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Where's Bud?

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Now I know that “misremembered’’ is an actual word.

What did I think about Roger Clemens and the five-hour circus that went down with Congress on Wednesday? Not much. It was “he said, he said,’’ as advertised. In other words, it was “Breakfast Club II’’ without Principal Vernon threatening to give “the horns.’’ In one corner you had the bully, jock, hoping his popularity would get him playground cred. In the other was the jock-wanna-be, who dealt in illegal drugs. Both lied, neither was credible. The kicker in all of this? Neither was the real story.

The real story continues to be why the so-called baseball commissioner, Bud Selig, is not having the lamp shown in his face for five hours, answering further questions about his ability to fall asleep at the wheel while his sport went dirty.

Look Bud, we all know you’re doing your best to manipulate your media minions into painting your legacy as “the commissioner that cleaned up baseball,’’ but people with half a brain are not buying what you’re selling. This isn’t the car business anymore.

All you have to know about the entire steroid dog and pony show is that right now Jose Canseco and John Rocker seem to be the two most honest men. Scary.

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Joe, the real story is the bi-partisanship exhibited in congress on this issue. The GOP is clearly backing Clemens & the Dem's McNamee.

I was rather shocked by the blatant disregard for fairness by the chairman Waxman. His closing statements were over-the-top apologetic to McNamee & threatening to Clemens. If that wasn't bad enough he practically called Petitte a hero.

I saw the ESPN poll. Apparently most of America is as dumb as the people that voted for Waxman. Petitte has no credibility at all. In response to the Mitchell report he admits to a one time usage of HGH. He repeatedly denied any other usage. It's only because people continued to dig that he now admits his own Dad gave him roids as well. That's not a hero! That's a guy that will say anything to stay out of trouble.

IMO, the truth lies somewhere in the middle of these two men. Start with what both sides agree on & draw your inferences from there.

Clemens is fighting a losing battle. In the end his stupid trust in McNamee is his undoing. He may very well be telling the truth that McNamee led him to believe they were B12 shots. That doesn't matter. He trusted McNamee to give him the shots & McNamee says they were roids & HGH. There's no reason to believe that McNamee didn't dope Roger up.

Even if McNamee was to recant his story it still wouldn't matter. McNamee was in the business & lying, coverups were a part of it.

There's a big lesson here for all people: don't trust your personal trainer. They are in the business of selling you on the idea of a better you. It's a short-term business & they know it. Pump you up, make you happy, use your testimonial to gain more clients, & see ya. Unless you're testing yourself for the stuff you'd never have a clue because he's selling you on the idea it's all you.




Rocker has been dicredited so many times we all lost count. But Joe makes him out to be honest...It has already been explained that with the players agreement /Baseball Union led by the villian in it all Donald Fehr,Bud Selig HAD NO authorization to step on that or or it. So wake up and tell the truth. Bud Selig has done great things to restore Baseball back to the National Pasttime. It just gives many scribes joy to knock him constantly. really surprised that Joe joined that group of rogue scribes. a lot of whom find players guilty until proven innocent. That is the big problem with the media each commentator or scribe want to be the judge and jury. Not waiting for a legal court to determine that. Go to Law school you rogues you could learn something. Although I know you don't want to know the truth, just what you want to spew whether you really believe it or not. A SORRY bunch you are.

Don, I agree with you. Moronotti forgets that Bud couldn't wipe his butt w/out Fehr's permission & Cowley isn't much better.

There is only one man in MLB who could have prevented this infamous steroid-era & his name is Donald Fehr. Both Vincent & Bud tried to get testing going as far back as 1992. Fehr repeatedly blocked their efforts.

Nothing happened until the GOP threatened Fehr with govt imposed regulation that testing finally happened. That's what it's going to take to get indep testing going & if the Dems are too union-friendly to do that then MLB will continue to be mired in scandal.

LaMarr, you spineless windsock if you don't want to go to games fine. But since you cannot publish a reason don't go away mad just go away. If you are mad because Williams didn't spend millions on a 32 yr old player or a human crash dummy niether would have made a big difference it's just one player out of nine get over it. It only shows what kind of windsock you are. I bet you didn't miss many games in 2005! Last year the entire team got lost and I see you still are, come down off that ledge enjoy the local national pastime and quit trippin or continue to be a windsock just keep your b.s. to your self.

I will take the advice of all and not spend any money at us cellular field ibn 2008.

Ozzie is the most embarassing thing that has ever come into our life. I feel sorry where we will be in the future.

Another one of the fair weather Sox fans, NOT A TRUE SOX fan. Stayaway that makes 4 of you go north and enjoy the 101st yr of futility with you know who in the weak NL Central and a losers league NL.

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