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CLEVELAND – After fighting back from a five-run deficit to tie the game in the seventh, reliever Octavio Dotel gave up three runs in the eighth, courtesy of a base-loaded double by Casey Blake.

Considering the veteran didn’t look real sharp this spring with a 10.45 ERA in Cactus League play, not a real surprise.

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Another Kenny mistake. Hey Kenny I am available so can I have 5.5 million a year to full again another bullpen void.

Here we go.................

This organization and this team are HORRIBLE!!!!

I've listened while everyone from Dotel to the umpires got blamed for this loss. It belongs on Buerhle. Why does everyone treat him with kid gloves?

Don't wait ,get rid of Dotel and bring back Wassermann. writing
is on the wall.

Oh, what did they expect? This guys stunk up the joint all during spring training. He is done and hopefully off of the roster soon

wow good thing you guys are not cubs fans you would of killed yourselves by now... and man i didnt realize the season was only one game!!!! we really sucked this year... who are you people man alive they faught back. fist game of the year, last year in a game like that they would have droped dead after the 2nd.... who im i kidding i remember all you people in 2005 five showing up after the allstar break that year..haha wow

You better pull the plug on Dotel Kenny. This guy stinks as a relief pitcher. His control is terrible, hes all over the plate. Send him down to triple A. Let him get his act together before he puts the White Sox in a hole.

It was a good game yesterday. Buerle gets a bye cuz he's proven worth and loyalty to a fan base. Dotel deserves all the critizism he gets cuz he hasn't shown us that he is worth anything. Great to see some offense and almost a perfect bullpen showing for 7 1/3 inning

As bad as Dotel pitched, Masset pitched great. No one expected Masset to pitch 4 1/3 scoreless inn w his team down 7-2. So those two things wash out.

What's left is the game being decided by the umpires rather than the players. I can't see MLB ignoring that fact. Bad calls by umpires in the late innings cost the Sox 4 outs & 2 runs at least. His foot was off the bag at 1B, Crede was not touched at home, & Cabrera never was outside of the baseline. His foot was on the bag when the contact was made & the contact did not impact whether there was a play at 1B or not. Cabrera's slide is what took the player out of position to make that play.

The Sox did not get any balance from the umps so these calls were the deciding factor in the game. I'm sure MLB will review them.

Buerhle can pitch like crap because he's loyal to a fan base. That's beautiful. Phil the Phan, congratulations, you are officially a Cub fan.

He gets a bye on one bad outing idiot, thats why he isn't getting flak over yesterday. I'm more of a fan than you'll ever be Dick.

Lest start blaming the umpires all sewason long. Now you sound like that over-the-hill hawk harrelson who needs to jump off the sears tower.

Put the blame where it belongs. Pitching. This staff and this team are HORRIBLE!!!!

Good outing Burhele. Made it 2 innings this time. Now the follow-up has-beens like Vasquez and whoever is next---i think a horrible pitcher in Danks....will flounder just like this pathetic organization

Nobody wants to play for Ozzie or this team......It is truely an embarassment

Lots of guys have gotten tagged... many more will at some point. I've been a big Dotel fan for years... give him some time.

That's all you had to say Phil. To say it's "ok" to suck because he's loyal to a fan base is loveable loser crap. Let's hope he's not 2006 Mark.


Jesus christ guys, first game of the year!!!!!!!

Let's say we were happy with the game. Would have been happier if the Sox would have won. Felt better if Dotel didn't screw up as bad as he did

Buehrle gets let off the hook because his team got him off the hook. He'll be OK. Dotel is the one I worry about

Why is it that everytime white sox fans critize this pathetic organization we are told to go north??? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS OBSESSION WITH THOSE CUBS????

I could care less about the Cubs....But i do care about how the white sox have led us into believing that they were serious about signing real ball players. YES---spending money!!!!!! LIKE ALL BASEBALL TEAMS IN MAOR MARKETS WITH FANS FILLING UP THE STADIUM!!!

I agree. We have stumped to a new low. I am THROUGH!

As gut wrenching as that loss was, I was feeling pretty good about most aspects of the game. We had guys hitting the other way all day. No swinging for the fence with every at bat, Aggressive base running, and great middle relief. Unfortunately, Dotel pretty much performed in a way which we could have seen coming. Kenny liked what he saw in 2004 and 2007, but he has a lot more negatives than positives working for him. Bouncing around in the minors since 93 doesn't usually get you the kind of money we gave out, which will also make it tougher to cut the cord, which should probably be sooner than later.

