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TUCSON, Ariz. – Sure, it looked and sounded like a scene from “Deliverance’’ on Sunday morning, as Mark Buehrle, Joe Crede and Scott Linebrink exchanged twangs and hunting stories in a huddle by their lockers.
But after the final photos of gunned-down Bambis were shown on the I-Phone, Buehrle took some time to discuss the departure of good friend Jon Garland.
Like only he can.

“You have to give up something to get something,’’ Buehrle said of the trade that sent Garland to the Angels for shortstop Orlando Cabrera. “We have a Gold Glove shortstop now, a quality shortstop. His offensive numbers are going to be better and he seems to be better than [Juan] Uribe, so you can’t get a steal on every trade. We had to give up something to get something.’’
Buehrle and Garland were close friends, and Buehrle said he knew something was up on that mid-November day when Garland’s name popped up on his caller ID.
“Neither of us are really talkers on the phone, so I send a text and three days later he’ll get back to me,’’ Buehrle explained. “But the day he got traded he called me, and that’s when I knew something was wrong because he never calls me in the offseason. I saw, ‘Jon Garland’ on my phone, and said, ‘Oh crap, something is wrong.’ ‘’
And even with the California-born Garland back in his element of skateboards and surfers, Buehrle said that he told Garland that he still owes him one trip to Missouri to do some hunting – a trip that the gun-shy Garland has avoided year after year.
“I told him, ‘I don’t care if we’re no longer teammates,’ ‘’ Buehrle added, “ ‘sometime before you die you’re coming out to my [hunting] property.’ ‘’

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These are the kind of trades that obviously can't really be evaluated until later. Everybody has an opinion, but in the end it is just pure speculation. I'm so tired of all the Sox bashing even before Spring Training has fully started. Pitching is the name of the game and John Garland will be missed. If the Sox starters come through and Cabrera has a nice season, Garland will be a part of WS history and no more. Otherwise....

Only Moronotti would fail to understand what a no-brainer off-season this was for Williams: OC + Dotel + Linebrink + Swisher + Quentin + A-Ram for a handful of prospects & Garland.

Yes they were high prospects in the White Sox system, but overall in MLB they weren't even top 50! It's not like the White Sox traded the next Santana or Joe Nathan!

I think Williams did a good job at plugging holes & addressing the team's weaknesses. That's what a good GM does.

A desperate GM (LAA) will spend over $200mil on 4 OFers who 1) are likely to decline w/out HGH in the coming yrs & 2) are likely to see significant down time.

I'm surprised by the dialogue with Crede over the weekend. While he doesn't want to play out his hand & weaken his FA position he did seem to make strong overtures he'd like to remain with the White Sox. If he wanted to play with Rowand in SF then his best move would have been to stay silent. But he had a lengthy discussion with Williams & it ended with a tone that 3B is still his job to lose.

I am joing the boycott of the White Sox in 2008

I will not spend any money in US Cellular Field in 2008!!!!!

You should do the same

Go ahead and boycott the other 3 M fans will enjoy the playoff season and more seats available without your butt their.

Joe Crede is a great third baseman and Josh Fields is not in the same ballpark. Defense and pitching won for the Sox in 2005. Last year we had a pourous left side of the infield and it killed the pitching. Extra outs mean extra pitches and more opportunities for the opposition to score. We need Joe's glove and clutch hitting to contend in 08.

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