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Game 4 and Ozzie being Ozzie

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TUCSON, Ariz. – The 12-8 win over Arizona on Saturday may have been a boring game, but afterward manager Ozzie Guillen sure wasn’t.
Guillen was his usual open self on several topics, specifically Joe Crede’s immediate future with the team, and a perceived lack of respect for the lineup built by general manager Ken Williams.

Guillen on Crede:

“It’s not sad. I was with this organization for 14 years and they kicked my butt out of here and I was better than him,’’ Guillen said jokingly. “Believe me, it’s something you don’t like to see, especially when this guy, everything he does he has success. The situation is something you can’t control, I can’t control. My job is to put him in the lineup as long as I have him here. Obviously, when you grow up in the organization you want to stay here, you want to finish your career in the same organization. He knows what Chicago is and he feels like a Chicago guy. I told him, ‘Don’t worry anything about it. Everything you hear out there and you read out there, don’t let it bother you. Let Kenny Williams and myself and whoever is involved do their job and you do yours.’
“He understands my point and he knows his situation. It’s not Kenny’s fault, it’s not my fault, it’s not Crede’s fault. This is part of the game and I think we found somebody who played good for us last year. Right now, we just have to wait and see and the game’s going to dictate all of this. It’s not going to be an easy decision. We’re going to wait as long as we can and see what happens.’’

Guillen then said if there is an end with Crede, it will likely take all of spring to decide:

“It looks that way. That’s the way I feel and I hope. The only way is if they trade him. I don’t say they, I’m part of this, too, and I’m not going to throw Kenny under the bus. You trade him. No, that’s the organization’s trade. I don’t think Kenny right now is even thinking about it. It’s a pretty important season for us after the fiasco last year. We have to show the people we still have a winning attitude, we have to show the fans it’s all about winning, about this year and when next year comes, it’s another year. Right now, our thing is to win this division this year. Next year, you never know what’s going to happen.
“I don’t think anybody in Chicago knows this ballclub better than I do. If you’re a baseball fan, Crede fan, Ozzie Guillen, White Sox fan, I respect your opinion. But believe me, they forget about how good Josh Fields was for us. Sometimes fans think with their hearts because we win with Joe and everybody loves Joe and I respect that. In the meanwhile, I have to let the fans know we’re doing this for them. We’re going to build the best ballclub for us to win. No matter who we take, that’s the one we think is going to be the best for us.’’

And finally, on this year’s lineup:

“There’s one thing about spring training, it’s not like we have to sell tickets like, ‘Oh, they’re playing better, let’s go buy tickets.’ I think we have to set the tone right way. We have to set the tone how we’re going to play all year long right away. I see the big boys come out and I think [Nick] Swisher has a lot to do with that, [Orlando] Cabrera. Everybody talks about everybody’s lineup and all of the sudden, they’re not talking about our lineup. Maybe because we are the Chicago White Sox with a manager they hate, or they don’t like the general manager. But if you see this team Kenny put together, from the top to the bottom, it’s pretty scary. I know Detroit has a great lineup and Cleveland has a good lineup and good, talk about them. But I love my lineup and I think we’re going to score a lot of runs.’’

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hahahha wow nice on scary..

Pale Hose fan for life!! Only have one question for this season: can these guys win 90 games?? I'm pretty much conceding the division to the Tigers (for obvious reasons).'s going to take 90 I think for the wild card. Can Ozzie work his magic with this squad??

From a Sox standpoint it comes down to winning. With Boras as his agent, the best the Sox can hope for is a situation like Konerko's where he chose the team for a few mil less.

Which combination makes the Sox better: Crede at 3B, Floyd #5, Fields in Charlotte OR Fields at 3B, Lowry #3, Giants prospect in Charlotte? Fields didn't show enough at 3B in 07 to make that an easy decision. That's why the Sox will try to delay this trade as long as possible.

OK, what about trading Thome and his contract, resigning Joe with the money, and having Fields DH and spell Crede and his back at third this year? Thoughts, opinions White Sox fans?

Not a good idea at this point Thome is a proven on-base and big power still. There are no third basemen in the AL like Crede it's a shame but count it another loss to Boras. Actually it's smarter to trade Fields he's younger could bring more and he's really unproven one season does not make a career.

My feeling is that if you are going to have a team philosophy that we trade players that we cannot lock up before their final year of a contract expires, why do we have Cabrera? I hear nothing about signing him. Under Kenny's philosophy, if you plan on dealing Crede because of his contract and the fear of losing him without getting anything for him, then trade Cabrera if he doesn't sign by the end of camp too. Start Fields and Ramierez.

I don't want that to happen, but I can't accept that trading Crede is about the fear of losing him for nothing when that is just what looks to happen with our new SS. For some reason we are willing to keep him around but not the real MVP of the 2005 WS.

Trading Thome. The white sox brought this useless person for CHEAP! Why do you think Philadelphia has paid his salary to the sox in order to DUMP HIM?? Why do you think the sox took him??? Because they did not have to spend any money.

Thome, Dye and Konerko are fat, old and slow. Didnt anyone see this last year when we came in last place??? Get real.

The white sox are in TROUBLE!!!

There goes Ozzie again. Embarassing us with his MOUTH! Why dont you just SHUT UP! and try to win baseball games. No one want to hear that you were better than Crede. At least he wasnt a little sissy who threw his bat at the ball and attempted to run to first like a little girl

Hey Ozzie, did you ever hit over 250?? You piece of %^$#$.

This is exactly why i am joining the boycott of the 2008 season.

Chris, both the Sox and Cabrera are interested in a long term deal....probably a 3/35 scenario......Crede is in a walk year and Boras doesn't help the resigning process due to past issues with KW.....I like Crede as well but if you package him with a Juan Uribe(dump another 4.5 mil salary) and can get a back of the rotation guy (Giants-Correja or Sanchez) then I feel better about our starters......while I like Floyd and Danks, I don't think they will both have good will struggle,

Now with Swisher, Thome & his salary are expendable. Fields would make a great DH, but there is still the question of the Sox paying Crede long term I don't believe that will happen & Fields will start at 3rd, with Crede going to another team. What ever happened to Lance Broadway?

I really hope the Sox kill em this year so all these boycotters can jump back on and shut the He!! up!! Please just boycott these blogs!

Stu - If the deal for Cabrera is true, then that is great. I haven't heard anything like that, though. I hope you're right because making decisions about your team based upon a personal dislike of an agent is a stupid way to run a ballclub.

Chris, I agree with you on the KW-Boras different than our may not like someone but it doesn't mean you don't work with them in the company's best interests..........Go Sox,

"There goes Ozzie again. Embarassing us with his MOUTH! Why dont you just SHUT UP! and try to win baseball games. No one want to hear that you were better than Crede."

Did you actually read the quote, or are you a Cubs fan just trying to badmouth Guillen? He said this JOKINGLY, according to the reporter, who was there in front of him and would have a better idea regarding the tone in which it was said. Maybe you should go back on your lithium, and PLEASE stay away from the ballpark as we don't need fairweather fans like the Cubs.

Joke??? Did Ozzie joke when he said "The fans do not mean anything to me." You get real and read between the lines. I agree with the other bloggers who are deciding to stand up to this organization who tells its fans to shut up and get lost.

and what is this facination with the cubs----cant you ever stop talking about them and worry about yourself you insecure @#$%.

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