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Thome and Hawk

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As he promised during the season, Jim Thome and his father, Chuck, are scheduled to deliver his historic 500th home run baseball to the Hall of Fame on Thursday.
The two won’t be alone, either, as Will Stewart, the fan that caught the ball, will also be joining them.

That wasn’t the only news to come out of the South Side, however, with the club announcing on Wednesday that they had agreed to a three-year contract extension with broadcaster Ken “Hawk’’ Harrelson.
“The White Sox are thrilled to have Hawk in the booth for the next four seasons,” Sox chief marketing officer Brooks Boyer said in a statement. “His popular catch phrases, history with the franchise and overall passion for White Sox baseball have made him a very popular legend among our fans.’’
Harrelson will be entering his 23rd season as a Sox broadcaster, his 19th consecutive season in the broadcast booth and his ninth with color analyst Darrin Jackson. A Ford C. Frick Award nominee for excellence in broadcasting, Harrelson also is a two-time Illinois Sportscaster of the Year and five-time Emmy Award winner.

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Get rid of DJ -- he is awful.

DJ serves no purpose--the same purpose he served when he attempted to play professional baseball. As a life long White Sox fan, I have never seen such Kiss-Booty announcers in my life

Did you hear them at the convention getting defensive?? It was a HOOT!

I am so embarassed to be affiliated with this organization. I hang my head in shame!!

Harrelson is not deserving af any award. I am not supporitng the white soc this year because of him. I wish he would leave.

Can't understand why people are against broadcasters who pull or root for the team they're paid by. We watch and listen as fans, and I for one enjoy the "home team" call...especially since so many "impartial" announcers (national guys) don't know a thing about the team, its traditions, or its game-to-game drama. And if people really pay attention, they'll notice that Hawk is often times critical of dumb White Sox play. On another note, the powers that be really screwed up when they let John Rooney get away to St. Louis. He and Farmer were the best, and now Farmer's trying to carry the load because Singleton doesn't quite have it. He tries, but it isn't the same. (But I'll be listening anyway!) I can't wait until spring training when we can begin all over again the ups and the downs of the White Sox journey! Thanks for letting me post this...

I do not understand why anybody would EVER support Hawk. Did we forget his time as GM? I will never forget seeing Fisk standing in left field looking around and wondering "why am I here?" All because the "baseball guru" wanted his boy Karkovice to play. His years as GM are something I cannot forget because he had no idea what he was doing. Seriously a Hall of Fame catcher forced to play left field? The Hawk sucks

Again you idiot, it is not about Harrelson rooting for the home team---its about his arrogant nasty disposition that he has when you talk about or say negative things about the white sox.

My son and I were APPAULED at the sox convention when we were being treated like BUMS! We are the FANS and we pay ---therefore we can say anything we want to say. I can no longer hide my feelings about this nasty team. I have been a life long sox fan---not anymore!

You can wait all you want for this laughable LAST PLACE team takes the field.

I will not spend any money at US Cellular Field this year--you better believe that! ALL WHITE SOX FANS SHOULD FOLLOW SUIT!!!

I generally agree with Mark’s post that I prefer the home team call rather than listen to the likes of Joe Morgan butcher the details and nuances about the teams he’s covering. He and John Miller at times come off sounding less informed through their misinformation. I suspect they have minions doing this stuff and things get lost in translation. Morgan and Miller should do their own legwork if that is what’s going on. Losing Rooney was a faux pas but listening to Farmer constantly cut him (and now Singleton) off in mid-sentence is annoying. I do however think Singleton has a higher ceiling than say DJ (IMHO).

Joe, Joe, JOE…you’re confusing his skills as a GM (which were bad, and he admits it) with this thread about his broadcasting. That’s about as dumb as me associating your disconnect with say people who call into talk radio OR that because you seem to know so much about running a major league team you must play fantasy baseball OR that because you have a forum to voice you opinion that you probably over digest at the trough of ESPN!

Anonymous, don’t let the door hit on the way out. The Cubs are calling you. Be gone.

Commentary: Negativity reins, especially where the all-knowing sports fan is concerned. Forbid someone like Hawk Harrelson who tries to interject a little joy into a broadcast with his passion. It’s much more appealing to bash and dissect every little item one finds disagreement rather than just agree to disagree. There are far worse people in the world to spew such venom and Hawk Harrelson is hardly one of them.

