hog the kool aid. We lost 90 games last year. Reinsdorf's minions have made no moves since the spring of 05 that weren't focused entirely on the bottom line. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every ninety years or so. Being skeptical is what makes Sox fans. Angry beats being a laughable loser hands down. Go Sox!


You do not believe that the Tigers will be up 10 games in May? Who on the white sox can get anyone out? You want to compare player for player with any team in that division--we are in trouble. You say our line-up?? Compare our outfield, especially, our center fielder, with Detroit's. Please dont make me CRY! With Jerry Owens and Danks!!! Wake UP!!!

As for 2005 there have been 2 world series winners since. "What have you done for me lately." So Boston has won 2 in the last 3 years. Yankees do it all the time. Do we settle for ONE? Remember it took us over 90 YEARS 1917!!! until 2005. They dont come very often. That is the question. We could have had a few more world series if this pathetic organization did not lie to us about spending money. Because that is all what it is about!

Burhele, Konerko, and Dye had no where else to go. So they decided to stay. So what? Burhele arm is going to fall off. Dye and Konerko are both fat and slow. They are old and through.

But instead of trying to vie and pay for young talent (hunter) who wanted to come and play for us; they DID not offer them any contract or money. The same way they did with ROWAN.

We need to satnd up as White Sox fans and not take this abuse anymore. VERBALLY AND ON THE FIELD!!!!

If Ozzie keeps Mcdougal on this team he is absolutely crazy. This would clearly tell me this team is going to be horrible again for 2008. I refuse to go down to Cellular and spend money to watch Mcdougal and this team be dogs again for 2008. Im exhausted hearing about this guy, he is garbage. If they cant see the obvious then why should I spend my money and buy tickets?

Jeff - you are right on; we are skeptical. And direct. So to Rob and Derrick (it's ROWAND not ROWAN)-- let's hope you're not making idle threats about not coming to the ball park. Promise you won't come.

The Tigers have ONE pitcher expected to win 15+ games: Verlander. Good pitching will shut down good hitting on most days. The Tigers didn't lack runs in 2007. They lacked good pitches. Nothing they've done in the offseason has addressed that. In fact the bullpen has gotten worse.

Wasserman now features an over-the-top pitch. IMO, that locks him into the 5th spot in the pen. Cooper's even talked about how that pitch changes him from a specialist to an innings eater.

2007 Bullpen: Jenks, Linebrink, Dotel, Thorton, Wasserman.

The battle intensifies for the remaining 2 spots.


I know that you do not have anything to say becasue you are quibbling over a typographical error.

Get REAL.. These are for real fans who have something to say---and not taking out their red pen like some pansie in telling you that your fingers hit the wrong key on the keyboard.

You go to the ballpark because you are a FOOL. No one else will be there

why I wont come? It is with an expectation....put a good product on the field. That is the difference between a Cubs fan and a Sox fan...the Cubs will come no matter if they have a lousy team or not....Sox fans I believe say....give me something to invest my money hence why I made the Mcdougal comment.....He is just dead weight on this team...Do I think the Sox have potential? a degree....I like their hitting lineup...I think Ramirez could be a steal...Their middle relief (without mcdougal) gives me guarded optimism...I have real concerns about Danks and Floyd...not that their bad..but so young...I just dont want to be sold a bill of goods..saying come to the park...were great....the jury is still out...but get rid of Mcdougal


"But instead of trying to vie and pay for young talent (hunter) who wanted to come and play for us; they DID not offer them any contract or money"

ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Hunter is 32 years old and we had a contract that he almost agreed to until the Angels came in at the 11th hour with one no one can justify. $90 mil for a 32 year old center fielder you're stuck with for 5 years? No way. Do some research before making your "bold" arguements


This is why we suck. Hunter is worth the money and the White Sox had a chance to sign him AFTER the Angels offer was made.

Worth the money meaning Hunter would have solidified this horrible outfield. None of our current players can get on base. Dye is slow and fat and injury prone (look at stats from last year) Owens cant hit a SOFTBALL.

Research is playing FOR TODAY!!! Buying the best talent out there. Hunter means WINNER. Every year he beat us and played in the playoffs with Minnesota. He is a winner---and you want to complain about MONEY----please......Its a business. And we filled the stadium for years now....What the excuse NOW???

And would someone please tell me what is this facination about the Cubs. Every remark is about "GO watch the Cubs; their fans go see them anyway, win or lose----SO WHAT???? I DONT CARE ABOUT THE CUBS!!! If you dont have anything else to say then SHUT UP!!!!

Are you jealous????? They do seem to be more popular......... And WHY??? Because we think by spending money on Hunter is risky.....

you answered your own question!

I agree---i will not be attending any games this year. Im tired of being treated and talkied down too.

You know. I'm tired of reading posts about how far the Sox will be behind the Tigers. Have you looked at the Tigers bullpen? They actually have a need for MacDougal in their bullpen. He cannot be a part of the White Sox bullpen. They have made some head scratching decisions in the past, but having him on the opening day roster would take the cake. I'm tired of hearing about his talent and Kenny saying he has "electric stuff". Watching him pitch raised my blood pressure far too many times last season. Its time to cut the cord. If the Royals are willing to give players away for nothing, odds are they aren't any good (see Andrew Sisco also). Masset and Wasserman are the only two guys that should be given bullpen spots out of Spring Training. To me the bullpen is set. GET OFF THIS MACDOUGAL FASCINATION!!!!!!!

And if these posts have to be approved, leave the morons and their negativity out of the discussions.

Response to Gerald:

Well stated.

Also what are you thoughts (this is to everyone) on Ramirez? His bat looks electric but his fielding looks scary...Do we bring him up?

If you are a White Sox fan then you will support this team as long as it remains in contention. That means no more than 2 gb of the div lead or wc spot. As a White Sox fan you are too smart to believe in hype and too strong to be dragged down by critics.

That is the rule I live by & I apply it to all Chicago teams. I will not support a non-contending team.

With the Hawks now just 4 pts out & having a gm in hand they are a contending team & should be supported. The same can not be said for the Bulls.

This White Sox Team is pathetic and an embarassment to Chicago!!

I agree. I will not be attending any games at US Cellular Field this year.


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