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Fields sent down and second decided!

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TUCSON, Ariz. - To the surprise of almost no one- including Josh Fields – the White Sox announced before Tuesday’s game with Colorado that the second-year player would be starting the season in Class AAA Charlotte.

That means Joe Crede will be the Opening Day third baseman, with the Sox unable to land any substantial trade for the free agent-to-be this spring.
General manager Ken Williams put the writing on the wall two weeks ago when he told the Sun-Times that he had spoken to two teams about a Crede deal and came away very unimpressed at what the return would have been.
He knew “that difficult talk’’ would be coming, and on Tuesday it came.
Fields plans to address the media on Wednesday, but knew that the deck was stacked against him as late as Sunday.
“I would feel a lot better if I was on an even playing field, because I do feel good about what I did last year and what I’ve done this spring,’’ Fields said Sunday. “I mean to a certain extent, there isn’t much I could do because Joe is established. He’s shown what he can do. I mean this guy has performed on a big stage, he’s a Silver Slugger winner. In that aspect it is a little harder to accept because I feel I put myself in as good a position as I could and I deserve to be in the big leagues, but I guess when it’s your time, it’s your time.’’
As far as second base, the plan is to give Juan Uribe the first look there as the regular starter.
The outfield logjam won’t be decided until the club gets the final results from a Jerry Owens MRI this afternoon, and neither will the final bullpen spot.
The club also announced that infielder/outfielder Jason Bourgeois, right-handed pitcher D.J. Carrasco and catcher Paul Phillips were reassigned to minor-league camp.
With the moves, the Sox roster is down to 28 players.

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Fields is a has-been who does not have the talent to contend. Why cant this organization pay for REAL ballplayers??

Fields is HORRIBLE!!!!

He is also overrated and his fielding is of serious question. TRADE THE BUM!!!!

He should have been sent down. Good move

Fields has always been on the line. He does not have the talent to be our everyday third baseman.

Fields will be back,sooner than we think, Bad backs are not good for a third baseman,or any athlete.
Lets keep our fingers crossed for Joe,He is the real thing when he is healthy.

Brilliant. Why continue to develop a 25 year old who hit with a 40HR pace in his first significant time as a starter in the majors....lets cut off his development in favor of a 30 year old, career .259 hitter, coming off of back surgery who won't be on the team in 2009. Forget development and improving the team for the long term by establishing Fields and letting him come back for what could be an even better Sophmore season, let's play an aging, broken down 3B so that we can boost his trade value. The Sox have significatnly over valued Crede's worht, thank him for 2005, shake his hand and move on. Fields is the future and should also be the present.

Fields needs to cut down the hole in his swing and can also benefit from the glove time in AAA. Could he start here or for many other teams? Sure. His time will come soon enough.
Amazing how many "fans" want to bury Joe Crede - old and decrepit at 29 - because the lamea$$ Giants won't part with a prospect. Nice insight Brandon - thanks for the post, let me shake your hand and then move on.

I do believe it is quite obvious that Fields has some serious defensive issues at 3rd. One spring training game when Vazquez was pitching he cost us that game. He made a crucial error and then Vazquez gave up a three run homer. This will allow Fields the chance to improve his fielding (which is pretty bad). We will have a gold glove left side of the field which our young pitchers really need (Floyd and Danks)and also this will allow time for Crede to show that he is back. It is possible that once teams see Crede is healthy and back in form the Sox can trade him for some "real value". They can then bring Fields back up and hopefully he has improved his defense. So I guess im wondering how has anyone in this equation been hurt? Fields improves defensively, The White Sox get a fair trade and also benefit from Credes services at that time, and Fields comes back better and the Sox dont miss a beat.

4appling...there is a reason why teams are not trading for's because of facts such as him about to turn 30 and his coming off major back surgery. He's also a career .259 hitter, who is very inconsistent at the plate. There comes a time where you need to part with a likeable player because there is a younger, healthier player with more potential right behind him. What good does it do Fields to be in the minors? Get readjusted to minor league pitching? That will surely help his major league swing. Crede will not be on the Sox past 2009, so what is the point in him being on the team in 2008?

At least Ramierez wasn't called down to AAA. I think this kid will be good, plus he's entertaining to see. He weigh's less than my younger brother.

Brandon...I don't want to slam Josh Fields - I like him & believe he has a nice future ahead. But you're ready to chuck one home grown player that we've been patient with for 7 years in favor of another because he has "more potential"? You want to replace a "career .259 hitter" with a career .239 hitter. Fields vs. Crede in a couple other stats: Fields K/AB = .338 (approaching Rob Deer territory), Crede = .147. Fields BB/K = .301, Crede = .391. Fields, per these stats, would be the one who is "inconsistent at the plate". Fields (in my opinion) needs to work on his batting eye/swing & yes, the place to do that is in Charlotte, not Chicago. I won't even bring up his fielding again - I see him at 1B eventually. The point in Crede being on the team is to win this year. Most teams have players in their walk year that play a crucial role - by your logic we'd have to bench Cabrera also since he's a free agent at year end.
Look, do I think Joe Crede is the savior of the 08 Sox? No. I don't think Josh Fields is either. I just don't get why we can't at least look at him for a few months (apparently healthy) and expect 2006-like results (.283/.325/.506). You can debate that KW overvalued him and should have non-tendered but at this point I'd rather deal in reality. If he stumbles then it's Josh Fields time. But to write him off at age 30 is premature.

Fields is the godd thing on a school of high school girls!!!

Fields cannot catch a bowling ball at third base. Anyone can hit homeruns on a last place team where no one does anything......

So what?? He is HORRIBLE!

You'd think a Cubs fan was making the decisions for the Sox. Let's see......send Fields down and keep Crede so therer is no offensive production from third base. Keep Uribe in the starting lineup, so the OBP sucks again. Leadoff Swisher so his 40 home runs don't drive anybody in. Get rid of Garland and start two young guys in the rotation so we can have another crap season. Oh, and keep Massett so KW saves face on the Mccarthy trade. Even though McCarthy has already shown he sucks.

Here we go again with another whiny white sox fan who has to incorporate the Cubs again in our White Sox conversations....Remember, the CUBS SWEPT us at OUR home last year. I could care less about the Cubs, but it seems that when you question this horrible organizations moves, im always referred to go see the Cubs. Are you in love with all the Cubs?

Crede has to go. No other team is going to take this average injury-prone has-been, nor are we going to get anythign for him. We have no leadoff hitter to NO pitching. If Owens is our saving grace WE ARE IN TROUBLE!!!


What a way to start the we are going to end up.....

Last Place in 2008

Boycott this team, please??

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