BOYCOTT THE WHITE SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To me Hawk's time has passed. I too am tired of the defense mode whenever there is critcism regarding the organization. Fans have an opinion including this one because we are the people who pay for the tickets and watch the broadcasts.

I am also tired of the same wornout expressions like can of corn or gas.

The Hawk should have stayed migrated in Florida.

Hawk has seen his days-----He should be replaced by Steve Stone As for ED Farmer he is a drag A Rooney hes not

Now there is a great idea, bringing Stone into the mix. I think Steve Stone is a broadcaster-par-excellence. Even teaming with (or ultimately replacing) Hawk would be a good idea. Though, replacing either Hawk or Jackson is not in the immediate cards as both have extended contracts (Harrelson just re-upped through 2011). Stone’s presence last year for that small stretch when he filled in for Jackson helped create balance whereas Hawk’s ego sometimes overpowers DJ. I believe Stone is doing some radio this year. A Hak/Stone tandem would be more akin to the Hawk/Drysdale team where there was good balance.

You Hawk detractors are probably too young (or ignorant) to remember some really bad White Sox broadcasters like Lou Brock (’81) Early Wynn (radio ’82, ’83), Billy Pierce (’70) and dare I say Harry Caray, so take a breath before blowing smoke about Hawk’s style. I mean c’mon, you guys probably think Harry Caray was actually a good broadcaster. Heck, he’d be playing name scramble games (“Harrah spelled backwards is…harraH, whoa Jimmy, that’s amazing”) while a play was developing right on screen. Give me a break.

Tisk tisk tisk, now we are finally starting to get ride of all you World Series bandwagon riders. For all of you who blast ANYONE that are TRUE SOX fans you can take the next L to wrigleyville & conitnue another 100 years of partying & losing. hasta la vista you haters...

Stone is the best broadcaster in baseball.
His factual style eliminates him from most organizations.

The Sox prefer we don't learn too much baseball.

ps. I agree with Colosimo, that Harry Caray was terrible. Hard to believe he could watch that many games, and not get a clue as to what was going on.

Get rid of DJ He has always made me sick of watching the Sox on TV. Who does he know that they do not make a change.He is terrible,never shuts up so we can enjoy the game.

For all that complains of the tv commentary, have any of you geniuses ever heard of the volume button?


I find it pathetic that we are even having this discussion. Hawk Harrelson is as much a part of the White Sox as the showers at US Cellular. I grew up with Hawk, and I,ll tell ya even when we are losing 1-2 in the fifth, he keeps me entertained. His calls and emotion are fantastic and unlike other ex major leaguers that are homers for their team (Ron Santo) at least his mind is still sharp and intact. Also lets face it, DJ may not be the best but who doesnt love if when Hawk cuts him off or throws a little rib at him, thats part of our south side personality...

I can see the negativity towards DJ and Chris Singleton, with DJ being the worse of the two, but whats with all the hate for Harrelson? Whats wrong with him giving his opinion on certain subjects, everyone just expects people to sit there and nod their heads, common, you dont have to agree with what they say. And if it gets to the point where you dont want to be a Sox fan anymore, than just like the true fans said, you can hop on the first L to Wrigleyville. Hawk atleast makes the games fun to watch. I agree that Steve Stone would give a good balance to the booth.

ps-I'm sure these same fans that are bashing the sox right now are going to be hopping right back in September.


Its \\\\

Seems like anonymous crawls out of the wood work on all the blogs again you nitwit you are uninformed and quite moronic if you want to boycott for whatever reasons just crawl back were you came from and stop wasting space. D.J. is the weak link and Hawk can be overbearing but to stop watching a sport because of a announcer you have a option, TURN THE SOUND DOWN, or listen to the other so-called announcers from other cities. When you do you will turn the sound back up and watch the game.

The Hawk does a tremendous job of maintaining a high level of enthusiasm for a team and organization that are sometimes quite confounding and frustrating. There have been many seasons that he was all we had to keep the games interesting, as the product on the field was negligible.

As a person, I have met him several times and he could not have been friendlier or more accomodating. I for one think the Sox are damn lucky to have him.

Just letting everyone know that there is a sports bar opening up near The Cell. It's right on the corner of 35th and Halsted. For those of you that aren't familiar, it's about five blocks west of the stadium. It's supposed to open up in late May. It'll be nice to have somewhere to go after the games finally.

