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Uribe checks in

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TUCSON, Ariz. – Any concerns Ozzie Guillen may have had with the attitude of shortstop Juan Uribe this spring, were quickly put to rest on Thursday morning.

The White Sox manager had heard that Uribe was upset with the fact that the club signed the shortstop to a one-year contract extension in November and then promptly acquired Orlando Cabrera from the Angels to take his job.
That not only left Uribe without his usual home at short, but also threw him into a fight with Danny Richar, Pablo Ozuna and Alexei Ramirez for the starting job at second base.
It also had Guillen laying down the law earlier this week, stating that if Uribe came into camp and wasn’t happy, he would be sent elsewhere.
Guillen need not worry.
“Yeah, [the Cabrera trade] was a shock, not a shock, but I heard the news and I was like, ‘Wait a second, they just signed me to a contract and then they made the trade,’ ‘’ Uribe said through translator/coach Omer Munoz. “But I talked to a lot of people and everything was fine after that.’’
Make no mistake about it, however, Uribe wants the starting job at second.
“They don’t have to worry about my attitude,’’ Uribe said. “Whatever they need me to do. I’ve never had one problem anywhere I’ve been. I’m here to work hard and win that second base job. If not, whatever job they give me.’’

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That is great news!! GO SOX!! West coast chpater of White Sox Nation.

Flush Uribe, he is not a team player!

Didnt this *@$%^& have the worse OBP of any MLB starter again!He won't walk and swings for the fences. He is out of control and the OZ will NOT crack down on this three year underachiever!

Flush Uribe today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uribe should of been dealt by now. A average glove at best & offensively swings at everything! Unless sox pick up a starter & a real center fielder 72 wins might look good for this penny pinching team.

What get rid of Uribe????

IDIOT White Sox Management signed him...thenm turned around and signed another. What IDIOTS!!!!


For the White Sox to contend, they need to lead their opponents in both OBP & SLG. They did that in 2005-2006 & came close in 2004. 2007 was a disaster as they trailed opp .020 in OBP & a whopping .031 in SLG.

Kenny's address the OBP deficit with Swisher & O Cab. They'll help raise the SLG as well, but with the SLG being a much bigger deficit the best thing for the White Sox is for Uribe to win the 2B job. At 2B, only Uribe can be counted on for 70 RBI, 20 HR, 20+ 2B's, & 60 R.

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