"Bouncing around in the minors since 93"

He hasn't been in the minors since 1999 - except for a couple of innings of rehab like a lot of pitchers do before coming back off a DL.

642 IP 514 H, 775 K - career MLB stats... pretty, pretty good.
Yes, he was hurt in 2005 and 2006. He still put up above average numbers with respect to H/9, K/9. I'd like to think that one year further away from those arm troubles should lead to slightly even better stats this year.

So, if he went 1,2,3 in that inning, we wouldn't be having this discussion. I understand he had a bad spring as well. Big deal. He DOES have the track record, so he gets a pass as well.

Bottom line is this is all we have to work with, WE as fans can't change anything about the makeup of this team this season. We only have two options, 1) Don't watch any more Sox games as long as Jerry Reinsdorf is a partial owner 2) Calm down and realize that we still have 161 games to play and we're not going to win all of them. I don't understand all the drastically harsh criticism of Buehrle, yes he had a horrible outing, yes he should ultimately be blamed for the lose, however, do we really think this is the new Buehrle? Look at Sabathia's outing and while you're at it, look at the other "aces" around mlb and tell me if you think a majority of them had a good outing. It was opening day and between our relief pitching, defense, and refreshing offense, it almost seemed like a victory to me. The Sox lost, but a lot of spirit was shown that I have not seen in this team since 05'... I don't think we should slit our wrists just yet.

Where was he in 93,94,95,96? The guys had 2 decent seasons in 14 years of pro ball. He put his best numbers up from 2000-2004. He's pitched a total of 25 innings the last two years. You're right, we wouldn't be having this discussion if he would have brought Thornton in. The only time I'll be dicussing Dotel from now on is how come he's up here and Wasserman is down there. Face it, Dotel got 5.5M. and Ozzie is in a situation where he has to use him. How many games do you think Dotel is going to lose for us until we have to eat the contract. Hope I'm wrong, but I've seen this pattern before.

The umps stole this one from the Sox, pure and simple. They stunk it up.

"Posted by: John Strougal | April 2, 2008 11:09 AM "
John didn't post that, Steve did.

Dont forget about Orlando Cabrera stinking up the joint. His second inning misplay (should have been an error) opening the floodgates. Then in one of the biggest at bats of the game he cant get the ball out of the infield, then to make matters worse he gets called for interference when Thome was going to be safe anyway... lets hope Ocab steps it up tonight.... good news Sox scored 8..
bad news they probably should ahve scor4d more....

Hey Leon, and everyone else who continues to operate under the assumption that the Sox are somehow not a big market big spending team. They have a 121 million payroll... thats 5th best in all of baseball, behind only Detriot in teh central... higher than the big market, Dodgers, Angels, sCrubs, and everyone else who doesnt play in New York, Detriot, or Boston... your criticisms of teh Sox unwillingness to spend money are simply offbase...
can this please be the last time we have to read them on this blog...
go Sox...
if these team gets decent pitching we can win a lot of games

can this pl

"Where was he in 93,94,95,96? The guys had 2 decent seasons in 14 years of pro ball."

Where was he 15 years ago??? Who cares. Two "decent" seasons. HA. He was one of the BEST in MLB from 2001-2004. That is 4 GREAT seasons. Not 2 decent ones. Unless you go by irrelevant stats such as saves, or something.

We gave him 5.5 million because we can afford to. That's what they cost nowadays. Would you rather have some stiff making 300k who can't get guys out or do you want a stud like Dotel finishing bridging the gap to Bad Bobby?

Dotel had a bad game yesterday - big deal.

Josh Beckett had a 5+ ERA two years ago... good thing Boston didn't drop his sorry ass, eh? Jeremy Bonderman had a 5+ ERA last year. People are going to go nuts after about 30 pitches?

Show me what Dotel does with about 80 appearances this year and then we'll talk... until you then you have to fall back on his track record... which is pretty darn good.

Sure----blame the umpires all season. We will end up in last place this time. This team is HORRIBLE and a PAIN gto watch!!!

Just curious if anyone who posted above to send Dotel to the minors and that Kenny blew it again is still saying that?

Paul P? paul? Amedeo Ferruccio? Mark? Were we a little too quick to pass judgment after one game--or after 7 for that matter?

Still 155 games to go. Maybe we should take a nap before screaming Kenny is horrible (say what you want, he won a world series, better than anyone else for over 80 years) or that Dotel is a bust and should be sent to the minors.

Maybe Dotel will be terrible. Maybe not. Maybe Quentin is the greatest trade of the offseason, maybe he gets hurt and the Sox end up on the bad end. Either way, March 31st is a little early to flip out.

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