Regarding Mark's comments regarding Hawk putting Carlton Fisk in LF: You stated "Seriously a Hall of Fame catcher forced to play left field?" Ever hear of Yogi Berra? He successfully made the transition late in his career. Don't get me wrong - moving Fisk was a total disaster. But it wasn't unprecedented.

I remember in the 70s watching Harry Carey and Piersall and very entertaining....but they were probably drunk by the 7th inning. I wondered why the cubbies hired him then it appeared to me you have to be drunk to watch the cubs!!!.Go White Sox and Hawk! Loyal fan forever wish i lived closer to have the priviledge to see more in person

Hawk harrelson is a bum. He treated White Sox fans like they were dopes. Ill never support him again.

He will not let us sox fans speak our minds. He is Reinsdork's puppet with his hand up his you know where.

I will NEVER support the White Sox AGAIN!!! IAGREE WITH JOE!!!!
Thank you for speaking up for uas true sox fans!!!

Bye bye Butcher if you were a true fan you wouldn't be talking about a boycott true fans are through thick and thin. So see ya later go find another bandwagon to jump on. I heard the northside is looking for some fans when the weather is fair.

To Anonymous: For you “IQ” stand for Idiot Quotient, and yours is quite high. You mother must be proud.

To LenYarch: Monikers are at the bottom of each post as it was me who mentioned Caray’s ineptitude. Thanks for the mention nonetheless. Though, I tend to disagree with your point that the Sox prefer we don’t learn too much baseball. If one “listens” to Harrelson and even Jackson, they will talk about many subtleties of the game. Think about how often Harrelson would mention that Tadahito Iguchi seemed almost obstinate in keeping runners perched on second base close to the bag. We used to call this “bird-dogging” the runner. How often does Jackson (a very good outfielder in his day) mention that runners need to check outfielder positioning and know their arm strength when thinking about the situation at hand as it relates to taking an extra base. Listening is a tough skill, which few choose to develop.

To Matt, los, and djssr: Nicely stated. But Matt, I would caution about raising a toast to Southside personalities. Have you ever heard the Southside described as the land of wide lawn and narrow minds?

To Terry Ryan: Best post here (and most intelligently written). Thanks for the read.

To woe: Harry Cary was a well know drinker but your depiction of Jimmy Piersall is probably way off base. It’s well known that he suffers or suffered from bipolar disorder. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

To Butcher: Is that in reference to your inabilities to convey a coherent argument (much less your inability to manage the SHIFT key on your keyboard). Good grief man. How has Harrelson treated Sox fans like dopes? If you’re referring to yourself, it’s well deserved. Like the others who can’t manage to articulate a rational debate, be gone!

Lastly, in doing a little research (imagine that) I found a very detailed breakdown of Ken Harrelson’s 1-year foray into generally managing the Sox. It’s not quite as bad as those detractors may remember (provided they have a memory). See The fact is that he probably set them back a bit during his very brief tenure. In the final analysis most sensible people can probably agree he’s a far better broadcaster than he was a GM.

I have a feeling all these really negative fans are those that will be jumping boat soon and all their posts are to cover up their defections soon. Anyone else get that feeling?


I cant wait to see the look on your face after Detriot takes a 20 game lead over the White Sux in May................

Ha Ha

White Sox will ALWAYS be SECOND in this city.


White Sox have NO support
Lowest ratings in baseball history (home and away games)
Field always empty
Bambozzled taxpayers to pay for that Ball Mall
Lowest rated World Series in baseball history in 2005
White Sox Brass treats fans like *&%$ Listen how they talk to us!!

Where does it end-----I am no longer a die-hard white sox fan


I will live by that statement because i believe it to be true. White Sox Brass forgets who pays their bills--and they treat us like dogs----not anymore. We need toband together and not show up in 2008

Thank you Sun Times for this fan forum. The Tribune Sox forums are 90% anti Sox. At least I'm seeing passionate Sox fans who disagree. The Tribune has pure Sox haters on all the time. Anyway, Hawk Harrelson is one of the nicest guys around. He took my 7 year old son into the broadcast booth and treated me with great respect. My kids have grown up with him and love him. That's important to me. That familiar continuity of the voice of the Sox in the Summers of their growing up. He has been a great part of making them fans for life. I remember Brickhouse and even further back, the "Commander", Bob Elson. They helped to make me a fan of the Sox. Like him or dislike him, the 'Hawk" will go down as a baseball memory for a lot of people.

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